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Reese and Ryan Reunited ... for Kids

2/1/2007 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe made their first public appearance together, exactly three months after their October 30 split -- which was first reported by TMZ. The estranged couple accompanied daughter Ava to her school play in Brentwood, and brought younger son Deacon along as well.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ that despite this joint appearance, there is "no way" that the couple is getting back together, but the relationship is "civil" now. We're also told that there was plenty of bad blood at the time they separated, caused in large part by the revelation that another woman appears to have been involved with Ryan, an alleged dalliance that infuriated Reese. Still, it seems that the two actors, married for seven years, are attempting a rapprochement of sorts, at least for their children.

In the couple's divorce petition, obtained by TMZ, Witherspoon asked the court for joint legal custody of the children, and for primary physical custody. She also asked the court to block any attempt by Phillippe to get spousal support.


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Life is change and sometimes the change can be painful. Gifts sometimes come to us wrapped in sandpaper. In the long run, this split just may be the best thing that happen to both of them if they are able to use it to grow and become more of a loving person and parent. Know one gets off this planet without some brusing and broken hearts along the way. Why not use the experience to become more compassionated and understanding, and realize that nothing stays the same forever. janni

2601 days ago


The woman is beautiful and intelligent. I wish the best for her and the children.

2633 days ago


A lot can be learned from these two....they are very mature and doing the right thing for there kids....bravo....

2633 days ago


It's too bad this couple had to break up. It's always the hardest for the kids. It's good that they're being civil and not fighting in front of their kids.

He must feel like an idiot cheating on a gorgeous, talented woman and mother of his children. Some men just can't keep it in their pants.

2633 days ago

Great Dane    

Sometimes in lif, things just don't work out, people's feelings change, circumstances come about.....but it is REFRESING to see them putting there differences aside for their children.......

Way to go Reeese and Ryan!

2633 days ago


The only reason you bigots are being nice is because these two people are beautiful blond haired whites. If they were black then you would have nothing but derogatory comments. OJ is innocent, and I will never stop until this race thing has stopped. Anyway, speaking of the race thing...

2633 days ago


Poster #1
What do u mean he cheated on his ex ? Did u see it yourself ? The reason their marriage wen to the tank was because she makes way more $ than him and she is tired of it. She wants to be take cared of not take care of him.

2633 days ago

Great Dane    

Farrah, you are an ASS.....I think someone makes a point of telling you that on each and every ruin the "fun"....this is a site, to blog, want to be a racist, great.......go into a white area, get a milk crate and a mega phone.....and wait until Skip, or Biff or Buffy beat the shit out of you.......

2633 days ago


ah, Farrah there you are white boy!!!! why aren't you over there on the michael jackson's kids story supporting your "brother" and his WHITE kids!!!!!!

hypocrite loser!!!! we all know that you are a fake!!!!

2633 days ago

Leah C    

Farrah, I don't care if the parents are green, purple, or fuschia. They are putting their marital problems aside for the sake of their children. That's all that's important. Not everyone is as racist as you are. Some of us don't see color. My God-father was black, but that fact didn't occur to me until I was about 10. Not because I'm an idiot, but because I don't see people for their skin color. He was just my Uncle Cal and my dad's best friend, plain and simple. Maybe you shouldn't either. It's time to stop blaming "whitey" for the misfortunes in your life. Your life is what you make it to be.

2633 days ago


OMFG ....Farrah, shut the fuck up. I have seen your postings on numerous sites today, and I am quite sick of hearing you bitch about being black. Get over yourself and your "race." Get a damn education and get your nose out of the air. What the hell does OJ have to do with these people getting divorced anyway? If anything, it is blacks who are racist against whites....with your magazines and music channels dedicated to BLACKS ONLY! GET THE FUCK OVER IT. I am not a racist person until I encounter assholes like you!

2633 days ago


I was waiting for the racial comment to come up. Especially from Farrah. I would say more but I have to go to class and get my education. I suggest you do the same. For history anyway and realize that we are in the 20th century. I'll say more later when I get out of class.

And before you go ranting on me, I'm black. Just thought you should know. ttyl.

2633 days ago

i don't like this spoiled bitch    

@#9 . You are one racist to make a comment like that!!! I will not strongly express myself for the comments you are making . Just , remember if a person says something the way you just did then they are a 'racist.'

2633 days ago


I luv the way it says "which was first reported by TMZ.."

Yea, we know you are a great hot spot. Farrah, when is that welfare check comming in?? Notice a few other people her noticed your lack of education. Must be hard to read, huh??

2633 days ago

Farrah Hater    

Farrah I don't hate blacks nor am I racist in any way but I have to ask why are blacks racist about everyone including their own race. If you light skin the dark skin hate you and vice versa?

2633 days ago
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