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Lindsay Doesn't Wander Far from Wonderland

1/19/2007 10:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina and Lindsay LohanTMZ has learned that Lindsay Lohan left Wonderland -- but only to go to the doctor.

Lohan, a sponsor and a friend left the rehab facility this afternoon to have her incision checked from last week's appendectomy. A source close to Lindsay tells us that as she left the center, several paparazzi went nuts, hoping to get the money shot of Lindsay leaving rehab for good. Sorry guys; she went to the doctor, stopped at the Country Mart in Malibu for a snack and returned to rehab.

As for Lindsay's mom Dina... rather than getting on a plane to be with her daughter, she decided to sit down and run her mouth about her daughter's recovery. In an interview with someone named Gina Glickman from News 12 on Long Island, NY (we haven't heard of her either), Dina says, " takes a really strong human being" to enter treatment.

Yeah... how about being a strong mother and being with your kid?


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Kathie is a phony    

I saw the interview her mother gave and she is a disgusting piece of work. Her daughter needs some guidance, and she sure isn't getting it from that woman! What kind of a parent makes excuses like she did, and lets her daughter run rampant like a slut, partying and drugging almost every nigh? I don't care if Lindsey is 20, she still needs her mother, especially now.

2652 days ago


First! Suckers!

2652 days ago


No wonder Lindsay is a mess! Look at her mother!

2652 days ago


I have a feeling like many other celebs Lindsay is going to need to cut all ties with her mom and dad. get rid of the toxic people!

2652 days ago


Lindsay and her mother are two losers. They both need to take a bath in a huge dirty bowl of toilet water and both shut up.

2652 days ago


# 1 so well said totally agree
# 2 looser

2652 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

I feel sorry for Lindsey :( she has idiots for parents ! Her mom would be a good match for Pimp Daddy Joe Simpson !!

It's disgusting how these parents use their kids as pawns / meal tickets !!

Lindsey is talented and I hope she gets rid of the users ! the toxic ppl in her life !!

2652 days ago

Lenn K    

#1,5, and 7, you all are so right Lindsay has a mother who care more about about her own image than her daughter. I believe Lindsay is a good person and seems sweet, she's got to cut off her mom because she is toxic and not a good example for her to follow. Godspeed!

2652 days ago


#1: Totally agree with you. Either her mother is going to get herself healthy, or they're going to encourage Lohan to stay farrrrrrrrr away from Momma Mess.

Something, however, does not "smell" right to me...she went to the doctor with her sponsor AND A FRIEND? I've known a few people who've been in rehab. You don't have family around for about the first week or two...until they feel they have you "indoctrinated" enough to be around others. You're only around other patients sharing a lot of history. And you're certainly not around friends who may influence you in some unhealthy way. And certainly not if you leave the premises for a doctor appointment (which is usually rare as it is...there are docs on staff at large rehab facilities). So why she left to get it checked? Ok, fine, maybe. Why she was with her sponsor and a friend? I don't get it.

2652 days ago

Brian Mann    

Scientology. I'm serious.

2652 days ago


I don't think Lindsay and her mom are on good terms, that's why Dina isn't here and by Lindsay's side....I do think that Dina uses her daughter for a meal ticket and she's probably getting paid to run her mouth in these interview - I'm sure a book will soon follow. She has her own habits she needs to support and it won't be long until someone finds her passed out, in jail, or in rehab.

2652 days ago


Such a fake, fake woman. She would probably try to do this to her other daughter if it wasn't for the fact that she's obviously going nowhere.

2652 days ago


Dina Lohan is scum! With that greedy, money grubbing cow for a mother and a dead-beat thug for a father, I'm surprised Lindsay isn't doing tricks on Hollywood and Vine for $5 bucks a "pop".

No wonder she's in rehad at 20!

2652 days ago


Lindsay is a great role model and her mom is just a talkative shouldn't be so harsh. Everyone has problems. Lindsay is always on top of the trends and she is an amazing actress. She sings too. Don't be so jealous she is beautiful! Luv u Linds!

2652 days ago


Dina is a dingbat...and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Wonderland is a perfect place for La La Lohan. My bet is on her not completing her stay....she'll cut and bail. But I really wish for her sake she follow through with the program...then maybe she could get with the program in real life.


2652 days ago
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