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Maddox Gets Schooled in the Big Easy

1/24/2007 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

On day two of classes at Maddox's New Orleans school, hot mama Angelina Jolie was by his side the whole way.

Both mom and son wore gray, which matched the gray day (and the gray car). Apparently, Angie's got a thing for gray... she wore a battleship-colored dress to the Golden Globes.

But Maddox's smile was bright; who wouldn't like being picked up from school by a loving, movie star mom?


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I so agree with Lynnie. These people are gross, sickening.
What kind of "mother" says her natural born child is a blob,
and praises the ugly spoiled kids she adopted?
And what's wrong with the girl? Never seen standing or walking, at 2 yrs old they still carry her around???

2803 days ago


Did she put her kid in the front seat? I thought they were supposed to be buckled in the back seat.

2829 days ago


that's all you could come up with Donna?

ps. just passin" thru, don't bother with a dumbass response

2829 days ago


Freakhater you should seek therapy if you hate yourself. Everyone knows you'll read this because you stopped long enough to comment.

2829 days ago



2829 days ago


they are a lovely family.

2829 days ago


WOW!! Maddox goes to school, THAT'S NEWS! ok

2829 days ago


Right.. Who wouldn't be happy being picked up by a loving, movie star mom???

Hmmm.. more like being picked up by a psychotic, mood-swinging Borderline Personality Disordered mom.... Yes, Fun for the Whole Family.

2829 days ago


Great. Here we go again with the whackos. Psychotic, mood-swinging BPD mom. Stop. For the love of heaven. STOP. Okay. Hit me with your best shots.

2829 days ago


I agree with Peggy. I seem to recall it wasn't too long ago Jolie was the queen of weirdo with Billy Bob, whom she stole from Laura Dern. Before that she did the lesbian round with an asian costar. This chick has no class, or scruples!

2829 days ago


I feel bad for the child - hope he gets some love in day care - i'm sure she put him in the font seat...after all she is not very bright - you didn't know? Well, that she referred to Brad Pitt as an "intelligent man "should have tipped you off...

2829 days ago


I agree with meme!!!!

2829 days ago


why Angelina is following Brad any where he is filming his movies? I think she is too scared that some little girls will smash Brad away from her. Angelina know's the way she did to get Brad attention. She is wasting her time believe you me this idiot is crazy like a bitch, she is so skinny and unhealthy having sex with Brad twenty four seven. Bitch try to move on with your kids and find your own man like nicole.

2829 days ago


Angelina Jolie is nothing but a nasty, skanky, dumbass, AIDs infested, chlamydia- carrying, cum sucking, take-it-in-the-ass, homewrecking c**t. She destroyed Jen Aston's marriage, and helped herself to a man she had no business even putting her filthy hands on!! She adopted two foreign UGLY ASS kids, because to her, the AMERICAN kids who are in foster care waiting to be adopted weren't good enough for her, so she adopted outside of America. What a nasty bitch. I can't wait for the day when Pitt tires of her like he did Jen, and leaves Whorelina for someone new. It'll happen eventually. And I can't think of any woman who deserves that to happen to her more than Whorelina Jolie. Jen didn't deserve it, but Jolie sure does.

2829 days ago


damn, here come all the jealous bitches.

2829 days ago
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