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K-Fed -- How the Mighty Have Fallen

1/15/2007 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gone are the days of racing his 'rari in Malibu, FedEx now schleps around the Valley in a pickup truck.

The former Mr. Spears was caught leaving Britney's exclusive seaside neighborhood on Friday, one of three days Federline has supervised visitation rights with the couple's two children, as TMZ previously reported. Kevin then went back to a friend's apartment in Studio City -- a nice but vastly less glamorous area -- where he mumbled to photogs that his family was doing "good."

Nice to see he found time to kick it with the kids, despite his incredibly busy schedule of meetings with attorneys and 7-11 runs.


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He blew his meal ticket........asshole

2837 days ago


what a bunch of haters you are. at least the man goes to see his children. oh! I forgot - that is what you do - hate on people, and try your best to humiliate them.

2837 days ago


heaven forbid he comes to visit his kids in a pick up truck.. omg he is sober too.. whats the world coming too ?

2837 days ago


That SKANK Britney WENT AFTER HIM and he did what ANY guy would do so why hate him? Any future guy will be the same. It is all about PUBLICITY and the hope of fame. They aren't with her for her! And now she has TWO KIDS...who the hell wants that baggage?

2837 days ago

Cranky Pants    

#2 he left his pregnant girlfriend for a meal ticket.....he doesn't deserve my respect. And I do have to wonder how much he visists his other know, the ones born to the less famous mother. He's a skank who is doing what he's doing for a big payday. Britney's no better.

2837 days ago


His visitation is from noon until 4. Strange hours for someone needing to seek employment.

2837 days ago

Lady G    

Dear Kevin,

Please write a "tell all" book about your marriage to Britney. I will pay you hundreds for it.

#3- funny.

I think we're all aware, #5, that he was a poor husband and father, but theyre getting divorced, so who cares? As of lately he has at least been wearing underwear....

2837 days ago


Hating on Kevin is so 2006. Just because he doesn't get photographed visiting the other kids doesn't mean he doesn't see them. Shar told People that he's a great father.

In this situation with Shitney he's the classier one. He's not out drunk, throwing up, "falling asleep", flashing, etc.

Can't wait for hiis Superbowl commercial.

2837 days ago


At least he visits his children and is involved in their lives. I'm sure he's 10x's a better parent than Britney is. And furthermore, #5, Shar has admitted openly that Kevin is a great father who pays for private schooling and other necessities. Don't rag on someone just because he created children with Britney. She chose to open her legs, and she's choosing to not be around her children nearly at all. If anyone needs to point fingers, they need to point them at Britney.

2837 days ago

Lenn K    

Lets get one thing straight he wasn't the Might. But anyway, the guy has been alot smarter than I thought he'd be and all of a sudden Britney looks like the piece of shit we all know that he is. If the guy lays low and keeps his nose clean it will only spot the light on Britney's bad habits.

2837 days ago


I met Kevin a couple of months ago at a recording studio in Burbank. Talked to him for a few minutes. He seemed like a nice guy, kind and polite. I think he is classier than Britney.
By the way, Studio City isn't Beverly Hills but it's a great place to live.

2837 days ago


#13...Be that as it may, Britney has NOT spent the past 2 years with her KIDS. She spent a year with her KID. As soon as she had the second one, she was off. Like she couldn't handle it and is having a quarter-life crisis. Yes, he's scum, but at least he's seen his kids recently. Even when she is out with her "kids", it's just the older one. How would YOU feel if instead of EVER being with you, your mom would rather go out looking and acting like a guttersnipe flashing beaver shots all over the place?

2837 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Are we supposed to feel sorry for this piece of crap? Just wondering.

2837 days ago


Hey Sarah...SHE PICKED HIM!!! And ten minutes at the park with ONE of her kids doesn't make her a mother! GET A CLUE little girl!

2837 days ago


When I first read Brit was running after this guy , knowing that he was playin house with another and he had one kid and the next would be here in 2 weeks, but -out of ALL the guys she could date she had to have HIM- no other dancer in the universe could be better. Now she is dancing the night away- without him! And he is back with his ex, he'll marry her now and take the kids had with Brit and the money, and cool back in a nice house with wife and all four kids he wont work Brit will have to pay child support and on and on and on. Where is her mother in all this ? Ive got a 20 yrold daughter and I would have to have a talk with this girl and tell her to look at the way she ie thoughing away her career and the kids. Wish the best for the kids. Peace and Love : )

2837 days ago
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