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Denise Loves Rock Lobster

2/1/2007 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Denise Richards has the shake, Richie Sambora has the bake.

An amazing bikini-clad Denise and her lobster-red boyfriend Richie Sambora sprinted on the beaches of Honolulu yesterday, although it looks like Sambora's having a little trouble jogging with that burn.

Hey Richie, it's called "sunblock."


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All American Girl    

Look at her, Then look at him... Yikes

2790 days ago


He needed to wear sunblock has he ever heard of skin cancer? She looks smokin hot!

2790 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Denise does look great. She is still trash. Charlie is trash but everybody has known that since the 80's. Heather should have not let this girl win. Be damn if anyone would take my family away from me. Richie is a jackas* and might as well give Densie a check now for maybe 25 million for when they get married this year,have a baby or two, and then divorce,he can save himself some time.
Denise is going hit $$$$$ him one day like there is no tomorrrow.
He looks Baaaaaaaddd to. His body is old, aged.

2790 days ago


no way is she smoking hot. she has a nice body THATS IT. she must be dumber than a box of rocks - not only does she have sh*t poor taste in men, she can't even get her f***ing fake tan right! Denise you moron, tan your hands!

2790 days ago

Lenn K    

Damn funny Lisa, He looks like the father instead of the boyfriend.

2790 days ago


Yuk! The last time Richie looked good was when he was with his WIFE at her movie premier in 2005! Boy, it did not take long for stuff to catch up with them. Now that Denise has an audience she looks happy, she sure wasn't happy in yesterdays photos, most especially in the video! It's only a matter of time before the real truth comes out, it always does, just now there are rumblings of an affair way before he listed the separation date from Heather in December 2005, but it goes back to her divorce filing date from Charlie, beginning in 2005, and that Richie had something to do with that. Losers!

2790 days ago

Mad Balls    

I think his tits are bigger than hers . UUghhhhhh. TMZ SUCKS !!

2790 days ago


What's with this Heather Locklear bandwagon. She's the whore. She has been involved with numerous men. Charlie Sheen and this clown are the only men I've ever heard associated with Denise Richards. By the way, she looks fantastic. Don't hate because she's beautiful.

2790 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

Beauty must still be in the eye of the beholder.

2790 days ago


What a shame - she must be really insecure to be in a relationship with that old fart. And for him, having a relationship with a beautiful young woman can be a major ego trip, but there are times when it can make you look like an old fool - like in this picture.

2790 days ago

the wise old owl    

Ha Ha......Heather must be having the last laugh after looking at these pictures. RIchie has really " LET HIMSELF GO ". Thank goodness he has deep pockets and plenty of $$$. Because that is what Denise is looking for. His stomach can grow as big as it wants as long as the bank account stays FAT with it. These 2 deserve each other. Denise seems very shallow and possesses no redeeming qualities. As soon as her looks start to fade I predict that Richie will be MOVING ON.

2790 days ago

Denise Go Away!!!!!!!    

Bitchards and the Lobester were seen out in public November 2005. I saw them at a restruant away from the photogs. Anyone who thinks that they just started this crap affair in 06 is full of it. Richie cheated on Heather for years before she filed. Heather put up with alot of BS from Richie. But there are those who think that Heather is the bad guy. Hollywood Cum Suck will have to deal with Richie and his other women soon enough. I'm sure Bon Jovi will tour again. Richie better hope his band continues to make music because Hollywood Cum Suck is coming after his money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazingly she is not Pregant with another Lobester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2790 days ago

some dude    

according to the entertainment lawyer who runs the crazy days and nights blog denise was working as a part time actress and as a call girl for heidi fliess, and that was how she met charlie sheen, he couldn't get enough and they started dating and the extra press and attention she got from that luanched her career.

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2790 days ago

Mad Balls    

Once she gets her penis clipped she'll look OK .

2790 days ago


Denise looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Having 2 children & looking like that? WOW! People really need to get over the whole thing that happened with Heather. The people involved have!

2790 days ago
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