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Uma's Gazongas

1/19/2007 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been cold and windy across the U.S. this week, but Saint Barthelemy is hot hot hot. Maybe it's just Uma Thurman who's muy caliente!

The six-foot "Kill Bill" actress and mother of two looked killer in a berry bikini. Uma spent time enjoying the West Indies sun, sand, and her man, hotelier Andre Balazs, while showing off her bodacious bod to all the natives. The couple couldn't keep their hands off each other ... and it's clear why.


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It's funny.... the men compliment and the women critisize. The cigs comment WAS funny. Anyone saying she has no figure, watch "Be Cool". When she is getting a tan (lol)....WOW for her age and 2 kids she looks great. Well there are always more haters then fans. If you want to dis her ask about the less then fashionable BLACK cast. lmao

2842 days ago

Lenn K    

I've never been a Uma fan, I think her tits looks like they are drooping and she looks like Casper the ghost.

2842 days ago


No. 15 i noticed what happened to her arm
she is too old for a string bikini, she has no shape, no bust, very bony above the bust area, and way to white, no appeal at all

2842 days ago


To all the haters who have posted negative remarks about the lovely Uma, get a life. The reason she looks so good, & will continue to do so for a long while, is because the sun or a tan is NOT good for one's complexion. And as far as needing to exercise, you must not have seen her kick major arse in Kill Bill 1 & 2. She's in great shape. And to the person who commented "where are her kids?" give me a break. Like ANY mom, she's allowed some time to herself, to relax, reguvinate, etc., so when she is spending time w/ her kids, she has energy for them, unlike a lot of mother's out there who are haggard/worn out & take it out on their unfortunate kids. Stop Hatin' people, it's so unattractive & pitiful.

2842 days ago


Bodacious Bod? Who wrote this? She's a snap-stick ... Nice t*tties but thats just about it.

2842 days ago


Uma is so perfect!!!

What I would give to take her to dinner, JUST ONCE!!


2842 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I don't see anything wrong with the way she looks. Maybe Uma doesn't believe in fake tanning, even though she is seen in this picture somewhere warm she is just vacationing there. It's possible she will eventually get enough sun to get tan. Most people are a lot paler during the winter months. And to those asking where are her kids, I've seen many photos of Uma and her children playing at the park, etc. so give the woman a break, start heollering that crap when you see her in the gossip rags totally trashed spending ever waking moment at a night club...

2842 days ago


Hot...NO...I have like her acting in several movies. But there is just something strange about her face. She needs to tightened the strings of her top, try to pull her boobs up a little.

2842 days ago

We, are not amused.    

That is one long drink of water!
Oh, to be her personal grooming assistant, the man with the razor, for the little touch up's...oh, hell I'd just use my teeth and nibble down those pesky hairs on her "peach" and "itchy starfish"

2842 days ago


Just cause a chick has boobs doesn't mean she's "bodacious". I think it takes a whole bod.

2842 days ago


She looks good.

2842 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Are you people crazy? She looks fantastic! I hope I have a bod like that after I have kids -- hell, I wish I had a bod like that now! And what's with the "she needs a tan" crap? If you were telling a black actress she needed to lighten her skin, everyone would be calling you a racist. What's the difference?

She's a WHITE woman. White women have light skin; some are paler than others. I can't believe I have to explain this.

2842 days ago


She looks killer,and might even have some bush goin on. Most women shave away their womanhood and probably spend more time playing with their selves and trying to look 12 than they do anything else.

2842 days ago


Skinny is good when you hit your 40's.

say what?????????????????????

2842 days ago

Hell Yeah    

Uma looks fine!!! You b!Tches are jealous haters. Everyone doesn't need a fake ass tan or skin cancer!!!

2842 days ago
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