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Screech and Arnold Compete for Free S**t

1/24/2007 7:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dustin Diamond is trying to out-swag Gary Coleman at Sundance this week, and he's going back for seconds to do it.
Dustin Diamond, Gary Coleman
The aging child stars have been spotted around Park City with dueling camera crews following their every move. Coleman's rep tells TMZ he's in town to shoot a short film (get it? short film), though he wouldn't say any more about it. Diamond says he came to Sundance to "outgift" Coleman.

"My crew is going to be filming me come along and outdoing Gary Coleman," Screech told the Website, adding, "bigger and better and more expensive swag in every way, shape and form."

To do so, Diamond isn't above a little begging. He was at the Karl Feinstein Style Lounge when he got a crystal quartz charm bracelet from designer Kathleen Cavalaro. Then he tried to charm more out of Kathleen, but she wasn't having it. Sex tape stars don't get special treatment from her!


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Get a f***ing job Dustin!!

2829 days ago


What are they like trying for a shot of another 15 minutes?

2829 days ago


Scrounging for publicity, that is really pathetic. It's better to let it go and get real jobs than look ridiculous and desperate, all for a little attention. Begging for gifts and freebies? Just when you think they can't get any lower. Sign in to a temp agency, guys, they'll put you right to work in a better position, literally.

2829 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

Remember when Dustin was peddling t-shirts to save his house?
Don't forget to check out the awesome t-shirts at

2829 days ago

Jared from Subway    


2829 days ago


The real losers are the idiots giving this stuff away to them. If I was a designer, jeweler, whatever, I would be repulsed thinking either one of these 2 was wearing my stuff! F-ing GROSS!!

2829 days ago


Why is this asshole screech news? Guy is a washed up hack that thinks he's a hot shit.

2829 days ago

He's Boring now    

Sundance has become everything it was founded on that it was against.. Redford go join Babs on tour where you really belong instead of encouraging so called artists like these two goofs to even think they should be there.

2829 days ago

Hey, hey, hey people relax! What the hell is wrong with you people? I don't know how bad this reality show is because I didn't see it, however, this is no excuse for being cruel. T

These young actor stars gave up their childhood to make us laugh for many, many years, and they we're a huge success then, and someday they can be again, you never know.

They do not deserve these cruel remarks by any of you, there's no excuse for such cruel behavior.

All of you are worse than this film probably is for being so callous toward your fellow American's. You don't kick a wounded dog when it's down!

No matter how bad a film is it doesn't matter, it's to learn from a mistake.

Learn to encourage over discourage because it comes back to you 100 fold!

An Award Winning FILMMAKER

2826 days ago

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