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Brady's New Tight End: Gisele Bundchen

1/26/2007 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NFL superstar Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen were spotted leaving Giselle's NYC apartment just two hours apart, and neither was too keen on chatting. Does it count as a "he said, she said" if neither of them says anything?

Brady did the walk of shame out of Gisele's West Village apartment around Noon yesterday. The three-time Super Bowl champ tried to cover his face with a hooded sweatshirt when a photog told him, "You're a lucky man." But Brady wasn't having any of it. "Come on brother, you're making me angry," he growled before slinking into a cab. Brady angry!! Grrrr!!!

That's still more than the paps were able to get from Gisele. She emerged two hours later to take her three dogs for a walk, covering her face and completely ignoring photogs.


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Mama Des    

Hey watching Gisele when youwalk your dogs...I feel so bad about the

Little one trying to keep up with her long leg stride and the big dogs..

poor little poochie...slow down or pick up the long leg monster...

Tommy is a Patriot...NEW ENGLAND...Baby...

2796 days ago

teresa flores    

I think tom is changing from "golden boy" to an easily angry person (after hours, reading all the comments that peolple posted everywhere), things that never happen before, our beloved Tom is becoming another person, and in response to the comments by Carl on jan.26 is completely rigth, all NFL contracts are not"guarantee". My respects for Tom, Britgett, and for the baby who deserves a FAMILY. Tom needs time ALONE to think about it, and make the rigth decision. Good Luck Tom, NEW ENGLAND LOVES YOU!!!!!

2794 days ago


Does she knows all NFL contract are not "Guarantee" ?

2829 days ago

hop on top    

Touchdown there.

2829 days ago

Suzanne Moore    

Why Brazilian people are so HOT? whats the magic in that country? All brazilians that i know are extremely hot. both men and women.Look to Gisele, Adriana Lima ,Fernanda Tavares, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rodrigo Santoro. Two years ago i went to Rio,Brazil. If u go to Ipanema beach you guys will be mesmerized with all the incredible and tanned bodies.The men are incredible sexy.And women look like Gisele. They have a beautiful skin color tanned by the sun that looks amazing.Whites,blacks,darks... they all are incredible sexy.Jesus...i was amazed by that. i think its because of the mixture of races. Europeans,blacks,indians.They are not like here in US where we are divided by our skin color.I love that country. its paradise. i know that brazil faces a lot of problems but the beauty of the population is the best touristic attraction in the country .and besides all that beauty they are extremely kind and nice with foreigners.i love brazil. and its difficult to see fat people.(i dont have nothing against fat mother is huge and i love her).in america its so common.

2829 days ago


Wow, 2 people leave an apartment. I am awe struck. C'mon people, get a life!
This is garbage journalism!

2829 days ago


why hasn't the fat guy on lost lost the weight yet?????????????????????????????????

2829 days ago

zip johnson     

They're a a perfect 10 together!!! Combine both of their IQ's and you get a perfect 10.....A priceless couple

2829 days ago

c'mon now    

Lucky girl! He is so HOT!

2829 days ago

nora bloomberg    

Lets just hope he uses protection. She was with Slater, who was with Pam, who was with everyone and has hepatitis.
Im just so pissed he didnt make the superbowl and I think he should have waited until after the playoffs to start chasing models. Tom Brady is no longer my hero. And Gisele has no ass and looks like a tranny.

2829 days ago

Great Dane    

She's very attractive- but she talks funny.....

2829 days ago


Awww... I hope Gisele can "heal" his "wound", so he can come back strong next season and make a run for super bowl again.

2829 days ago


Tom Brady is the best quarterback EVER!!!!! and ooooooh so hottt and they would be perfect together!!

2829 days ago


Tight end? are you kidding me.. she has no end - flat, inny ass, flapjack ass, ironing board ass, needle ass, .. i don't get it.. what ass?

2829 days ago


You missed one, she has a nasty vocie.

2829 days ago
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