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FOX to Cooper:

'You're Paris Hilton!'

1/30/2007 4:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of conservative news nerds, calling someone "Paris Hilton" is an insult. That "slur" has now been hurled by FOX News at grey-haired golden boy Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper
In the latest issue of Television Week, the right-leaning cable net ran a two-page ad with the screaming headline: "MEET THE PARIS HILTON OF TELEVISION NEWS." Anderson isn't pictured or named, but there's a photo, taken from behind, of a slim, grey-haired man in a suit.

The ad also says that "Anderson" is "style over substance" and a "media darling." But here's the kicker: "He still gets beat EVERY NIGHT BY ... Greta Van Susteren." Ouch.

The spat erupted last week when Cooper took a shot at FOX News for hyping Insight magazine's incorrect story that Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama had attended a radical Islamic school as a child in Indonesia. "Others are reporting the heat. We are sticking to the facts," Cooper said at the time.

You call FOX inaccurate, they call you Paris Hilton. So there!


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Standards are badly needed.    

33 Circle Jerk:
Anderson Cooper didn't win all of those awards by accident or because the people voting were 'leftist'. The news idustry has very set standards as to what constitutes award winning journalism, and it's clearly and easily defined.
The goal of good NEWS journalism is to inform; dig for pertinent & timely stories and report only the FACTS, or simply the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY of an issue, while presenting ALL SIDES, or 360 degrees of an issue so that the viewer can make an informed decision FOR HIMSELF. The who, what, where, when and why of any story is never subjective; the answers are what the answers are, like the concrete answers to a math question. You're just not allowed to make up stuff and call it news. When you do that it's called fiction, tabloid journalism, or a sitcom. Good news journalists will check and recheck their facts ; and find it irresponsible and reprehensible to 1) represent and repeat as news incorrect factual information and 2) report only part of an issue, or using ommision when reporting because it appears to promote an agenda or special interests. That's considered unethical and irresponsible within the news industry. Nor are news journalists to put forth their personal opinion as news. (That's an editorial, or an opinion piece, not a news story.) A good reporter tries to meet these standards, and if they miss the mark, it's beholden to their superiors to correct it before it is aired, because it's the right thing to do, and they could be sued if the information is incorrect or misrepresents. You don't want to be fed propaganda like the Russians were during the Cold War, do you? People felt sorry for the Russian people because they felt their government pulled the wool over their eyes by keeping the facts from them, so they'd never know the freedom of making an INFORMED choice for themselves. The right to inform yourself PROPERLY with all the (correct!) facts by media who are ALLOWED to and NEED to do their homework so you can make the right choice for yourself is an inalienable part of a functional democracy. If a man might become a good President, but is denied that fair chance because an untruth is published about him and people believe it, and other news people do not attempt to redress it, then we all lose that chance. It's the responsibility of other news people to dig up the true facts. If all of the candidates views and backgrounds are presented honestly, then you can make the correct choice for yourself, and may the best man win.
Anderson Cooper wins awards because he reports all of the facts truthfully, with integrity an ethical balanced manner , and it's ony a plus for him that he's the total package, which makes him pleasant to watch. The show is not called 360 (degrees) for nothing. It means he has a mandate to show 360 degrees, or all sides, of a story. To report all sides, or 360 degrees, of a story does not make you a lefty. It puts you firmly in the middle. Which is where all journalists need to be when reporting news.

2788 days ago


Love Fox News!!!

They aren't number one in cable news because people hate them!

They are kicking ass in the ratings and the rest of the media is so jealous they can't see straight.

2788 days ago

West Ham    

Fox News is America's greatest shame.

2788 days ago


Fox... News? Are you kidding? Sometimes it sounds like it's made up by a bunch of nasty conservative straight white men, who think if they say it, it's true. They just feed into the hate and bigotry of the rest conservative (if you're not like me you don't count) Americans.

