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Schwimming with Flipper

1/19/2007 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Perhaps David Schwimmer should see an orthopedic surgeon. He is obviously having a problem bending his middle finger. Lately, every time the former "Friends" star is spotted, his middle finger just won't go down.

In the most recent instance, photogs spied Schwimmer walking with a mystery girl and another man in the meatpacking district of New York, where the trio had just finished lunching at Pastis -- and Schwimmer again revealed his troubling finger ailment.

The problem dates back to at least October, and even crosses the sea. Schwimmer was photographed in London, finger extended, after leaving the very exclusive Soho House. Let's all wish David a speedy recovery.David Schwimmer


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Who the hell cares about him..he's a has been anyways...

--Mr. DB

2779 days ago


ROTFLMBAO I have to completly agree with #4. he should be honered anyone would want to take his picture.

2779 days ago


Yawn!!! Who is this loser????

2779 days ago

Mad Balls    

I've had three posts destroyed by someone at in the last few days . If Mr. H isn't in on it then someone else is getting the Payola . dickheads . Just make it look good, Harvey , and say something like -- your post may never see the light of day if we get enough Boo-yah . I shoud've know something when a whole blog on TMZ disappeared taking with it one of my best lines . I can't even say the name of the blog --this comment would be "lost" then . Say what you want - its' a free country -- unless you got money to make it " free-er " for you . dickheads .

2779 days ago

Lenn K    

David will be remembered for Friends and that's about it. When that 15 minutes is up boy does hurt!

2779 days ago


How soon they forget who got them the &1million an show....without fans he would still be a nobody...not that he was ever an anybody..... way to show your gratuide JERK!!!!!

2779 days ago

sarah curran    

why does he think so much of himself-who is this person???We know he thought he was the giant thespian of the group, but does anyone want to run out and see him in anything........

2779 days ago


Well now, guys, come on, let's play devil's advocate for a minute, shall we? What has the media/papparazi shown us over the last few years about themselves? That they're blood thirsty, unrelenting and overly invasive. They chase you in your car, stalk around your property, follow you to the pharmacy and take embarrassing pictures of you on your bloated days and then plaster them everywhere. I don't blame David at all. He probably knows that they're a bunch of jackals and if you give them an inch, you'll never get rid of them. So he takes a proactive stance on the situation and just flips them all off, collectively. Do you blame him? We surf this site and read the gossip and ooh and aah over these idiots and their daily BS but could you imagine being them? Think about it for one minute. Never being able to go anywhere or do anything without a photographer in your face?!?! They act, that's their job. Once the show/movie is over, why do we feel the need to follow them about making them feel violated everywhere they go? I say, you go David, flip 'em all off. That's a big Fuck You to the tabloid rags and the online gossip sites from David Schwimmer. He doesn't appear as if he wants to play your game.

2779 days ago


Why take his picture now!? His acting carerr is over!

2779 days ago


Shouldn't he be on the Surreal Life or Dancing with the Stars by now? I mean isn't that where has beens go for employment? He sucked on Friends and now he just blows. I wouldn't do a double take if I ever saw him! He is in the same acting range as Paris Hilton *excellent*

2779 days ago


Right back atcha Davey. You non-working loser.
Even KFed is doing commercials, what have you been doing?
Guess no one wants to hire a one dimensional actor who can
only be a geek and nothing else.

2779 days ago


That is the most childish acting I have seend him do ........well since friends! lol! hahahahaha! I love him anyway. -Waukisha

2779 days ago


#5: Ann, I agree.

Schwim, Schwim, Schwim, just because you were a founder of the Lookingglass, and you were on Friends, doesn't mean your "celebrity" is going to last forever (or that it's lasting even now). Don't bite the hand of the little people who fed you. Put the finger down and maybe wave hi every so often. It won't burden you. Honest.

2779 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

It really pisses me off when celebrities who came from nothing gain fame due to their fan base....which in turn makes them hot commodities, therefore they get lots of work, and get rich....all because of that one little fan who see's this celebrity's picture in a magazine or blog giving that same fan...THE BIRD
For Shame on you all with "middle finger paralysis"

2779 days ago


What an assmunch. No wonder his "career" stalled after friends.

2779 days ago
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