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Sex Sells? Don't Tell Kim That

1/18/2007 1:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian continued to do sex tape spin control when we spotted her last night at Les Deux. TMZ's cameraman asked about the rumors, but Kim just smiled and said, "Don't believe the hype."

She was there, sans BFF Paris Hilton, for a Trump Vodka launch party. As she headed to her car, Kim stopped to pose for pics with reality show pal Brittny Gastineau. When Kim took a moment to fix her top, Brittny joked, "More boob. Sex sells."

Kim waited a second before she coyly shot back, "Not always."


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Dr Gruv    

"kimalicious... her body is quite vicious...she puts them boys on rock rock"
too bad she feels that way bcuz once that video hits it will be a best-seller whether she likes it or not...she should have never got the video camera out if she wasn't prepared for something like this to happen...which as we all know isn't exactly a big shock anymore

2803 days ago


So, basically, it's all hearsay.No tape and nothing for sale.

What exactly is the problem here?
People are just letting their imaginations run wild, as usual.

F*** the so-called Christian moralists and the judgemental attitudes.

2803 days ago

Dark Knight    

Well if there's a sex tape or not, I guess she's getting what she wants. To replace Paris as the most useless talked about person on this website.

2803 days ago


Trying too hard, sweetie. Everything u're doing is screaming for attention I'm embarrassed for u. STOP. Nobody likes u.

2803 days ago


Why are you bothering with this NOBODY. Her dad is a lawyer, big deal.
WHO IS SHE? Paris' BFF? Who the xxxx cares?
She's just a rich party girl with no job, no morals who depends
on daddy's money and spends her days shopping, xxxxking, and partying.
She makes me sick. Please stop.

2803 days ago


No sex tape? She better damn well make one.

2803 days ago


Damn, she is soooooooooooo sexy...can't wait for the "tape".

2803 days ago


That tape is either ready to be the next big hit, or it doesn't exist! wth? Btw, don't come around here with that no morals crap, if it was a man doing this, you wouldn't hear that.

2803 days ago


Why even waste your time on this BRAT DOLL look alike? (No a compliment) She is NOBODY so stop trying to make her a SOMEBODY!! This is supposed to be a CELEBRITY website, is it not?

2803 days ago


Better watch out Kim with Ms. OPH Fugly Back with a Crack a/k/a Paris Hilton when she is through with you, all you will get is trash talked about you. Ms. OPH Fugly Back with a Crack has to hang around pretty woman so that she can get some attention but really it just shows how truly ugly she really is.

2803 days ago

Just my opinion...    

I don't even know who this person is??? Is she a celebrity? What movies has she been in?

2802 days ago


Ewwww who is this nasty looking ho anyway?!? I thought it was a 50yr that has had way too much botox on the lips and many face lifts, either way she looks like one of the girls that stand on the corner.

2802 days ago

Vanessa Somerville    

So what do we have here? Another brainless Hollywood whore trying to get in her 15 minutes of fame? Imagine raising a child and it turns out all she can do is get peed on. Her father must be rolling in his grave right now.

2802 days ago


Trust me, Kim Kardashian is not as attractive up close + personal as the published photos of her falsely reflect. I have seen her several times in person + she looks like nothing more than a well-dressed Armenian whore! C'mon, the fact that her late father was one of O.J.'s staunchest supportors, until the very end when he [Kardashian] finally realized that O.J. is a cold-blooded killer who escaped justice, is reason enough to not give Kim the time of day. Call it guilt by association! LOL

2802 days ago


Who is this trash and who cares?

2802 days ago
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