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Halle Warns the Help: Don't Speak to Me!

1/19/2007 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Money is no object to Halle Berry, but meaningless chatter, on the other hand, pisses her off.

TMZ has learned that an Orange County painting company has been called to spruce up cabinets in Halle Berry's Los Angeles home, which the Oscar winner has been remodeling for over a year. The company has been asked to merely stain the existing wood cabinets in the kitchen ... with a staggering $57,000 price tag!

The contract between the actress and all those doing work on her property has a few interesting clauses: First, any worker is prohibited to approach Berry while in the home or on the premises. Second, no one is allowed to speak to the A-list Miss B at any time. Finally, the only approved interaction is if Halle speaks to you, then you may answer Her Fineness.

When you're getting 57 large to stain kitchen cabinets, one keeps one's mouth shut.


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this is probably standard contracts for celebrities folks. their lifestyles are VASTLY different from ours.

what Halle should have included in the contract was: "and if the whiny bitches blab to TMZ they forfeit payment".

2799 days ago


According to a friend named Ken Elliott in LA who is an attorney, I was told 4 years ago that clauses like this are typical between an outside contractor and a celebrity. You guys are indicting this woman on something that is pretty common in Hollywood. The ignorance here is amazing!

2799 days ago


I know it sounds like she's being a b----, but she doesn't owe those people anything but what she's paying them for the job. It's their job to do the work, not expect to be entertained as well. It's her home and where else can you call the shots if not in your own house?

2799 days ago


Hey, # 50...if you are going to call someone out for not being able to spell, you should probably spell check your OWN post. Learn to spell attitude, ok??
And no, I am not some chick that has never had male attention. No, I don't shop at Wal-Mart. But I DO think HB is being a Diva. Oops..guess now I'm a racist, too!

2799 days ago


At first I thought she was feeling herself, but once I saw it was a work crew and not her maid and cook for instance, I understand where she is coming from. Other than the crew chief no one needs to speak to her other than to say hello. Hopefully they are allowed to say that. If she didn't make it clear, they'd be asking for autographs, pics and possibly a date among God knows what else. I ain't mad at her.

2799 days ago


I hope this isn't true. Victoria Beckham apparently made the same type of demands in London when she was with Katie Holmes (no eye contact, etc.). As someone else said, these builders in LA at this wage should act professionally (like, how hard is it to varnish shelves yourself? Or pay a skilled friend $2000 for a week's work?). I doubt she'll be home a lot of the time, and after a few days in a row of saying, 'I'm busy, I'm going into my office,' the builders should take a hint! It's totally not natural if, say, she arrives home, and the workmen can't even look at her, let alone say, 'hello' or tell her what they've accomplished.

As I said, I hope this isn't true. But, and while Halle Berry hasn't commented on this to my knowledge, her nose IS fake.

2799 days ago


That is really stupid. She can talk to you but you can't talk to her? That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Sounds like she has too much free time on her hands.

2799 days ago


they are there to do a job, not as her guests. i wouldn't want anyone hitting on me or trying to get some gossip to make a buck off of either. a quick hello or conversation relating to the job being done is fine but that's it. this is all pretty standard practice anyway, halle's just put it in writing. big deal.

2799 days ago


Team Halle are a moron!! Sincerely darling, you couldn't AFFORD to live where I live or couldn't even dream of making the money I do BITCH! Just so happens I have a Masters in Chemistry but running a business and making men do my bidding is more lucrative! My best friend's husband is a vasular surgeon and they don't even make the money I do. Walmart is cool. I can buy all my miniscule items on the cheap and save my bucks for real fun! Go Die Yenta!

2799 days ago


People why are you guys getting so upset we don't even know if its true or not. There goes that he said she said......Please if youre talking to me how the hell are you working???

2799 days ago


BFD. Painters are hired to paint, not chat. If she had to put a stipulation into the contract like must be for a reason. Give me a break.

2799 days ago

Nicole J. Butler    

I totally agree with Halle. Why do they need to talk to her? If they have a problem directly related to their jobs, I'm sure they can talk to their foreman who can talk to her assistant and get it resolved.

They are being paid to work, not to converse with a celebrity, and if you're being honest, you will admit that people will try all kinds of things to get close to people with any type of celebrity status.

2799 days ago


I grew up in the L.A. area and spent some time as a "script girl" (now called "Continuity") at one of studios. I had occasion to witness the way celebrities were accosted. I was always amazed that some people seem to believe that an entertainer owes the public performance on demand. Ms. Berry is under no obligation to interact with people hired to do a job. I'm just sorry that we have become such a rude society that she has the need to force people to respect her privacy.

2799 days ago

We, are not amused.    

If you hired help that could speakadainglish....
F***ing lasy slow ass mesicians. Wandering around the house looking for stuff to steal, going in the fridge, using the microwave to warm up their tortillas.
Going in the bedroom, checking out the pantuy drawer (and the dirty clothes hamper)!
What a life!

2799 days ago


To Team Halle, You do get what you pay for. You mean to say that you are so hot, a licensed, bonded, insured professional is going to risk his job, positive word of mouth referrals and future work because you are so darn hot? Give me a break! They know when they are dealing with wealth, power, and class and would be respectful and professional if you were any of the above!

2799 days ago
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