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Sad Brad Puffs and Ponders

2/1/2007 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt took a pensive break from helping Angelina Jolie collect items from her late mother's hotel room, and sat on the balcony floor to have a cigarette on Wednesday.

Angelina's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, passed away on Saturday after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She had been living at L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The tragic news brought the supercouple back to Los Angeles after their relocation to New Orleans where Brad is shooting his latest film, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."


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Chris X    

I just don't understand. Kevin Federline and Britney are considered scum for smoking when they have kids. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck both got pounded for smoking - although both have stopped. But when Saint Floppy Jowls Brad does it - it is PENSIVE! Does sad pensive smoking not cause cancer or breathing difficulties in children? Or is it Ok toisneak outside and then come in smelling like an old wino? I am so sick of the double standard for those two.

2820 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Irony calling, Brad???????????? ;-D Yep.

2820 days ago



Looks like he's trying to figure out how to get out of the mess of a relationship he's in!!!!!

2820 days ago


This is one of those paprazzi pictures I feel kinda icky for looking at. Even celebs deserve some privacy while mourning the death of a loved one.

2820 days ago

get a life people    

You people are fucking heartless......

2820 days ago


I sincerely hope for those of you who are bad mouthing Angie & Brad will not experience your parents' death like there two do. You don't know peanuts about anything and should be careful to make any negative remarks. Remember, "What goes aroung comes around".

2820 days ago

Angelina is Stunning !!!!!!    

Angelina has always been extremely close to her mother and brother . Her mom was her best friend .

you all haters will say anything to put Angelina in a bad light but the truth is that Angie and her Mom were best of pals for the last 31 years of Angie's life.

You folk have it mixed up with some other woman who just did some nose and boob job yet lied about it .. Somone who has a mom living in the same city and town , raised her clothed her, fed her till she was a teenager , yet, this boobnose lady would not even help cover her mom's doctor's visit, This boobnose lady's mom had to visit a public assisted hosipital for her sickness because this poor mom could not afford private doctors yet her boobnose daughter have $110 million sitting selfishly in the bank

What is the use of being physicall present in the same state, same city when one does give a damn about their own mother . It's better to be miles apart, deep close can communicate daily then one who is physically close but never visit.

2820 days ago


Ovarian Cancer is not caused by cigarette smoking dumb asses!

2820 days ago


There are all kinds of cancers, you A-HOLES! You people are evil and heartless. You don't even know if she died because of smoking. My mother is 78 years old and has smoked her entire life and is healthy as hell, while my poor deceased aunt died of breast cancer at 59. SHE NEVER TOUCHED A CIG IN HER LIFE.


2820 days ago


b- no one is heartless. It is a terrible and tragic thing to lose a parent and my prayers are with the mother. I however, cannot say the same for Angelina or Brad. She knew damn well her mother was sick for a VERY long time. You dont take up and globe trot while your mother, whom she said she loves very much, is dying. For me, and I am sure others, feel that is just disgustingly wrong. I would never, ever, leave a parent who is dying of cancer or any other horrible disease to help others when she should have been by her mother's side. Maybe all of their money is clouding their judgement. Who knows. But to me, that would never happen. FAMILY FIRST!!

2820 days ago

Great Dane    

I don't think anyone is being HEARTLESS, I think they are being truthful......

The work Angelina and Brad do in Cambodia etc., is GREAT......but, sometimes we need to focus on OUIR OWN back yard before trying to clean up someone else's.....if that were my mom, my aunt, my uncle....and I had the money and the resources to be with her I would......

Maybe Brad is sitting thinking, gee if she was n't there for her her time of need....what will happen if the day should come, when I need her????? Will the poor children come first ALWAYS????

2820 days ago


He is depressed from dating Morticia Adams and is trying a slow suicide.

2820 days ago


I though Brad quit smoking? And as far as the comments about Angelina not being with her mother, I agree with b #6. You don't know what went on between Angelina and her mother. Maybe her mother encouraged her to go on with her life? Maybe Angelina didn't realize her mother was at the end of her life? I don't know the answers to these questions and neither does any of the finger-pointing nazis of TMZ!

2820 days ago


These comments are classic!!!!
People now a days make me want to move to a far away place.
The "I'm right...your wrong mentality" is amazing.
Why don't we all just wear uniforms and goose step everywhere!!!!
Just because one person smokes and you don't agree with it doesn't make them an asshole....
It makes you an arrogant dick head who forgets what this country was found for!!!!!

2820 days ago


Am not a Angelina fan, but I can understand the tragic loss of a mother who suffered and died of Ovarian Cancer, I too loss my mom to this disgusting disease last year, my deepest sympathies to her.

2820 days ago
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