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Britney Groveling to Get Back With K-Fed?

2/2/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and K-Fed.Britney Spears has been making late-night phone calls to K-Fed in hope of a reconciliation, so say several of Kevin's close peeps. They tell TMZ that Britney's relationship with Isaac Cohen is a ruse to make Kevin jealous.

But other sources -- frankly, the ones that ring true for TMZ -- say Britney is so over him. They tell us that Brit and the Fed have very little contact, and when they do communicate, it's about their two kids.

By the way, according to these sources, the reports that Britney will ante up $25 mil to K-Fed to end their marriage are Hot Britney gallery: Click to launch photosridiculous. One connected source says the $25 million figure is grossly inflated, "by 25 times." In other words, the bad news is that K-Fed will be a millionaire. The good news -- just barely.

Jennifer Hudson: "Idol" Was Abusive

Heavy-Duty Idols gallery: Click to launch galleryNow that she's moved well beyond "American Idol" into Oscar-nominated fame, Jennifer Hudson is dissing the show that made her famous, calling it abusive, misleading, and brainwashing. She tells Essence magazine (via People) of her time on the show, "You go through this mental thing: you've got to get yourself back together. You've been abused, misled and brainwashed to believe whatever they want you to think." Hudson, who finished sixth during Season Three of the show, says that she was "the girl in the turkey wrapping," referring to a particularly bad wardrobe choice, and that to overcome the characterization, she had to "sing my way out of it." Meanwhile, Hudson scoffs at rumors that there was any tension on the set of "Dreamgirls" between her and Beyonce Knowles: "We clicked from day one."

Jess Lookalike Gets Nick in Trouble

Is there trouble in the heretofore blissful romance between Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo? A Rush & Molloy spy says the pair got into a loud tiff at Manhattan club Plumm - and it all started when a Jessica Simpson-lookalike tried to give Nick her digits. Vanessa spotted the attempted exchange and stormed out of the club, yelling, "We have to talk." Lachey followed, and even hailed her a cab, but it was too late - his galpal had already gotten her own cab and hightailed it away from the club. The pair has been inundated with rumors that they're already engaged, and they've been seen around New York looking generally lovey-dovey.

Mariah: Eminem's Obsessed with Me

Mariah Carey is really, truly concerned about rapper Eminem: "Something is clearly askew with him," she tells Playboy, "and I'm not quite sure what it is." Last year, when Carey publicly denied having had any relations with the rapper, he didn't like it -- he called her a liar and reserved some choice rhymes for her on his latest album, "The Re-Up." Mariah simply doesn't understand: "I'm curious as to why he's so obsessed with me." (Uh, Mariah, you're the one still talking about him.) Adds Mimi, "I never got an apology letter, by the way... then again, I wasn't exactly searching my mailbox for it."

Party Favors: McDreamy Welcomes Twins ... Katie Says She Loves "Calling" Tom "Husband"... Johnny Knoxville Separates from Wife

Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian welcomed twin boys -- Sullivan and Darby -- into their brood Thursday, according to People. The "Grey's Anatomy" star and his wife also have a five-year-old daughter, Talula. ... No doubt it took months of speech therapy to perfect, but Katie Holmes tells "Harper's Bazaar" that she loves calling Tom Cruise her "husband." Holmes adds that she "definitely" wants more kids and that she'll eventually get back to work. ... Johnny Knoxville and his wife are separating, says The couple have been married since 1995, and one Us source says, "She deserves every penny if she is going to divorce him."


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2799 days ago


Gee Vanessa! Let That Poor Man Breathe! I just Think Nick You Need to Stop Hooking Up With Younger Women, That Just Shows You What Lies In The Future With That Stupid Girl!!!! You Need A Woman That Is Confident With Herself In Other Words Someone As Hot As You!!!!!!

2790 days ago


This is for Brittany. You just be tough everybody goes thru rough times famous or not.So just keep ur head up and do right for ur kids. there the only ones u will ever matter.

2783 days ago


Dear Jeannifer,you would have never have gotten where you are now if it wasn't for American Idol. I'm old enough to be you grandmother, so let me give you some good advice. Thank the lord that American Idol gave you the exposer , if not for them you would still be in Chicago doing what you did before the show.
Maybe no one ever told you, but as fast as you went up, you can come down just as fast. So don't knock those who helped you get where you are now.
Take what you have and enjoy and don't let your head get bigger then your heart.. Conciet can kill you faster then a heartattack

2783 days ago

in the know    

Vanessa is pulling a Cameron. Jealousy shows your insecurities in a relationship and eventually scares the person away. Vanessa has pulled jealous fits numerous times. She will never let him tour. Britney could care less about k-fed, she loves being single and chasing men too much to ever go back to him. How come k-fed doesn't have a girlfriend yet? He has enough on the side when he was married.. Where are they now?

