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Who Would Be Britney's Baby Daddy?

1/21/2007 2:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears wonders: Who's going to be my baby's daddy?Britney Spears might get pregnant for the third time in 2007. Or she might not. She's not right now, a fact that we cleared up right here on TMZ.

Still, those intrepid oddsmakers at have already posted odds on who could be doing the impregnating. The frontrunning "Mr. Spears" (at least for the moment) looks to be current Spears boytoy Isaac Cohen, at 5/3 in the minds of oddsmakers. Next comes her manager, Larry Rudolph, at 11/5, though it doesn't look quite as good for Justin Timberlake to bring pregnancy back at 11/2. Hugh Hefner gets into the running at a distant, but not entirely impossible, 12/1.

Bodog also set odds on some of the other hotly burning celeb questions of 2007, like, will the Beckhams convert to Scientology (odds are in favor of "yes"), and will Lindsay Lohan be getting out of rehab by the 15th of February? Wagers, anyone?


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Boy oh boy Britney is really a fertile myrtle ( if this is true) this tacky bitch needs to keep her legs CLOSED and try to raise the tykes she already has.

2835 days ago


If you cleared already WHY are you bringing this gossip again ????

Cn you find something more important to report on ?

Seems you are already jumping on dead horse

2835 days ago


Good grief Britney! K-fag is a lowlife deadbeat freeloading loser! Don't give him any more of your energy trying to pretend your pregnant by someone else! He dosen't care! He only wants your money!

2835 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I hereby offer (ahem) my seed to Ms Spears. I would gladly plant the little buggers in her myself, or she could turn round, drop trou and scrape my man glue off her ample butt cheeks!
No charge!
Glad to help...
(may I keep your underpants...not for me, goodness no, for my ...friend!)

2835 days ago


Brittany looks NASTY ! I can SMELL her from here ! YUK

2835 days ago


I place my money on "Gummi Bear" Davis, who else would want her?

2835 days ago


Britney, it's called birth control. USE IT!

On that note, go the hell home & raise the kids you already have!! BTW, when was the last time you spent actual time with them. You've been seein' out partyin' & you're supposively in the middle of recording a new cd. I guess these are more of a priority then children YOU brought into this world. Don't be expecting "Mom of the Year' award, cause you don't seem to be working on earning it!

2835 days ago



2835 days ago


i am the father to be

2835 days ago


Britney, go and stay home with your baby boys! If you wanted to party, you should have waited to have them. It's your mistake, not theirs. They're babies for such a short time, you're missing out. You can party later, now is not the time. Your dog would be a better mother!!!

2835 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

If she does become pregnant again, I doubt even she will know how the father is. Probably some piece of garbage she screws in a nightclub after puking her guts out.

2835 days ago


Britney is starting to look more and more like TONYA HARDING everyday.

2835 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I am going to say kid rock,or maybe half of california and part of new york city,theres only 16 billion people in new york city ,and maybe 32 billion in california alone

2835 days ago

Lenn K    

#12, I was thinking the same thing. After I saw her on the tape with K-Freak I couldn't tell them apart. Maybe in about 5 or 6 years when she's blow thru all of her money she'll move back to Louisiana and live in a trailer park.

2835 days ago


The things is she want to be in spot light and like for people to talk about her and read about her all i can say is the girl have no class!!!!!!

2835 days ago
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