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Anna Nicole's Fat Suit!!!

2/5/2007 9:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith and TRIMSPA have been sued by a woman who claims the diet product is bogus.

Janet Luna claims she used TRIMSPA X32. According to the suit, TrimSpa has "represented, expressly or by implication, that TRIMSPA X32 causes rapid and substantial weight loss."

The suit, obtained by TMZ and filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges the advertising is "false or misleading."

It appears that Janet Luna is a minor, since the suit was filed on her behalf by Myra Luna, Janet's legal guardian. Although Janet is the only named plaintiff, it was filed as a class action lawsuit.

It is unclear from the lawsuit if Luna is claiming injury or that she just didn't dump the weight.

Smith is a spokesperson for the product.


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Sand In My Crack    

Hello?? Info "mercial"?? Same thing as a commercial. Hell I bought those f***ing 2000 Flush gizmos for my toilet. Only worked for 1535....WTF????

2755 days ago


Slow news day? Who cares about Trimspa Inc.? I hope the fat chick wins the case; get some of that corporate money!

2755 days ago

Cara Lewis    

I think diet pills are a bust. How many women try these and then gain ALL the weight back they lost so fast?? People need to eat healthy and go to the gym, not look for a quick fix. I was bored at work and came across this girl's diet blog. I thought it was pretty cool.

2755 days ago


It only works if taken with cocaine. Love, Anna

2755 days ago

the wise old owl    

POST # 12 : Howard : YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD ! She didn't lose the weight from TRIM SPA......Baby. It was from Methadone and Cocaine. What a big joke that whole campaign was. I wrote GOEN and told him myself and advised them they should FIRE Anna. She is misrepresenting their product and making FALSE claims. They are going to have so many law suits. This is just the tip of the Iceberg.

Remember she claimed she lost her baby weight doing " DIrty Dancing " with the Bahamians and taking those stupid chocolates that trimspa just came out with. YEAH RIGHT ....SURE.

What a bunch of BS.

2755 days ago


Holy f***in sh*t the old owl is having an orgasm right now. Anything about Anna is proof she'll be on here. BTW, when am I and anyone else that disagrees with you getting kicked off TMZ? You CLAIM you can do that but I've yet to see it. DUMBASS. Don't bother with your long ass reply --I'm done with you. Simple.

2755 days ago


This is presumably different the Amy Sedaris' fat suit?

2755 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Jesus, did you see that picture of Anna Nicole Smith? She looks like a large mouth bass - "Sink the hook & real her in!"

It figures ANS would be involved with a weight loss drug; how much more Hollywood can you get? Of course, you have to read the small print on the side of the box to get the full effect: "This product does not induce weight loss unless accompanied by large ingested amounts of cocaine & thorazine". It's going to be fun watching ANS the Drama Queen fight off this lawsuit; it's brought by a bigger drama queen than herself.

2755 days ago


Anna Nicole is like a human condom, she prob dont know who that baby's daddy is and she had so much surgery she prob had that fat sucked out shes phoney everything about her is. YUCK

2755 days ago


Owl, did you sign your real name or 'owl'? How do you know he even read it? The moneys from selling the pills, not reading the letters.

2755 days ago

Miss Mary    

Ok, this chic is a moron. 1st off this is the dumbest charge anyone can ever throw onto someone. 2nd Does the term "results may very" mean anything to this person? 3rd Is this fool trying to kick this woman while she is down or what? 4th that fat ass needs to put the diet pills down & get to the gym. 5th Um isn't Anna a spokes person for TrimSpa? NOT the person who came up with the pill? Come on people what kind of lawyer would represent someone that pathetic. I would have said "get off your fat ass & work out." Im not in perfect shape but for the love of all that is good & pure I'm not going to sue someone because my ass is still fat after popping some pills.

2755 days ago


What kind of a parent would allow their child to take diet pills, let alone sue if it doesn't work.

2755 days ago


I doubt a lawsuit over Trimspa is a big deal compared to the loss of a son.

2755 days ago


poor ANS. her specialty is providing and endorsing DRUGS TO CHILDREN.
so she must know what she is doing.

2755 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

I just hope the irony's not lost on Anna Nicole: she made a name for herself by trying to bilk some old pervert's son out of millions .... only to end up being sued by every other whore out there just like her.

2755 days ago
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