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Victoria Beckham -- The Insanity Begins!

1/15/2007 11:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Posh has arrived in Los Angeles ... and every photog in the country knows it.

Just two days after David Beckham announced he'd be uprooting his family to play soccer for the Los Angeles Galaxy, his wife Victoria caused a media storm of her own, by making a visit to their future home turf. Perhaps it's time for a little house hunting? Word is Posh and Becks are eyeing a $15 million mansion -- just down the street from their close friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Fighting her way through a moving wall of flash-popping paparazzi, Posh arrived at LAX on Saturday, refusing to answer any questions, save to say "thank you" when our cameraman welcomed her to America.


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I'm so **excited** about the Beckhams moving to LA!!

2782 days ago


This is only a story because you want it to be. Many stars arrive at LAX with no problems, the media was there because you knew ahead of time. The average person doesn't give a crap.

2782 days ago


Insanity is right. Is anyone really interested other than the media?

2782 days ago

Lenn K    

I love how the media picks a certain type of person and goes crazy reporting on them. Casein point, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. There is nothing special about Victoria Beckham, and I mean nothing,

2782 days ago


It's great that Becks is coming to the we have to take the wife too?

2782 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

#1, #2.. you 2 are spot on!! it's the media who always foist these "celebrities" on the public!! all i can say, is this is really what we need, MORE SCIENTOLOGISTS to hear about!!! i don't know about you, but i am sick & tired of hearing about them!!

2782 days ago


It's ok to stop the coverage on this unworthy person. We could care less about her. She is not news!

2782 days ago


The photographers must be from foreign press because the U.S. DOES NOT CARE.

He's cute; she's not.

2782 days ago


Posh and some others kill me. They love every minute of the attention
and pretend they don't. "Oh stop, you're invading my privacy"!
What a bunch of BS. She lives to be photographed, who is she kidding?
Haven't we seen enough of Ms. High Fashion and her stick body?

2782 days ago


I just can't take this BITCH. She's not as cute as she thinks she is. Nice ring though!

2782 days ago


I bet cha 10 bucks Vikki's got a crush on Tom Cruise!! It's only a matter of time!!!!

2782 days ago

my opinion    

TMZ- ENOUGH!!! You are definately part of the Beckham spin machine. I cannot figure out how much their publicity agents must pay you to continuously run stories that no one cares about. There is a large world outside of the L A area
that could care less.

2782 days ago


No. 6 Stein: With all the American accents coming from the paparazzi how can you say that it must have been the foreign press lol? Like it or not..the Beckham's are famous world wide and the press are always going to be stalking them and any celebrities where they can take a photo and sell them to the tabloids. It has nothing to do with whether the Americans like them, hate them or don't even know who they are. They are known by millions around the world and that alone will provide a meal ticket for the get over it and get used to it because it will not only continue but escalate.

2782 days ago


I'm somewhat glad to see some different faces for a change. I
was getting really tired of the usual suspects, Richie, Hilton, Lohan, etc..

2782 days ago


Who really gives a rat's ass about these two coming to America? So he's halfway decent looking and can play soccer. Who gives a shit? I don't get the big brouhaha. I also don't understand why anyone gives a shit about that ex spice chick. She can't sing, she can't act, she's not that cute, she has no sense of style and the poor girl is in desperate need of a sandwich. Do we really need any more materialistic, skinny, empty headed idiots in this country anyway? I think with Paris, Lindsey and Britney, we've got our quota.

2782 days ago
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