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Rosie and Babwa: Trouble in Hell?

1/24/2007 7:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMaybe the Donald was right about the strife between Rosie and Babwa.

On today's installment of "The View," moderator Ro put Barbara Walters -- her boss, mind you -- firmly in her place. Gabbing about the State of the Union address, O'Donnell called for a member of Congress to put the President up for impeachment, and compared Bush's failures unfavorably to Bill Clinton's.

Mama Walters, not wanting to get into a prolonged debate over Wild Bill's behavior, suggested that they move on to the next topic. Not so fast, said Rosie. "Where do you want me to move on to?" And they did not move on.


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Kimberly Kemp    

Just one general comment about "the View": I loved the show before; I love Rosie. However, the show has now become "the ROSIE VIEW". Remember how Barbara Walters use to get outraged when one of the panel talked over (louder) thatn the other? Well, that's all it is now. Personally, I never use to miss a show; now, I seldom watch it.

2801 days ago

Michael Richards    

Rosie is such a fat assed piece of sh*t. Why doesnt someone impeach her!!!

2829 days ago


I'm tired of Babs and Ro, they both need makeovers.

2829 days ago


OK.....Rosie is taking her ability to speak freely a little too far. She really doesn't know when to shut up. Speaking your opinion is fine sometimes but other times it's best to keep it to yourself. Especially when whatever you say is heard by millions. Who does she think she is?

Besides, the Clinton debacle was several years ago.....aren't we over it yet?

2829 days ago


I totally agree with Rosie, why didn't Barbara ask Elisabeth to move on yesterday when she was on a rant over bad parenting by parents who have affairs. Rosie, is right someone should impeach Bush, he lied and a lot of people have died.

2829 days ago

Valerie Harmocy    

I watch the View and I did not hear the comments as such about the President getting impreached as you reported Rosie said. I tivo the show and I wish I would not have deleted it. As far as Rosie, I like her. I think she is funny. Elizabeth, wow she actually got her hair up about adultery and parenting. She is a grass roots conservative and I think she had some very valid points. Kids will find out everything that their parents do even if it is 40 years later. Trust me I know this first hand. Thanks for the chance to voice my opinion.

2829 days ago


Both Babs and Ro need makeovers, cant stand em!

2829 days ago


Both Babs and Ro need makeovers, cant stand em!

2829 days ago


I am so sick of Lib Rosie.............who the hell does she think she is. The whole country does not agree with her. Why doesn't she stop forcing her sh*t ideas and opinions down our throught. Why is she gonna get fired? I hated Star Jones - but she makes Star looks wonderful at this point.

Can't stand Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2829 days ago


I would like to add only one thing to what Rosie had to say before she was so rudely told "move on".... What about all the lies that Bush has told the country .. If lieing to the people is grounds for impeachment ... I would say that we need to impeach Bush .. NOW.. because everytime that man opens his mouth at least one lie falls out.

2829 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2829 days ago


I was always indifferent toward Rosie, but then hated her ching-chong-gate scandal and her non-apology. However, she's right about Bush. He should be impeached. When she brings up the point that people wanted to impeach Clinton for a sexual act, lil' miss republican is silenced for a second then responds, "He lied to the American people." So, Bush didn't lie?? I love how Bush invokes 9/11 every chance he gets to defend the war then could care less about the serious ailing health (and one death yesterday) of 9/11 rescue workers.

2829 days ago


I never lie.

2829 days ago


Like her or not, Rosie makes the View, without her there would be no mention of that show till it got canned. Having said that, she's one of the few left in the media that tell's it like she see's it. No denying that.

2829 days ago


Go, Rosie, Go!!!

2829 days ago
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