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PoshKat Invades Paris

1/24/2007 7:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A-list wives Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes took their BFF love tour to the City of Lights.

The ladies, dressed in basic black, caused a flashbulb frenzy on Tuesday as they arrived for the opening of a new Armani store in Paris. The emaciated and fashionable Posh sported an au courant bubble-shaped dress, while Katie donned the latest in AARP chic, in what appears to be one of Bea Arthur's "Golden Girls" funeral scene castoffs.

Katie still has a ways to go before her Operating Thetan level reaches Fashionista stage.


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I thought Katie had finally figured it out that girls with cankles should not wear dresses but alas, no. Here she is in all her cankle glory. Put some pants on Katie, please????!!!!!! You look SO MUCH BETTER that way!

2791 days ago


Has Katie aged 15 years or what? Trying to get ahead on that billion year contract? hehe Xenu Rocks!

2791 days ago


Wow! Funeral-chic...

2791 days ago

Lady G    

2007 train wreck in the developmental stage....cant wait.

2791 days ago

The Duke    

It seems like Posh always looks completely miserable! What is her problem? Always staring at the ground, frowning or absolutely no facial expression what so ever. She looks like a zombie most of the time. Why so sad looking? Is she not happy in her relationship or is it something else? Does anyone have any ideas on this? I would be really interested to know why this woman looks like she just lost every friend and family member recently every time she is photographed. What do you say? Depression? Do tell! Share your ideas on this blog. I'd love to hear what you all think. Cheers All - The Duke

2791 days ago


is posh wearing knee unfashionable...and i want to know why she is such a fashion icon...she doesnt design clothes...she simply buys them..and as expensive as some of these designers are, she will need 1MM per week to afford it...she is such a homely girl...not even pretty clothes and plastic surgery can help...spend more time getting a facial than buying clothes, Posh...your skin is terrible...

2791 days ago

Great Dane    


2791 days ago


posh has the most messed up face i've ever seen, and katie apparently has stolen my grandmothers skirt-suit.

2791 days ago


Isn't Hudson in her early twenties. Why does she dress like a sixty year old?

2791 days ago


Does anyone care about these two stepford robots?
Katie has that dazed brainwashed look and Posh needs some Zoloft
to cheer the fxxk up.

2791 days ago


It looks like they called each other in the morning to make sure they'd dress alike.

At least Kate/Katie has somewhat of a smile on her face; Posh always looks like she just stepped in a pile of doo.

Kate/Katie has left her wholesome girl-next-door looks behind. This glamorous look does not fit her. She looks like she's a little girl trying to look grown-up in mommy's clothes and makeup.

2791 days ago

Laurie R    

i personally love the way posh dresses. as for the way KH dresses, tmz wrote "in what appears to be one of Bea Arthur's "Golden Girls" funeral scene castoffs. " hilarious! it does look as something a much, much older woman would wear! :-)

2791 days ago


Why does Katie dress like a 75 year old lady? You are 28!!!!! Nasty.

2791 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

They both look like a couple of Stepford wives.
They both need to find their art again. Loved Posh as a Spice Girl; she was really in the zone there. Regroup, Spice Girls. You were so much more collectively than as solo acts. You'd still fill stadiums, apart from growing again as artists and vocalists. Girl power. Katie Holmes was just reaching her stride as an actress, and should she take on a good role or two, will forget about retail therapy to fill the void. Both these women are grossly underachieving at the moment. Happens when you have kids to raise. Don't want to see pics of them shopping, rather, hope to see them both in action in their forte again.

2791 days ago


I think they look elegant and totally apprropriate for a visit to Paris by two young mothers and wives of rich men. Much better than some who shall remain un-named who can't even remember underwear!

2791 days ago
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