Trump Says McMahon is the New Rosie

1/30/2007 6:20 PM PST
Vince McMahon is a very rich man. Donald Trump is just a bit richer. And last night, on WWE "Raw," His Hairness set out to make that quite clear.

In a moment of fan appreciation, McMahon tried to thank a buxom female fan by giving her the gift of a blown-up magazine cover featuring, of course, himself. Trumpy then appeared spectrally on a giant monitor, offering what the hootin' and hollerin' masses really wanted: cold hard cash. Trump then ordered the dropping of tens of thousands of dollars (real money) from the arena ceiling, causing a frenzy. Some fans even put down their beer.

A "pissed off" McMahon cursed Trump and stormed from the ring, snatching cash from the hands of fans along the way. Still, it'd be nice to see Trump and McMahon settle things in the ring.