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Brandy Tells Witness Fatal Crash Was Her Fault

1/24/2007 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Brandy In an exclusive conversation with the man driving directly behind Brandy at the time of her fateful crash, TMZ has learned that the singer repeatedly blamed herself at the scene of the accident.

"She got upset, talking about how it was all her fault ... she didn't stop, kept saying how she hit the lady," says the witness.

He added, "Brandy walked in front of traffic, crossing the lanes of speeding cars, then she did it again. People were honking at her to get out of the road. She was obviously disoriented and highly upset."

The witness also claims he tried to calm the hysterical singer, and even dished out some legal advice, saying he advised her to stop admitting guilt. He also consoled her by repeatedly saying "It was an accident."

The witness also claims he went over to check on the woman in the Toyota, but couldn't find a pulse.

TMZ has learned R&B sensation Brandy was involved in a fatal accident last month, and it appears to be her fault.

It happened at 10:30 AM on December 30, 2006 on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Brandy was driving her 2007 Land Rover at 65 mph and did not notice that cars in front of her had slowed considerably. We're told Brandy's vehicle struck a 2005 Toyota. The Toyota then hit a 1989 Toyota. The 2005 Toyota then slid sideways and hit the center divider. As the 2005 Toyota came to a halt, it was struck by a 1988 Acura.

In a statement to TMZ from Brandy's publicist, Courtney Barnes, the singer confirmed her involement in a fatal crash: Brandy was involved in a car accident December 30, 2006 in Los Angeles where there was a fatality. She wishes to publicly express her condolences to the family of the deceased. Brandy asks that you respect the privacy of everyone involved at this time.

We're told the driver of the 2005 Toyota, Awatef Aboudihaj, was taken to Holy Cross Hospital in critical condition and she died the next day. Aboudihaj, a 38-year-old married mother of one, was a Los Angeles resident.

Brandy was not injured. The driver of the Acura suffered moderate injuries.

Brandy was not arrested and there is no evidence drugs or alcohol were involved.

Celeb Car Crashes: Click to launch photosPolice are doing a mechanical investigation of the cars involved in the accident to determine if there was a malfunction.

Brandy's "Moesha" co-star, Lamont Bentley, was killed in January, 2005 when his car plunged off the same freeway. Another "Moesha" co-star, Merlin Santana, was killed by a gunshot wound while sitting in the passenger seat of a car in 2002.


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I saw this site on ET, thought I would log on to see what the fuss is. I am surprised at how mean the comments are!. Lot of miserable people out there. This site proves the saying that "Mediocrity always atacks excellence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Get a life people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A happier one, for your sake!

2804 days ago


These people all have so much more going for them than you negative folks. They have their lives, money and fame. They may not be perfect. But you are not perfect. They could care less what you say about them. Just as long as you say something. What idiots you are! As long as you are discussing them on this website, they remain in the news, thus they get richer. While you sit in your lonely rooms, on your computer doing nothing with your lives. What a miserable existence...................

2804 days ago


I think it is tragic that she's involved in a crash where there was a fatality, but this should be a lesson to all drivers--if you must be on the phone, or otherwise distracted, please pull to the side of the road. No phone call is so important that you must take your attention away from the road and operating your vehicle in a safe manner.

2803 days ago


brandy couldnt haave done i ws a mistake and everyone makes mistake...u racist shoudl shouve ur mouth up ur ass...brandy u go girl..u my aphrodisiac

2802 days ago

U don't need to know    

why does race have to be a issue here??? she had a wreck big deal they happen everyday... its not a black thing or white thing its just a misjudge ment, anyone can do it at any given moment, even the trash talking people. Stop hating, that could have been anyone of us.

