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"Anatomy" Lesson: Who's the Liar?

1/18/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video of Isaiah Washington dropping the f-bomb ... yes, that f-bomb.

Reports say that Washington called Knight a "faggot" on the set of the popular show -- a claim Isaiah flat-out denied in the press room at the Golden Globes on Monday. "No, I did not call T.R. a faggot, never happened," said Washington at the podium.

"Grey's" creator Shonda Rhimes tried to deflect attention from the fight saying, "I don't think any reporter made it up. We're just excited we won the Golden Globe."

Knight isn't staying silent. On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" yesterday, he said he was shocked by Isaiah's denial, adding,"Everyone heard it ... I was under no delusions."


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Isiah can never redeem himself now...he's goose is cooked! He will have a hard time finding a job anywhere now. He shouldn't of been so pompous and he should of been just appreciative that he was part of a hit show!

2836 days ago


What is the big deal? Someone please tell me?? TR is in fact a faggot. What's the problem? Isiaah called him what he was, so? TR needs to deal with his sexualty like a man, not a little child. People call me a b*tch, I don't go crying to Ellen becuase in fact, I am one. Can't help it, just like TR can't help he's gay.

2836 days ago

Mad Balls    

Dude just wants attention , even as negative as it is . Dickhead . Maybe acting better or helping some poor family out in New Orleans would help him . Naw , he'd probably call them White trash F**gots and steal their Government debit card to use it on Cross-dressing Ho's in the french quarter . Guys' a frikin Idiot with a mouth on steroids . Dickhead .

2836 days ago


I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's funny how a man who himself could be subject to a select epithet of a deameaning sort feels so free to use hate words to describe gay people.

2836 days ago


Isiah: Come on, it's not like it's your word against TR's? You said it ON THE SET and LOTS of people HEARD YOU!

#4 -- I was very impressed with T.R. on ELLEN. He didn't come off as a wimp at all. He came off as someone who wanted to tell his story without throwing more gas onto the fire. He was a gentleman and told his story without name calling or anything ugly. I really respect him for that.

#8 - You're right: Washington is headed for career suicide if he doesn't do some damage control NOW!! Not cool -- just remember -- people HEARD you!! Lose the denial. Sheesh!

2836 days ago



I agree with you 100%. It is a documental medical fact that the men who are the most intolerant towards homosexuals, are in fact hiding some sexual homosexual repression themselves. Issiah Washington, perhaps now might be a good time to come out and tell the world your gay?

2836 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

What an insentive jerk.
Washington owes yet another apology.
Not the brightest bulb in the box. Someday he'll get it.

2836 days ago


The black guy should be fired, not for what he said to T.J., but for being an extremely bad actor. He should stick to the thug roles he often played in B-Movies.

everyone should know by now you can't call people names anymore.

there is only one group of people that it is okay to call names.

and they are the toothless people in the red states.

2836 days ago

do something about it    

Maybe just maybe he was calling A SPADE A SPADE BECAUSE IF THE JIMMY CHOO FITS THEN WEAR IT. Im black if someone called me a nigger I brush it off. You know why because that is not what I am. Now if someone called me an a**hole i would own up to it because that i am.

2836 days ago

Zero von Rotten    

I still say FIRE McBigot!

2836 days ago


Get ridd of this guy. He is one sick person. I bet he is dangerous also.This guy has got to go.


2836 days ago


This really sux because once they all start fighting one of them is gonna want out and I LOVE this show! They're gonna ruin it! They won't want to work together and before you know it this show will be GONE!

2836 days ago


Let TR go on national TV and call Washington the "N" word and these two little boys can again play on the merry-go-round - get over it - real men are dying in Iran..real men are working for minimum wage - real men are having to provide for families.....these overpaid idiots are worried about what the other one calls them....this people have too much and complain too often.......

2836 days ago


Washington can say whatever he wants to his low-rent homies at the local strip joint, but not while he is WORKING - on the set, doing press at the Globes. This is his work and any major employer in this country has guidelines of what you can and can't say or do. His ultimate employer is ABC. His comments create a hostile work environment and send a public message that it is okay to use the "F" word.

I hate to repeat it as it has over and over, but how do you think he's feel if someone called him a "Fat-lipped, ugly NIGGER"? Doesn't sound so good, does it?

2836 days ago


There are some actors who need a monitor for their mouths. Like Washington...and Heigl should not be discussing it, it will only backfire on her.

I can't believe that these actors--who were basically unknown except for Patrick Dempsey--are not thrilled with their group success! They should take a lesson from ER and try to behave like adults instead of kids. i never even heard of any of them except Heigl and Dempsey before this show...

Patrick Dempsey has been around since he was a kid and everyone likes him and thinks he is cute...It's not his fautl the media has selected him for stardom---this is all over jealousy and envy.

and if Washington loses his job over this, who will he blame? I hope he looks in the mirror.

2836 days ago
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