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His Mom

1/20/2007 11:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Cameron hangs ten with surfer Kelly Slater in Hawaii, Justin was caught partying with his mom in Las Vegas.
Justin Timberlake and his mom
After his concert, JT headed over to Vegas hotspot Jet Nightclub at the Mirage for a wild birthday bash for his mom, Lynn. With a 30-person entourage in tow, Timberlake headed right for the VIP section, where the Jack Daniels and Dom Perignon flowed.

Justin and mom partied till the wee hours with Eva Longoria and Alyssa Milano. Then, toward the end of the night, the mama's boy sang "Happy Birthday," and the DJ played his hit single, "Sexy Back."


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Brit_ney Rulez    

Momma's boy or not, girls let me tell you. There's a difference between a guy who loves and respects his mom and a momma's boy. Men who love and respect their moms are usually good to their women, but Momma's boys are only good to Mommie and usually have to be waited on hand and foot just like Mommie did for them when they were kids.

2798 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

Alexsa, calm down. They're not talkin about *your* mama. Nasty Boil, your act is weak and tired. Give it a rest.
Everybody else, have a good day.

2798 days ago


While I think Justin is average looking, at best, and I think his music is pure crap, I have no problem with a man who shows love and respect for his mother. I can't believe I typed something complimentary about that loser.

2798 days ago


for one thing i think its great that him and his mom are best friends... i wish me and my mom had that relationship. also its his moms bday so stop hating on him for spending time with his mom. and another thing everyone has their own opinion about him and his music either you like it, or you dont different styles for different people. dont be hating on him when you dont even know him. you dont know if hes a major mommas boy or anything like that, so far u know that hes close to his mom..nothing wrong with that. you also dont know what happend between him and cameron so leave it alone its none of your business anyways. jeez atleast give the guy props for being himself for doing the music he loves to do and for being a good guy and treating his mom with respect. atleast give him that much. you can't judge someone until you truly do know them..not just know what the media says about them. GO JT

2797 days ago

Proud Marine Mom    

WOW! I would love to throw a huge birthday bash for my mother. JT should show his love for his mother. Why is that a bad thing?

I love his new album; it's growing on my hubby who is 'not' into that type of music! JT rocks!

2797 days ago

sara phelp-s    

I think Justin is a very good-looking young man. I thought it was very nice of him to throw a party for his Mom. Everyone with negative feedback is just jealous. You go Justin... Enjoy your life and don't worry about the negative. These people need to worry about their own sorry lifes... As far as Cameron, I'm sorry it did'nt work out I thought you guy's were a cute couple.. sp

2796 days ago


Just a comment to say, I have a close relationship with my son also. There is nothing wrong with being close to your child. Those of you that call him a mama's boy, your'e just jealous because you don't have a close relationship with your mom. It's not our fault because we love our children and are close to them. It's human nature. That mama's boy stuff is bullshit. You wish you had it.

2796 days ago


Justin Timberlake is a big zero, mom or no mom.

--He dissses his ex girlfriends and exploits them for publicity (this is REALLY sickening).

--He is not cute, not handsome, not sexy, not even close.... WHY Cameron or Brit, would you get hung up on this dork?

Maybe if he had a face and brain and personality replacement. Bluck. Snap out of it!!!


2793 days ago

It needs to be said    

What I like about JT is this; the man's got class. He doesn't "kiss and tell" with his relationships, he treats his mother with love and respect and he seems to treat women with tremendous respect too! I say this to his mother; "Good job! You obviously have done a fine job with him!" Whoever finally ends up with Justin Timberlake is going to be a very lucky woman indeed.

2780 days ago


All i have to say is if you want to know how a man will treat you, just see how he treats is mother.

2777 days ago


Justin Timberlake is so so so so so so HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2777 days ago


i think that justin is just hanging around with his mom bc she is his MOM. i mean come on people. you must have no lives, ur siting here discussing this. they r regualr people like us. and yes, im discusing it but i wont be back. i was just bored but i do have a life!

2777 days ago



2741 days ago


I love him 4 ever...... JT is the best!!! Funny, sweet, sexy, perfect...I don't care about the "Momma's Boy" LOL I love my mom too, sooo much.

1556 days ago


makes you woder just how close justin and his mother were while they were dating

1552 days ago
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