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Tom Cruise Hijacks Posh's Spotlight

1/17/2007 12:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems Posh Spice took a workshop in P.R. whoring from Tom Cruise.

The two megastars, along with Katie Holmes, hit the only place in Hollywood where they had zero chance of flying under the paparazzi radar yesterday-- the Ivy restaurant on Robertson.

The threesome arrived at the exclusive eatery in a black SUV, and while Tom never actually entered the restaurant, it was obvious that he had another mission -- image makeover. The wee actor was all smiles as he opened the car door, escorted the women out of the car and even walked them up to the host. Such a gentleman.

Earlier in the day, Posh battled a sea of screaming photogs at a few other celebrity hotspots -- Kitson and Fred Segal. Donning sunglasses and in the care of giant security guards, Mrs. Beckham battled her way into the shops, pretending to loathe the attention every step of way. Nicole Richie was spotted across the street ... but nobody seemed to care.


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All I can say is who would want to live like that? All the $$$ in the free-world isn't worth that craziness! I don't even want to think about what it's like for those boys' having to grow up with that nonsense- just because their mother is a fame-obsessed wanna be? Uggh! Why can't they just go back to the UK? It's not as if they are actually going to be anything "special" here in the States... I feel badly for the children... I Hate "Posh" and all her posing, primping and snobby ways!

I agree with # 12- not only does she have "no respect for $$$"- no one has any respect for her!

Grace and humility would go a long way with this woman- too bad she possesses neither quality~!

2804 days ago

E. B. Blanca    

Are we this stupid that we photograph yet another woman with oversize sunglasses going shopping? Like the other woman(women) regularly put on this website, does this woman do anything in particular to earn her celebrity?

Is she a talented singer, dancer, actress, comedienne or writer? Is she politically active, attempting to better the world through her celebrity and wealth?

Or is she married to someone who has talent and uses this as her vehicle for attention?

2804 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

Tom Cruise is over. Done. Take the money and run, honey, the career is history. Hopefully at some point he'll get the memo. Katie looks like a robot. All she does now is spend money on clothes and goes no where. She sold her soul to the devil. I don't think America really cares about the Beckhams. They need to go back to the UK where they are 'celebs' in the Paris / Brittany sense of the word. It's no good trying to push them down our throats. I won't buy a magazine with them on the cover, that's for darn sure.

2804 days ago

in the know    

Tom & Katie, Jennifer & Mark, Posh & Beckman are the new dream team. Or so they would like us to believe. All are in a point in their careers where they are in desperate need for publicity. Tom needs a new shot of Pr for his sagging ratings, Jennifer is over the hil for movies now and needs Tom's studio, Mark is a puppet, Beckman is passed his prime in other countries, and desperately needs to make a break here in soccer to revamp his career, Posh hasn't had a career in almost nine years and is merely know for marrying Beckman. Why posh is considered a celebrity at all any one's guess. All are has beens. Tom needs to be behind a studio now because his film career is finished

2804 days ago


I don't give a crap about Posh. Why are they even taking pictures of her. She looks so stupid with those giant glasses on. And why are they paying her husband so much to play soccer her in the US, no body even watches soccer here.

2804 days ago


I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really for this woman with the bad haircut to go back to Britain.

2804 days ago


I agree with pretty much everything that's been said but I can't help to go a bit of topic. I think if Posh injects anymore plastic into her face, breasts and everywhere else, she is literally going to be a mannequin. It's pretty disgusting.

2804 days ago


I can not stand either one of them...she needs to eat a sandwich and lay off the spray tan. BUt I do enjoy looking at " The Beck" I hipe they move to LA and he leaves her for some HOT HOT HOT flavor of the month girl !!! Ohh can Paris hit on him she seems to like the married and unavialable men !

2804 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

That freakish haircut only serves to heighten the Bobblehead effect.

2804 days ago


I have no clue who that woman is. All I ever see is an anorexic woman wearing sunglasses and pursing her lips. Never smiling and never talking. and this is someone we are supposed to want to look at?

now her husband is cute and he plays soccer I can understand taking HIS pic.

now that they are in America I guess she will be all over the mags. how can that be good for a marriage? I bet her husband tells ehr to get dressed up and go someplace so that the fotogs will take her pic.

so how did Katie look? I am more interested in seeing her than Tom or Posh.
I hope she is giving her baby a normal life with grandparents, dogs and cats and etc.

2804 days ago


WHY does Tom Curise continue to get publicity?

And what has Victoria Adams Beckham ever done anything besides be a Spice Girl (from a decade ago!) and sh*t out 3 kids with a has-been soccer player?

2804 days ago


Posh N Becks are superstars all over the world. Wherever they travel they are always mobbed. They are a golden couple with lots of money, good looks, beautiful children and an exciting, enviable lifestyle. If the Americans don't know them yet...they will by summer! Whether you like them or not (you don't seem to like any celebrities on the TMZ site so I wonder why you visit here??)..they are here to stay and their every move will continue to be photographed and written about. They are money makers for the paparazzi who get paid a lot for a photo which is why most high profile celebrities are staked out by them. You can bitch all you want, criticize their every move and the way they look or don't look but it won't change a thing...get used to it!! P.S. If you are bothered by these celebrities stop reading the tabloids and visiting these celebrity are the ones which keep the paparazzi employed by showing a thirst for gossip.

2804 days ago


I agree with Hotspurs...if you don't like the celebrities then go read a good book, get a life and stop complaining. Unlike you hypocrits some of us (retired, older people) enjoy reading about these fantasy lives!

2804 days ago


WTF is wrong with the photographers! They are right up in her #$%#@## face! I know that this comes with the territory but @#$% , back the hell up! They act like piranahs!

2804 days ago


I cannot believe how pathetic we're becoming...what do these people do that warrants such attention? What makes them so unique?

2804 days ago
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