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Maddox Gets Schooled in the Big Easy

1/24/2007 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

On day two of classes at Maddox's New Orleans school, hot mama Angelina Jolie was by his side the whole way.

Both mom and son wore gray, which matched the gray day (and the gray car). Apparently, Angie's got a thing for gray... she wore a battleship-colored dress to the Golden Globes.

But Maddox's smile was bright; who wouldn't like being picked up from school by a loving, movie star mom?


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wow! many haters who don't have anything else to do, than to sit and judge others! go get a life! angie is such a loving, caring, kind-hearted, good parent and a good gf to brad. they deserve each other. i've never seen any couple showing so much affection and so happy together in hollywood, than angie/brad. keep it up angie/brad and ignore all the haters who don't have a life!!!!!!

2806 days ago


Lynnie your mother probably is one to. .No one can destroy a marraige. There had to be something missing in the marriage for someone to actually leave and stay gone. Most men if they cheat don't actually leave their wives, usually the other woman gets the short end of the stick. Anyways that's two years ago.

2806 days ago


God, was that a waste of time... leave them alone. It's a woman bringing her kid somewhere. BIG DEAL-

2806 days ago


The way some of you guys react to a picture or video of this woman you would think, your significant others left you for her. People can't be stolen, if Brad wanted to leave, he left on his on volition.

PS. Why are people so angry over something that happened 2 years ago? Damn you don't even know these people.

2806 days ago


boooooooooooooooooya..Anne heche finally met her biatch KARMA...she just split from her husband..the one and only hunk who changed her mind abou tbeing gay and dumping ellen.......ouch...payback is defintly a BIATCH!!!!

It took 4 years and a child...wonder if Bragelina can beat that record ..................!!

2806 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Angelina is super skinny ! I mean in a not healthy kind of way :(

I hope Shiloh is o.k ! I mean you never see their biological ( priviledged blob ) child :(

If Brad thought with his brain vrs his dick ! he would know to take his beautiful daughter and RUN !!

2806 days ago

David McCullar    

Angelina, I know you are a hacker. Just to save you some time, rest assured that "meme," despite my meme ventilating propensity, AIN'T me. Now there's another word that comes in rather handy sometimes. I know I am attractive, new neighbor. *guffaw*

2806 days ago


She's a freak of the worst kind. She shouldn't be allowed to be around kids ever.

2806 days ago


"Tara Conner has already been booked to appear on Jay Leno next week. Wasn't it late-night antics that got her in trouble in the first place?"

is TMZ so stupid or uninformed that they dont realize the show is taped in the middle of the afternoon?

2806 days ago


most of us tired of the jolie-pitts, not all think they are great. she is a skinny mental case, he is a jerk. she lost her beauty with her weight.

2805 days ago


why do people claim to be tired of them and then still post and read about them? they are happy, just get over it already.

2805 days ago


I happen to think they to are a loving couple.I'd have a attitude myself if I had everybody watching and slamming us all the time.They just want to have a family do good in our country and around the world( cause they care and can financially) .And for the poor ex. thing it's very obvious things must have not been going great from the get go.Brad has always made it clear of his love for kids and well Angelina was on the same page before they worked together.I say they ROCK in all ways of life and #### their past we all have one,just ours isn't in the publics eyes.Why can't people just be very much intrigued with such VERY nice caring family ,and support what they are doing.Instead of the the down right drity stuff that is said.Some day there kids are going to read and to see the dirt wrote about the ones they love ,WOW just hate to think people are that cruel.I don't think its right for anyone to dissect every little move they make.If they don't smile because of one thing or another then so what!!! From what I read they live a VERY jet set life and also are running a house hold with 3 kids. I think a saint wouldn't be able to keep a smile all the time.GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2805 days ago


Angelina is not a "loving, caring, kind-hearted, good" mother. Her "good deeds" are nothing more than a means of getting more publicity. Of course she does whatever she can to make people think she's such a goody- goody, but in reality she's not. She is a nasty POS, whose kids will probably end up with morals as misguided as hers. Lynnie is right in asking where was Ms Jolie's "good samaritanism" where motherless, orphaned American kids are concerned? Do you have any idea how many kids there are in the system, here in the US, who are waiting for a home and parents to call their own? Why isn't Ms Jolie interested in any of these kids? Is it because the publicity she gets is much more when she adopts outside this country, than were she to look in her own backyard, so to speak?
She is a conniving homewrecker. Women like that are nothing but trash, no matter how many "good deeds" they do or how much money they have.
Who's jealous of Jolie? There isn't much to be jealous of there. She's rich, yes, and beautiful, yes, but she has no morals. She's rich white trash. Ms Jolie and Mr Pitt will both rot in hell, where they belong. You can't go around stealing other women's husbands and expect not to. Brad Pitt isn't the first man she went after who was already taken. You all know this, and yet some of you still condone what she has done, simply because of all her so-called "good deeds"? these "good deeds" of hers cancel out the pain and anguish she has caused in going after someone and helping destroy a marriage?
Obviously the man also had a big part in destroying the marriage, but if Ms Jolie were any kind of REAL woman, she would have told him NO from the get go, and we all know it.

2805 days ago


Ooh, Angelina this, Angelina that. If Angelina walks wrong something is said, if she talks something. BRAD IS NOT GOING BACK TO JENNIFER GIVE IT A BREAK. The person who called her a freak, their mother is probably a bigger freak for having you.

2805 days ago


Suzanne, why don't you adopt if you are so concerned about the kids in the U.S. Angelina is doing what she feels right for her to do. Who named you mother of the damn year. Jennifer had to be dating Vince vaughn while she was married as well, so how is she innocent. If you are going to down her, make sure to mention Brittany Spears for taking K. Fed from his 7 month old pregnant girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez for messing with Ben Affleck while she was still married to Chris Judd, Denise Richards for hooking up with Heather Locklears husband Richard Sambora, and the list goes on , shall I continue.

2805 days ago
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