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FOX to Cooper:

'You're Paris Hilton!'

1/30/2007 4:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of conservative news nerds, calling someone "Paris Hilton" is an insult. That "slur" has now been hurled by FOX News at grey-haired golden boy Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper
In the latest issue of Television Week, the right-leaning cable net ran a two-page ad with the screaming headline: "MEET THE PARIS HILTON OF TELEVISION NEWS." Anderson isn't pictured or named, but there's a photo, taken from behind, of a slim, grey-haired man in a suit.

The ad also says that "Anderson" is "style over substance" and a "media darling." But here's the kicker: "He still gets beat EVERY NIGHT BY ... Greta Van Susteren." Ouch.

The spat erupted last week when Cooper took a shot at FOX News for hyping Insight magazine's incorrect story that Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama had attended a radical Islamic school as a child in Indonesia. "Others are reporting the heat. We are sticking to the facts," Cooper said at the time.

You call FOX inaccurate, they call you Paris Hilton. So there!


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FOX NEWS is a piece of garbage... Anderson Cooper brought in millions of viewers who previously were not watching the news on a daily basis. Why doesn't he receive the laud for educating Americans? He's classy and stylish... a fresh voice to the news. It has nothing to do with people being liberal! It has to do with wanting the news fed to us honestly---not Fox News telling us whatever they want us to hear.

2820 days ago


Personally, I have had it with Fox news altogether. I have watched it for MANY years, but they seem to be doing nothing but bashing and becoming a Hollywood Tabloid show. (TMZ-don't take offence) I am so disgusted with all the Anna Nicloe Smith, Donald Trump/Rosie/Barbara crap that they now show, that I go on line to get news. I wrote Grets once, asking her to ditch the Hollywood crap and she wrote back saying, "I'll talk to my producers'. Apparently the producers at FOX think we all want to hear the dirt on all the Hollywood freaks. Let that to the professionals like TMZ! It has truely become 'The Fox NOISE Channel'. Since when did Anna Nicole become news anyway?

2820 days ago


don't be messing with my greta now. Greta is the best. Smart, funny attractive..she's the one

2820 days ago


...greta's plastic surgery puzzled me. the oj junket made her famous and gave her a great deal of credibility, so why did she have to alter her looks? weird. anderson cooper is more credible, armani suits and all...

2820 days ago

He's Boring now    

25 Thompson:

"Anderson Cooper -- A Peabody, a DuPont and three Emmys for 360 in 2006. Greta Van Susteren? Zero. None at all, ever. So whoâ%u20AC%u2122s the empty suit?"

So who exactly are the nominators and voters of such prestigous Journalism Awards? If its other Journalists, and Selected Faculty membrs, well than the deck is always stacked in favor of Left Leaners to win, so I guess Lefty Anderson and CNN will garner even more awards from his buddies.

Let the viewing public vote and I guess he wouldnt do so well if ratings were the single source of voting.

2820 days ago


12. Interesting how you call Fox News the "right leaning" cable net. Why don't you call CNN what it is... the LEFT-LEANING news net?!!! Look who's biased after all!!! Fox is fair and balanced and that's why it is blowing all the other news channels out of the water in ratings. OPEN YOUR EYES, stupid Liberals!!!

Posted at 5:07PM on Jan 30th 2007 by Jeanie
Liberals are stupid because why? Fox is fair and balanced?? You said it right in the first sentence..they lean to the WTF is so fair and balanced about one side?? You are the stupid contradicted yourself.
Fox reports their two-cents...on everything....that's exactly what they did when they tried to make Copper look stupid...they got busted for ..not reporting the fact' they're embarrassed....Fox sucks.

2820 days ago


Who doesn't know that CNN is a Liberal Net...and FOX is Conservative?...Has nothing to do with all ....the Networks stabbing each other in the back...and not reporting the news...without a spin...
I like Greta I wish she was on another Network.....other than Fox....

2820 days ago


FOX news is EVIL. All they do is preach right-winged propaganda. What's even scarier is that they have an audience!!

2820 days ago


When a TV "news" organization's slogan is "Fair and Balanced" - in your face and in bold print - you have to realize that it's not. lol!

2820 days ago



2820 days ago


I really did like her before her plastic surgery now seeing her that takes the edge of her credibility?

I am happy for her If It makes feel better but I bet the boys In the boardroom are snickering.

I Love Anderson Cooper and I respect the fact the he does not come out some who do great but those who dont please remember this Is his private life.

I will always remember him crying during the Katrina Disaster and helping people In my eyes he was the only one during that time that made me feel that thje government Is not helping those who are in real need.

2820 days ago


COME ON. It's Fox News for god's sake..

style over substance?? I'm not a big fan of CNN or anything, but Anderson Cooper is one intelligent, hot, gay man.

2820 days ago


Man! wouldn't that piss u off, being likened to Parisite Hillbillie what an insult, I guess insults these days are really getting shocking.

2820 days ago


Well if anybody knows about the "PARIS HILTON OF TELEVISION NEWS", it's Faux, uh I mena FOx, "News".

2820 days ago


Look at all the posts on this! Anderson Cooper's total audience must have come to post here (43 posts to date). HA! Anderson only wishes he could even compete with anybody on Fox. Heck, Larry Freaking King (since Shona brought up wrinkly and old people) has almost double his audience! Check out TMZ readers... taking time out of their online news research (i.e. Paris, Anna and Rosie) to come support CNN. Yeah, like you guys have read any other section in USA Today but the purple anyway!

2820 days ago
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