2818 days ago


Why the hell is Maria bringing up something that happened years ago. Get over him lady!!

2818 days ago

Great Dane    

I seriuosly doubt that SHE would be beggin him to come back......she seems to like her new "single" lifestyle......even if it doesn't make her MOMMY of the year.......

Jennifer Hudson, you really have would not have had ANY success had it not been for that show....and Simon's comments, although HARSH....are typically very season 3, which was your season- you had already seen, heard, viewed the previous years......everyone knows they are going to stand on the mark, in front of the three judges, and their song choice, performance, appearance etc. are goung to be JUDGED......and it may have been that turkey wrapped comment, that made her a little bit more memorable......she has had great success this year, and NONE of it would have been possible, at this early age.....WITHOUT IDOL......what an ungrateful bitch......

Nick, looking at a Jess look-a-like......GOOD!!!!!!!! I can not wait till he and VM break up, I think she is HORRIBLE, I dislike her.......he belongs with Jessica, she is way PRETTIER than VM.......

Mariah, Eminem talks about OODLES of people in his songs, don't take it so probably did have sex with him.....and you are so forgot about it......

Congrats on the TWINS Patrick!!!!!!!!

2818 days ago

in the know dont know sh*T    

Someone tell in the know they dont know sh*t! and shut up. You talk too much, but im sure im not the first to tell you. Enough about losers, KFED I think you are awesome! Now that Britney is out of the picture you should call me baby. I heard about the taco bell stunt and how you got a commercial during the super bowl. And Mariah, Mariah i bet your crotch is on fire. haha remember that one? Eminem is gonna blast you in his next album and who cares right..only millions!

2818 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

dont take her back k-fag,take her money,make her pay,now she know how the shoe fits on the other foot,and also farrt is a dumb bitch,as long as you are on this site I will run you down,hold you down and put you down,screw peace and what ever else you stand for

2818 days ago

in the know dont know sh*T    

Oh yeah, Kfed Im glad youre getting a settlement of atleast a million. You deserve it. It takes two to make a precious life. Besides Britney would have wasted it on boos anyways.

Call Me Kfed. I need the ultimate delivery:

2818 days ago


Why The F*** is Nick taking other women's digits?Nick is a MansWhore! Thats disrespectful.

2818 days ago


Pleeese Britney-don't take that scumbag back!!!

2818 days ago

in the know    

#5 Point well made. You are the perfect loser for K-fed. I hope you have a good job to help him support the 4 children he is never seen in public with. No matter what he does in life, he will always be known because of his connection to Britney, not because of his accomplishments. Album anyone??

2818 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Jennifer Hudson taking the "high" road regarding any friction with Beyonce, I like that. So how long is someone suppose to be beholden to the person or thing that gave them their break...forever? I don't think so!
Class always shows!
I see Ms. Hudson going home with OSCAR, oh yeah!

2818 days ago


Standing on the shores of a beautiful beach in Mexico, a warm breeze stroked the back of my neck, causing the fine hairs there to rise with the slight chill. I can feel the sand between my toes, and it's warm and soft. The sun on my back beats down, but I know it won't be too much longer until it starts to set. I look out into the crowd in front of me, and as I look, I can make out members of my family, close friends and many members of my future wifes friends and family. I smile to myself. Today, is my wedding day. The new beginning of forever. This is it for me, I know it'll work this time. I love Vanessa more than I love to breathe and I've never been more sure that she feels the same way. As I'm contemplating this, the procession of bridesmaids begins their journey down the makeshift aisle in the center. First Vanessa's best friend, than Lea, than Vanessa's cousin and then my chubby 2 year old niece guided by Vanessa's brothers daughter. Than finally...her.
She's breathtaking. I can feel my heart constrict and I smile as I watch her edge closer on her daddy's arm. She too, like me and everyone else in the wedding party is barefoot. Her dress, her white cotton dress is strapless, accents her tan perfectly and comes to a stop right before her knees.
She's gorgeous.
She's my love.

2818 days ago
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