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Spittin' Avril Gets Boned

1/23/2007 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Perennially pissed pop singer Avril Lavigne strolled into the swanky Mr. Chow eatery last night, and it seems that the cranky blonde can't get enough of the death look.

The Canadian phlegm spewer displayed her obsession for pirates, with skull and crossbones plastered on both her clothing -- and her ride.

Avril Lavigne gallery: Click to launch photosThe paparazzi were just happy that the newlywed loogie-hocker wasn't in a spitting mood.


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Attn. Sarah #21

How can you defend such a scumbag? She nothing but a PIG! There is nothing human about her, and her actions. Don't cry for her, she chose to be in the limelight and she chose to behave the way she did, so she deserves whatever she gets. BTW, her new album really sucksI BIG TIME! Her days as a so-called "entertainer" now are numbered.

2787 days ago


I have lost all respect I had for her as an artist after that last spitting incident. I will never view her in the same light - JUST TRASH!!!

2828 days ago


I think it's funny how hideously ugly girls have no alternative but to come off as dark tough rocker chicks because they cant be the sexy sirens they wish they were (a la Britney (old), Christina, Jessica, etc...)- cases in point: Avril Levigne, Kelly Osbourne, Alanis Morrissette, Ashlee Simpson, Courtney Love, Lisa Marie Presley, etc...

2828 days ago


Who is this average looking junior high student... I don't quite get it..

2828 days ago


She should buy some class with all the money she makes.

2828 days ago


i never gave a spluttery bowel movement about her before. what i find hysterically funny is that she got signed up to be a fashion model?!?!?! i mean, the only thing going for her is her hair, and anybody nowadays can go out and buy a wig, or get extentions, whatever ..... but where the hell did this fashion thing come from? pooor girl, now she thinks she's something for sure!!! not nice to tell lies to insecure trailer trash. if anything, she should appear on one of those porn sites, '', or similar, felching creampies and spitting up, or whatever, something she'd be actually good at.

2828 days ago


What a classless little brat. She's an embarrassment to all Canadians. If she doesn't like photographers in her face she should find a way to avoid or handle them using a little class. To all the readers out there - please don't think all Canadian girls are like Avril. She needs to grow up and smarten up.

2828 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

That tire cover is so gay.. holy shit! Her style is probably the most wack I've seen out of any so called "star" I've seen on the site. Skeleton t-shirt with bright pink pants? LOL! She's getting kinda old for the whole "mall goth" look.. She must think she's still in high school or something.

2828 days ago


Does she have a Green card ? INS needs to deport this bitch.

2828 days ago

He's Boring now    

Her lyrics like apparently the life she lives is a sure reason for a Prozac Prescription.

Another fading passing star in the night...go have a few babies and sing to them not us.

2828 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

She's about as dark and punk as Dollywood.

2828 days ago

Jake the Snake    

Nice photo...I had no idea Tonya Harding had lost so much weight.

2828 days ago

Mad Balls    

Ida give dat white foxy bitch a big ass bone if she like bones . Yas . DA HA HO HO um um Oh yeah . Give up the skinny bitch ass , girl . Dis Thugg don't need druggs . Oh yeah sexy bitch .

2828 days ago


Avril has always been a punk wannabe, so she tries real hard to look like a badass, but she'll always be a loser with no real talent

2828 days ago


the best thing anybody could do for avril lavigne is to spit on her. next time you see her, just spew on her. she'll return the favour, maybe :)

2828 days ago
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