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Anna Nicole's Fat Suit!!!

2/5/2007 9:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith and TRIMSPA have been sued by a woman who claims the diet product is bogus.

Janet Luna claims she used TRIMSPA X32. According to the suit, TrimSpa has "represented, expressly or by implication, that TRIMSPA X32 causes rapid and substantial weight loss."

The suit, obtained by TMZ and filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges the advertising is "false or misleading."

It appears that Janet Luna is a minor, since the suit was filed on her behalf by Myra Luna, Janet's legal guardian. Although Janet is the only named plaintiff, it was filed as a class action lawsuit.

It is unclear from the lawsuit if Luna is claiming injury or that she just didn't dump the weight.

Smith is a spokesperson for the product.


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And ,OH YES , I would have loved to live the live where you could go any where you wanted But I was married rised 4 of my own kids then raised my brothers 3 kids all about the same age and helped a few get off of drugs ,

All famous people have to live an awful life people always after them and the ones who do have kids have to worry about their kids getting kid-napped for money. and about the trim-spa it's a joke as every other diet pill is
yes, you may be able to take a diet pill and EXERCISE knock out the sugar and you'll lose weight...Trim -Spa didn't help me I helped myself went to diet drinks and exercise lost 70 lbs

Anna lived the best life she thought she could live but she didn't see that through our eyes ,I saw her on T.V. several times and it was sad because she was so messed up ...ON WHAT I DON"T KNOW


2816 days ago

sonora jones    

and for all of you whom knows about the white stuff, hum I wonder how all of you know so much!like maybe been there too! She was someones daughter, who laid out at Danniels gave for the tv ,Some mother ,not a good role model for Vickie,now was you notice that ,grandmother never had a good word for her daughter,that she brought into the world.Yes i agree that anna had a big drug problem,and it did'nt help when Danny died.But now don't you all wonder what really happening here,with the laywer / father of the baby and dose baby dannylynn,have any rights to the money thats been tied up for yrs now,if hes the father/laywer would he come into her money ?did he help do this too her?

2816 days ago

Michele B.    

Anyone w/ 1/2 a brain knows that the woman was a mess in life, & now she's dead. For the lady who didn't lose weight, WTF did u expect? There's NO SUCH THING AS A MAGIG PILL! I will say 1 thing though, if you look @ Anna's most recent photos, her body was pretty ripped, so even if she did drugs (which we all know she did) she obviously switched to mainly uppers before the TrimSpa ads hit the airwaves.
But she must of worked out too, b/c no diet, esp. losing as much as she did transforms your body. I mean she probably had some work done, but look @ her arms her abs & legs. I don't think surgeons can accomplish that kind of look. Plus, she was in bikinis & such & for THAT kind of major surgery, she'd have been one big bruise. But you were an idiot to think a druggie lost weight w/ TrimSpa alone, Baby!

2816 days ago


I cannot believe people are that stupid. We all know that you cannot lose weight by simply taking a pill. Every single diet, including diet pills say that you need to follow a low calorie diet and exercise. Excercise is not just opening the pill bottle and popping them into your mouth. You can say all you want about Anna but I doubt that her weight loss was acomplished by an illegal substance. She has enough money to hire all the support she needs, Which includes a personal trainer and a chef. Not everyone that loses weight is on drugs. I know this because I lost a lot of weight with Trim Spa myself and I followed the plan as directed. I lost 49 pds in 8 weeks.

2816 days ago


When will we stop allowing bogus lawsuits?This is insane.We are teaching are children to lie,cheat,and steal.To be lazy and to take the easy way.I never tried "Trimspa" so I cant say if it works or not but come on half the sh*t that's out there is no good one way or another.Im geussing that these 'diet pills' say on the bottle that you have to exercise while taking them and to eat health.Who's to say this chick was doing any of that.It comes down to everyone being lazy looking for some quick fix magic pill to make us perfect.We eat to feel good,we diet to feel good.You cant win.we need to find out why we feel so bad and stop all this maddness.

2816 days ago


I'm so sorry she died, she was beautiful lady that made good use of what God gave her. She made lot of money with that face and figure. She is a good example of using what you got.
I would like to say that the only over the counter diet pill that ever worked for me or anyone I know (which got pulled from the shelves by the FDA nazis precisely because it did work! and therefore people were buying it instead of very expensive prescription diet pills) was the original Metabolife and Metabolite with Ephedra! Yes, Ephedra works, but because it works Big Pharma was denied a big chunk of it's profits because people would buy this instead of some prescription junk. Oh, Ephedra is dangerous, you say...pure media hype to help the FDA's case. Just because one overdosing baseball guy took too much, mixed it with other stuff and died. Look, if you don't think decision makers in government and the FDA aren't bribed by Big Pharma (along with other big business) on a daily basis you are naive to say the least. I say BRING BACK EPHEDRA!

BTW, it's going to come out that Howard K. Stern was her pusher, not just her companion. He was at fault for Danny's death. Don't you recall the first reports where a witness said Anna was screaming "You did this!" Howard was the only other one in that room. I think CNN has the story of the witness who said she saw Howard flushing methadone pills in the toilet in the hospital room when Danny died.

