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Rosie to Oprah - C'mon, Fight!

1/23/2007 9:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah vs. RosieRosie O'Donnell is picking a fight with Oprah over the talk queen's controversial interview with kidnapped teen Shawn Hornbeck. Lots of people are outraged, and many are screaming exploitation. But will O v. Ro turn into another Trump-scale nuclear conflict?

Sources tell TMZ that Oprah's M.O. is always the silent treatment, and that she's not going to get into a Trump-Rosie-style war with O'Donnell. For instance, sources say that Oprah can't stand Dr. Phil McGraw, who she thinks is utterly ungrateful to her. But rather than smack him down publicly, she's dissed privately by not showing up to significant events in his life.

O's given the same treatment over the years to others who have displeased her, like David Letterman and Tom Cruise, publicly denying that there was any feud. That may still not stop Rosie, who's easily triggered when she thinks kids are exploited.

Brad: "Strippers Changed My Life"

Brad Pitt gallery: Click to launch photos Brad Pitt says that it was a stripper, not the muse of drama, that got him into acting. He tells Newsweek magazine in its Oscar roundtable that one of his first jobs was to be the wheelman for a group of strippers (picking up their clothes, collecting the cash, etc.), and that one dancer was taking an acting class with famous acting coach Roy London. Pitt went along for the class, and now he no longer picks up strippers' clothes. "Strippers changed my life," admits Pitt.

Isaiah Can Call Me Fa**ot Anytime, Says Everett

isaiah washington Isaiah Washington may have met with gay leaders yesterday to talk about using the F-w ord, but at least one openly-out actor says Isaiah can call him "fa**ot" anytime he wants. Rupert Everett told Planet Gossip, "I like being called faggot, queer. Everyone's got phobias, even gays for straights." Even though Washington's being "educated" by GLAAD and other groups on the dangers of name-calling, and will do public-service announcements, keeping things bottled up isn't necessarily the best thing, thinks Rupert. "I'd rather be called a faggot by someone who felt it – then you know where they stand."

Stallone KO'd Sex for "Rocky"

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone delivered a knock-out to his libido during the filming of his recent film "Rocky Balboa" to improve his on-screen performance, he says. "At 60 you don't have as much energy as you did back when you were 30, so you have to conserve every bit you can," said Sly, via MSNBC. "Giving up sex isn't really that hard to do and it's well known that it can improve your performance in sports - or on a movie."

Party Favors: Aniston and Cox To Lock Lips? ... "Top Chef" Villain Gets Bottle Service ... Jamie Foxx's Liquid Love ... Billy Joel to Sing Super National Anthem

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Arquette are set to become a lot more than "Friends" on the season finale of "Dirt." According to's Michael Ausiello (via Page Six), the real-life pals will get it on in the show, even though their characters are arch-enemy magazine editors. Is something in the offing for Bonnie Fuller and Janice Min? ... "Top Chef" archvillain Marcel Vigneron got an eyeful at a club in Vegas when a stranger broke a bottle over his head, he tells Las Vegas Weekly. He had to go to the hospital and get stitched up. ... Jamie Foxx apparently likes to douse his female companions in Sex-on-the-Beach cocktails -- literally. A Belvedere vodka rep says that it's Jamie's "thing." ... Billy Joel will perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Miami on Feb. 4, and will join Prince in the halftime show. He's the first performer to sing the national anthem twice -- he did it in 1989.


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I was shocked with Oprah and also the boys family for being on tv. This was terrible to do. I was so disturbed by it that I definately would not watch it.

I had stopped watching Oprah a few years ago and only tune in if someone or something interesting is going on. I used to be an avid watcher of her show--every day--never missed and then she changed and I can't stand her now.

As for Dr.Phil I find him unbearable and drama queen this year and he exploits his guest also and that Dr.Phils house is terrible. That man is a mean man to often. Some people may need that but not all do. He don't seem to know or have any sensitivity at all. Who does he help anyway. Everyone he counsels with goes on with their lives with the mistakes they make and nothing gets all that fixed. All they do is air their dirty laundry on tv so Dr. Phil can make a fortune! lol!!!

2802 days ago

carol ard    

Rosie is a BITCH with no class and Oprah has tons of class so Rosie will have to hunt someone else to get the view's ratings up again! The View is all bullshit anyway!

2802 days ago


cant anyone shut Rosie up!

2799 days ago


I have to say, that Ms O is not all she appears to be. I think she has actually begun to believe she is a saint. A saint that shouts it loud and clear that she is wealthy, wealthy, wealhty. How many millions on ONE school in Africa for 20 girls when she could have built soooo many more so that THOUSANDS of kids could have gone to school in Africa for free. My my! LOOK AT ME!! Used to love her, but not any more. She does NOT have class. Her entire life now is about money and how much she has, who has more and how can she get more. And for all you Rosie haters out there, have you ever noticed that she comes to the defense of all the underdogs in the world? Yup, thats right, she sticks up for the little guys!!

2798 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

That rosie is just trying for all the publicity she can. She wont shut her big fat mouth for nothing. You go O' hit that bitch where it hurts by not responding to her. And dr philth is just a phony ratings whore. He gives no real advice talks like he is so tough and does nothing. I got tired of this so I stopped watching his shows a long time ago. You're right O' he thinks like who he is. As far as rupert everett you're a homo fag!

