Who Would Be Britney's Baby Daddy?

1/21/2007 2:04 AM PST
Britney Spears might get pregnant for the third time in 2007. Or she might not. She's not right now, a fact that we cleared up right here on TMZ.

Still, those intrepid oddsmakers at Bodog.com have already posted odds on who could be doing the impregnating. The frontrunning "Mr. Spears" (at least for the moment) looks to be current Spears boytoy Isaac Cohen, at 5/3 in the minds of oddsmakers. Next comes her manager, Larry Rudolph, at 11/5, though it doesn't look quite as good for Justin Timberlake to bring pregnancy back at 11/2. Hugh Hefner gets into the running at a distant, but not entirely impossible, 12/1.

Bodog also set odds on some of the other hotly burning celeb questions of 2007, like, will the Beckhams convert to Scientology (odds are in favor of "yes"), and will Lindsay Lohan be getting out of rehab by the 15th of February? Wagers, anyone?