2816 days ago


I have never heard such cruel remarks in all my life. It seems that these blog are for people who are angry at life itself.I would like to see what each one of you look like& how you live & who you've been s__ewing.Most of the time I don't read these blogs because they're filled with insults & anger. Have you no heart? the people you discuss like dogs are most likely the ones you envy most. It's tragic that this woman lost a son, & had the ups & downs in her life, but she made it out of the hole in the wall town & became a legend. I don't know of anyone who had 46 pIc's on a web sit as she has now in death. I usually pass up this kind of s--t board because of the stupid a-- people who have nothing & aspire to be nothing. You stink!!! and don't bother about going off on me because I don't return to hear your remarks. This is the way you start your days off & this is the thoughts you carry in your head???? You are some ugly people & most likely no one wants you & you problay have never dressed in anything more than a cheap a-- $300.-400. outfit. If you could change places with any of these people you talk so cruelly about you'd do it in a hot second. Now I'm gone & will not return,,, but I bet I'll rent space in your mind for the rest of the day LOSERS.!!!!

2816 days ago

jonnie the saint    

I told my doctor six months ago that Trimspa would get sued over this shiznit....I had to take methadone for 3 years. When I started it, I weighed 202 lbs.. When I stopped, I was 154. If you take even smaller doses, you have no appetite. You also don't feel the need to eat. Anna lost her weight by taking methadone....period. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.......

2816 days ago


Trimspa does work! Your all just FAT "skinny haters"!!! JEEEEalous!

2816 days ago


Just about all of the pictures I see of Anna she is smiling. I believe she loved life but had many heartaches, especially when the lose of her beloved son Daniel occured. She obviously got great joy from being his mother. You could see the pain in Anna's eye's these past months. It was just too much. I also believe her mother should take a step back an allow time to take it's course. Anna was very hurt by her remarks when Daniel died. This lady is too much, stay away from the baby and stay away from Anna's things. She didn't want you near her or her new baby. Stay away.....

2815 days ago


As for Howard, I don't think he is the bad person some are protraying him to me. He sincerely liked Anna and I believed it turned to love for both of them...sometimes your best friend turns out to be your greatest love. I won't beleive anything ugly that is being said about Howard K. Stern. One more thing, he protected Anna right to the very end. We all have our limitations and I know in my heart that is what happen to her. She couldn't take the pain of it all anymore. I felt for her but I also enjoyed her gutso.....Howard K. Sterm we feel your sadness and hope that you will move on and remember the love and the laughs you had with your best friend and wife.

2815 days ago


I have read the comments on this blog and many others in the past and i have to say that i am always shocked at how some people speak of others. more often than not, you don't know these people or their lives but comment anyway and usually in a terrible and negative way..It's not only sad but it's scary..I truly can't believe the world we live in and what's in the minds of some of us out there...I've read things on here that make me sick to my stomach..Anna Nicole Smith was a human being, she has had her own tragedies in her life as have many of us, but most of what we hear and read is about her drug use, her weight..Do we hear what made this woman choose that way of life? I've heard disgusting things from her own mother and her sister as well as the public..we've all heard what they've said. With a mother and sister talking about you that way when you die, i can only imagine how they treated her while she was alive. A sister whose biggest concern is that her body was all fake, what kind of thing is that to say about your sister in public. she died less than a week ago, id think that sister would still be mourning her maybe these things are true, her body was fake, she used drugs, but come on, if your own family feels the need to broadcast this 3 days after your death, we all need to wonder if perhaps there were reasons this woman felt the need to do drugs, or any of the other things she did...The mother seems so interested in the money and who will be getting it.. she too, has commented on the drugs more than anything else...When asked if Anna Nicole has been helping her financially, she snapped back quickly "oh no, she didnt want anyone to have more than she did" with a mother like that, I can only imagine her upbringing. seeing Anna Nicole's family has explained a lot to me about her behavior. In my work, I see hundreds of young women, day in and day out with similar problems and they all come from similar backrounds..It's very sad that she most probably just wanted and needed someone to really care for her, love her as her son did, as she did her son. Why can't you all see that talking so badly about this woman, and focusing on the symptoms (drug use, negative behavior) is terrible. There are many Anna Nicoles in our world..With a little understanding and change in how they're treated and viewed, perhaps we can help rather than cheer and gossip when they fall...This is a terrible story and one I've heard all too many times...I'm so saddened by the behavior of the people on this blog..It reminds me of the cheering and dancing in the street at a recent famous hanging..That kind of behavior is barbaric and scary..makes me wonder what kind of world we live in..I can only hope for that baby's sake, that whomever ends up being her guardian will love her and tell her that her mother was a wonderful woman who loved her..God help that child if she winds up in the care of Anna Nicole's mother or sister or anyone else who would say such terrible things.It is a frightening thought that that mother would treat this child the way she's obviously treated her own daughter..people aren't born living that way, and just because the mother worked in law inforcement doesnt mean she raised her daughter with love...perhaps if she had, we'd have known a different Anna Nicole...

2814 days ago



2814 days ago


Trim Spa?? I THINK NOT. Anna had a gastric bypass OR a ring on her stomach. THAT is the REAL way she suddenly went from fat and huge to thin and skinny. Trust me..ask the medical examiner and maybe he will admit it .

2813 days ago


way to go terri and diane, I totally agree. that baby should not be raised by a family and town that dispised her mother.

2811 days ago
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