Elisabeth Goes Nuts on Guys With Penises

1/23/2007 2:21 PM PST

Elisabeth Goes Nuts on Guys with Penises

Without a Trump or a Paula to take on, the huffing and puffing on today's "View" was supplied by resident right-wing schoolmarm, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

During a discussion on adultery, the easily-flustered Hasselbeck took on parents who cheat on their spouses, saying that their affairs made them bad parents, and shocked her fellow yentas with a rant on men who "follow their penises." (Working something out, are we, darling?) Her rather older, wiser colleagues thought her "View" rather extreme, and essentially told her to take the stick out of her you-know-what.

When Babwa Walters is telling you to chill, girl, you know you're going a bit far.