2788 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

The fact that Anderson Cooper comes from a priveleged background is not a negative; it has served to helped him to be a better journalist as he is well educated, travelled and has been exposed to many more views. What really makes him special is his work ethic; he works as hard as anyone in the industry, and tries to do so with integrity and with a nose always directed at the truth of any matter. All this even though he comes from enough money that he could have chosen an entirely different path.

2788 days ago

He's Boring now    

I watched mr 360 "unbiased"last night--- interview the business manager of slyvia much for remaining fair, mr 360 might as well have called himself the amazing randyi's assistant. completely biased interview, a gang up on ms brownes person by the guest (which is expected) and the host...shameless for a peabody award winner.

this isnt journalism what he's doing, its mr 360 trying to be a star and move the truth to where he wants it to go, rather than getting out of the way and practicing good interview techinques. Which in this case would have been for Randy and Brownes person to hash it out with 360 remaining simpy the moderator.

If he's so open and can see both sides and has his choice of where to be, why does he choose CNN? Their truth in news died about a decade or more ago---they had it once, when it was all new, but competition and ownership has tainted their views for too long, and he's part of it now.

2788 days ago


Here's the deal, though---the reason for the ad is that Cooper has chipped her lead in that time slot away to almost nothing. In 2005 she was up and now she's almost behind him, and has lost to him in a majority of slots in the last few weeks. They're running scared.

Also, it's pretty homophobic to call him Paris Hilton. All the same, I'd love to see him show up on the air and make fun of them, in a Paris Hilton costume.

2788 days ago


Plus, has anyone noticed most of the Fox news fans on this comment list can't spell or use grammar?

2788 days ago


I have to laugh when people say that Fox is actual news. It's Rupert Murdoch's opinion mixed with car chases. Fox wins in the ratings because liberals and moderates are split between MSNBC and CNN. Add them together and they kick FOX's @$$! Anderson Cooper has been to Iraq, Darfur, New Orleans, .....When was the last time Greta left the studio? Oh yeah, I think it was for the Scott Peterson trial.

2788 days ago


Everyone is concerned about the Steve Ducey remarks as being incorrect. So what is new. Chris Mathews, Viera, Couric, NYT, as well as others have been telling lies about Wilson's report,(it has been discredited by the 9-11 commision and others) as well as his rant about Cheney. Lies all of it. Cooper is a serious LEFT wing journalist trying to keep the liberals like those on this site happy. That alone is a serious problem for him. They the liberals are SO hard to please. Therefore he makes no effort to give a fair even report on the daily news. All news he reports is spun to make the administration look bad and the liberals look good, and this takes a very serious effort on his part. For that valiant effort he should be praised. His coverage of the actual news should be panned.

2788 days ago


BY DeepFreeze3 and Regardless.....great posts..

I am a dead on center....type myself. I watch other networks, never Fox , the comedy network.... with a consistent right spin on the news.. If I want comedy news....I turn to.. Jon Stewart for least you know what to expect.....
I want good old fashioned reporting..... Cooper brings it...along with ....Amanpour, and Lou Dobbs...guess that makes me a Liberal?

2788 days ago


I love Fox News!

I never even thought Anderson Cooper was gay until all the liberals posting on here outed him. Not that there is anything wrong with that, HAHA.
But really FOX was only talking about ratings and hype in their ad not lifestyle. Thanks all you liberals for setting it straight for me, LOL

Love FOX NEWS!!!

2788 days ago


Well Said Jeanie!! Know what CNN Stands For "Communist News Network"

2788 days ago


Well Said ACDC, tmz doesn't post most comments unless they are of the liberl kind. You know Hollyweird liberal F-----! Love Fox News Network

2788 days ago

Mad Balls    

please continue to use your cellphones as Brain cancer is the only way you guys will come up with anything funny or mildly current . Try reading a paper sometimes . All you whinners should be dropped in the middle of Bagdad to fend for yourselfs . 10 to 1 your to fat for the airlift . losers . I still make more money than you !

2788 days ago
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