2798 days ago


Rosie needs to get a life and shut up already.

2798 days ago


If Rosie wasn't so manly and quit acting like LOUDMOUTHHILLROCK......from the flinstones, maybe she would get some respect...but he/she is the epitamy of drama. No wonder she is a LOSER!!!!!!!

2798 days ago


The "View" used to be a group of women who express their opinions. Now it seems Rosie has taken over and tried to make it her own podium to shout from. Her sarcasm and incredibly rude behavior is sickening to watch. How is it no other woman on The View ever gets a write up about their comments? Perhaps because they understand it's a show about EACH ONE expressing their views in a civil way. Something Rosie seems to not be familiar with. When I think about her attacking Kelly Ripa over Clay Aiken. He HIMSELF refuses to come out. By Rosie saying that Kelly acted like a homophobic, she was in essence calling Clay a liar for not coming out and "outing" him to the whole world. Oh, but she is always fighting on the right side!!! What a joke. The sooner the better she is booted off The View the better!

2798 days ago

stephanie johnson    

Rosie is seriously out of control, she needs to go into anger management classes. She has always been obnoxious, loud, & always wants to be the center of attention. Quite frankly, I think everyone is fed up with her cocky-angry attitude. Is she mad at the world? Come on Rosie, their are other ways to express your anger & hatred than taking it out on other celebs. Are you jealous of them? Please calm down & get a life & you`ll feel much better about yourself after therapy!!!!

2798 days ago

Trina Ragland    

For those of you who wish to disrespect least go to her website and see what all she does for AMERICAN children of ALL RACES,RELIGIONS,etc...not just africans in africa...if you think about it; children want what they see other kids have(that have more $), so in America of course they want better clothes, or an Africa the kids are required to have a uniform to go to they ask for uniforms and school supplies BECAUSE that's the status quo where they are,right????Of course I think it's wonderful that Oprah is using some of her vast wealth to help all kinds of people too, but she is not a saint and she needs those ratings to stay the first black female billionaire. Also, when Ro was at her most popular she WOULD have been one of the richest 20 somethings---but she gave AWAY sooooo much she missed that list. Maybe you are judging her for being over weight ,Gay or what???? When O went from her Chicago show to National I believe she weighed about 260lbs.,and she's not exactly the most beautiful either...what does that have to do with anything??? The short simple thing is Ro is going to look out for ANY child or ANY ONE for that matter..if she thinks they are being exploited or hurt in any way. I wish I could meet her one day I think she is an awesome human being and if more people could be like her and be an asset to our planet instead of a liability..we would all be better off. And, to the other person who spoke of the VIEW, before Ro came on board it was an intolerable hour of women talking over each other so much so that when guests were interviewed they looked astonished and confused as who to even answer! Also, look at all the give-aways for everyone..the previous 9 years I don't believe there were any..correct me if I'm wrong. I'll go even farther...Barbara should stick to "specials" at this point,Joy should go to Vegas(or home), and Ro could take Elisabeth and start a new show...since they have polar opposite you think that would be interesting???

2797 days ago



2797 days ago


Rosie is pathetic and not for her weight...her mouth ism is the worse. When she was involved with childrens Nickelodeon she was cool as ever. Kids loved her, and many adults as myself because i would watch her with my children. But thank goodness that they're a little older now and and arent really concerned about what shes become...a nightmare. and oprah...stay classy.

2797 days ago


The Donald was right!!!! The fat slob needs to shut the f#%k up!!!!
I can't stand her!!!

2796 days ago


Judgment! What a tangled web!
People are placed in circumstances because of our individual choices or because we refuse to pay attention to our conscience. Finger pointing can be destructive no matter how it is diced.
When we experience bad things in our lives telling our story can be inspirational and even life saving at times. Oprah has a purpose and that purpose is to allow individuals to tell their story at the time they see fit to tell it.
As for Rosie, I believe she has a lot of bitterness within her spirit, because people who judge others only judge because they refuse to see the true judgment they have in themselves.
It's dangerous territory and can damage a persons spirit and Integrity. We have no control over what anyone says or does, but we do have the ability to turn it off or flee from it's illuminating effects. Her judgment causes our judgment and reflects anger and hostility. People, do we really want to continue illuminating hate outward? We sit in judgment because we are looking out for the children of this country, yet our actions of hateful words reflect the opposite message. Be at Peace and don't allow darkened words to shatter our souls and invade our space.

2796 days ago


There are plenty of Americans who thought Oprah was out of line by saying the kids here only care about ipods and sneakers. Especially those in the Chicago area, where Oprah's show is, and where she lives. There are MANY MANY children, both boys AND girls, who would have LOVED to have the opportunities the girls in Oprah's Academy will. While these students may not be living in grass-and-mud huts, there are those that are forced to live in cardboard boxes, abandoned houses, crack houses, etc. Oprah did America a great disservice. At the same time, what she DID do is so incredible, nobody will publicly fault her for it. How could they? Helping those girls, changing their lives, giving them a top education, these are all good things, chances those girls otherwise would not have. Children need good nutrition, good health care, proper shelter and clothing, regardless of what country they live in.

2796 days ago
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