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Anna Nicole to Birkhead -- Go F**k Yourself

1/23/2007 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna NicoleTMZ obtained an AOL Instant Message exchange yesterday between Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead. Anna Nicole made it clear that she's not going to submit to a DNA paternity test without a fight.

The following is a precise transcript, complete with spelling and grammatical errors (but the user names have been changed):

Anna Nicole quit trash me at the casino
Larry not at a casino
Anna Nicole go f**k my mom to
Anna Nicole Yall are sick
Larry show up for the test with the baby\
Anna Nicole don't think so
Anna Nicole u wish
Larry everybody just want u to do right thing is all
Anna Nicole in your dreams

The deadline for the paternity test was today. We've learned Smith's lawyers were in Los Angeles County Superior Court this morning trying to block the test. The judge has not issued a definitive ruling on Smith's motion and so far the DNA test has not happened.


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Honestly, Anna Nicole Smith may have been an alright person, but when it came to being a mother, she was flat out idotic. She acted more immature at age 38 than my little cousin at age 5. I honestly don't think she deserved to have custody of either of her kids, as she could barely handle her own life. I did have quite a bit of respect for her before her TV show, then I realized how limited her intelligence really was. And I can't believe people are claiming she's behind the death of Daniel, if anything I believe it would be Stern behind the death of her son and her. Seriously, think about it. He got into a few agruments with her son before, and as soon as her kid is born and no father is named, he tries to jump in and claim to be the father, so he can get custody of the kid and inheritance of what she would have if (and when she did) die. Sounds to me like getting rid of both of them and trying to say he's father of her child is someone trying to reap her success.
F-ck Howard K. Stern.
And as much as I didn't really respect her as a mother, it's still sad that she has passed, because yes she was human just like us, and a passing of any life is sad. I hope she rests in piece with her son, and Howard gets what's coming to him.

2791 days ago

jank brock    

AOL instant Messenger Addendum:

Nick Cole Smith: Go F&&K yourself

Dickhead: Go bury yourself Slut

2791 days ago


Marilyn Monroe was a cultural icon. Anna Nicole Smith was a sideshow. You can't compare the two no matter how much Ms. Smith wanted to be compared to Marilyn.

2791 days ago

jank brock    

Pam? Anna was a hero to you? Another dumbass chick said she told her husband she would be with her Son soon? Are you the moronic American women that sit ass at home everyday and watch Springer and Oprah?
Get a life you useless Americans and stop idolizing these useless Hollywood sluts. I bet you stupid BI%#$es have every Britney Spears album and Paris Hilton's DVD of the Real Life or whatever it was. Pathetic.
Nick Smith was a useless Slag and gold digging slut. If only we could get Spears, Hilton and Howard Stern to follow suit we would be on the right track in this country.
What useless morons you are. Pathetic Americans

2791 days ago


Yeah, agreed with Joey. It disgusts me that people would take someone as beautiful, talented, and intelligent as Marilyn Monroe and put her next to this drug addicted alcoholic not-fit-to-be-a-mother immature woman.
Your people's sense of reality is really f-cked up.

2791 days ago

Beef Stopper    

Thanks. I see your point.

But I totally take back everything i said here. after hearing this, all I can say is wow.

Take it or leave it Aritsen.

That's life for you.

2791 days ago

Josie O'Lexa    

One theory I just heard was that the reason Anna didn't want to give up the baby's DNA is that the father of the baby was her son, Daniel. That would be interesting.

It's amusing the way the comments at the beginning of this thread were caustic and the ones at the end more sympathetic since her death. That tells everyone something about the posters rather than Anna.

2790 days ago


Patty, et al: guess they really pulled something this time, huh? Instead of rehab, though, the morgue. Guess ANS won't have to be in LA for that test on the 23rd now, huh?

But as SWI keeps saying on other pages, everyone (mobsters) predicted this, so I have a question for you:

Can you tell me the winning numbers to the next lotto? Since y'all are so good at predictions?


2790 days ago


Are you All Anna Nicole haters happy now ! she is dead, u all should be ashamed of yourselves posting such messages full of gossip and labelling.
Only Anna & she only has a right to defend herself and know the full story and reasons for why everything happening the way it did in her short life. We have no right to judge.
I hope her sweet baby is taken care of how she would have wanted.
Rest In Peace Anna.
From UK

2788 days ago

christine wolf    

Anna Nicole was a true malignant narcissist. She had one maybe two personality disorders - no real conscience or empathy even for her own children. People say "but she was so sweet and such a good mother to Daniel". Oh really, if you will notice everyone closely associated with her is either dead, severely hurt emotionally or in deep legal trouble. Look forward to Howard K. Stern being debarred and possibly jailed. There are no winners in this Comedy of Horrors.

2787 days ago


Leave Mr Stern alone. He has been the only life long person through good and bad, all the boyfreinds, fun and games, no money, money all of it. The death of her son, the birth of their baby(as she so chose to say) As an adult this person chose to remain estranged from her immediate family as far as to go to the Bahamas to get away. If anyone has a child they will agree, let this mother be buried with her son, whom she loved more than live through everyhting,He was there, he loved her please if there is a God, let her rest with her son. Then let MR Stern take this child(he has never been convicted of a crime, he is an attorney) and he is the chosen one by the mother to have this child. It is all about the money give the family enough to go away and Mr stern enoughto raise this baby, and put the rest away for a baby who lost all the way around. There is no better person to keep her mother alive in her eyes but Howard Stern, Why is this so complicated. She bought the plot, bury her, and give her baby to Mr. Stern. Tell that mother to go back where ever she has been for 10 years.

2785 days ago


I would like to see anna nicole's mother get custody of anna nicole's body even thou they had there differences a mother will always be your mother but a boy freind or husband is not guaranteed to stay with you for life.I feel that nicole's mom was just trying her best, but maybe she got out of hand, but I still beleive they both loved each . I just think they never resolved there issues and she still had so much anger other wise why else would she call her mom and tell her daniels dead when she has not spoken to her in years? daniel was her every thing that why she called her mom! I hope that daneilynn can be with biological father and I'm sure anna new who that was.

2785 days ago


I HOPE ANNA NICOLE'S MOTHER DROPS DEAD!!!! SHE"S NOTHING BUT PWT, who's looking for nothing but $$$

2784 days ago
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