2802 days ago


It's really funny to me how ignorance would allow a group of people to turn a tragic accident, into a battle of racial witts (or lack there of). I think that everyone that has made reference in one ignorant form or another to someone's race on this post is not only tactless, but lacks the sense needed to funtion in today's society. The true issue here is not about race, but who is at fault, and if this story is true, while I have a great deal of love and respect for Brandy as an artist, she is at fault. I truly do hope that those of you who have chosen to spew your hatred on this post will one day see the error of your beliefs and decide not to dwell in the ingnorant state in which you currently reside!

p.s. I am a proud African American male, and I am utterly disgusted with the hatred I have read coming from both African Americans and Caucasians alike! You all truly need to grow up, and catch up ... it's 2007 ... not 1907 ...

2802 days ago


p.p.s. To those of you who would have the absolute audacity to say something as foolish as the only racists in the world today are "Black" because "Blacks" are the only ones talking about it ... PLEASE ... GIVE ME A BREAK!!! If talking about the malicious removal of a people to a new and foreign land under the pretense of keeping them as servants/slaves makes me a racist, then I guess I am a racist. However, anyone with an once of intellect would be able to deduce that talking about race relations in America does not now, nor has it ever made you a racist ... it makes you conscious! Lets grow up people ... PLEASE!!! I swear, reading these posts truly sadden me, for in 2007 I never imagined that I would bear witness to such ignorantly vulgar comments regarding race! Lets get over it! Lets not continue to perpetuate the stereotypes that this evil monster known as racism, along with its cousin, discrimination, have set forth! This message is for African Americans as well as Caucasian Americans ... very simply ... STOP THE HATE!!!!

2802 days ago


what the hell is everyone on about, a random woman wandering on main road? its not something i have seen on a a regular basis..... and i would imagine its pretty much trashed her life for a while, all cos some silly bint is unresponsible enough to go for a stroll on a motorway.

2802 days ago


reading these comments all i can see is sound like she done this sounds like she done that................... erm try going on the stand saying that guess what the judge would tell you to do. ? durr if ya dont know dont comment

2802 days ago


and why does everyone say she shouldnt get away with it, it sounds to me like she wasnt trying to she was very distressed at the scene and im sure she still is

2802 days ago


wow so where does it say she was on the phone in the report? and can all you people really say you have never talked on the phone or looked back at your kids to tell them to stop something while driving? don't lie to yourself. i do believe brandy is at fault and should be punished. not for murder, she didn't plan it or see the woman and just decide to hit her. anyways my prayers go out to the families.

2801 days ago


Look, for all of you talking cracker, nigger. Hey look into the mirror at yourself before putting racist words out in publc. You need to grow the f**k up. For Brandy, she should have been paying attention while she was driving, but for her to get sued hell no 50 million for what. Brandy hit the lady in back and the car spunged out into the other lane that car hit her. So Brandy didn't kill her, just an bad accident happen and she is partialy to blame. She do not need to be let off the hook so easily, because she hit the car from behind. For all you lil girls on here with this racist shit grow the f**k up.

2800 days ago


ok i dont get why everyon that has left comment on here has something racial to say. its kinda gay and its her fault and she knows that so its kinda over done. end of story so people need to calm down and know that you werent there so your opinion doesnt really matter. she admitted it to everyone that it was her fault. so stop sayin it wasnt or it was cuz we already got the answer. k?

2800 days ago


you know, she is being honest and responsible. It WAS , and still is, an ugly situation. But, she is not dodging. Give her some credit. I never liked her music, but, danm it all, she is taking responsibility. Far cry from 99 percent of the hot stars. Time to stop bashing people that are trying to be responsible for their unfortuante mistake in life, Hey, any of you walk on water yet??

2800 days ago


Race has nothing to do with it. You are so twisted Farrah....any attempt to whip out the "I'm an oppressed african american". I hate this crap. I am american and if you were born here so are you....color of the skin should have nothing to do with it STUPID! You ever go to puerto rico, venazuela, argentina? there are lots of skin colors but they are all puerto rican, venazuelan, argentinian....what's up with you Farrah? Get over your stupid stereo type bullsh*t and stop looking for attention dopey.

This is supposed to be about a tragic accident and about a beautiful young girl who accidentally killed another woman.....what is going on here.

Brandy....prayers with you girl!

2799 days ago
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