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Bogus Lawsuit Against Brandy?

2/5/2007 5:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The $50 million lawsuit filed by the parents of the woman killed in the Brandy car crash may get thrown out of court.

TMZ has done some digging and here's the lowdown. Awatef Aboudihaj was killed December 30 after Brandy's vehicle rear-ended her on a Los Angeles freeway. Aboudihaj was married with two children. Under California law, only the husband, not the parents, can sue for wrongful death.

We're told the parents' lawsuit was filed without consulting the husband beforehand. Even more interesting, Aboudihaj has been living in the United States for 11 years. Her parents have been living in Morocco full-time, so contact between parents and daughter was minimal.

Aboudihaj's parents could file suit if they were financially dependent on her, but we're told that was not the case.

As for Aboudihaj's husband, TMZ has learned he is being represented by Los Angeles attorney Bill Sayed. Sayed tells TMZ he is currently investigating Brandy's net worth and says the matter "will be resolved by settlement or jury verdict." Sayed would not say how much money he'll be demanding, but said it will probably be a combination of Brandy's insurance policy limit -- plus something additional from Brandy herself.

Calls to the attorney for Aboudihaj's parents were not returned.


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in the know dont know sh*T    

Bogus my ass!

2786 days ago

Only in    

Lawyers will be swarming to find out what Brandy is worth.There will be more lawsuits forthcoming. Don't forget there were other cars involved. This is so sad and so sooo... serious.

2786 days ago


It's just so sad. Money Money Money. What amount of money is worth a life?
I don't think you should even go there. Whats wrong with people? Everone seems to be out for themselves. We've become so desenseitized.

2786 days ago

in the know dont know sh*T    

Payday or not she is liable in civil court for killing the offspring, but I was happy to here that there might be more on this so I went to

2786 days ago


this isnt about racist. does people know that money isnt gonna bring someone back. Once you lose your love one mean you are gonna lose that person forever.
well i dont know what i would do.

2786 days ago

coco puff    

These money grubbing Arabs ain't gonna get sh*t. My sister Brandy was not drunk and the simple fact is it was a accident. As far as you RACIST motherf***ers, you will only talk sh*t on the computer but never to a African Americans face because you are a bunch of candy-ass crackers! I will never give up my fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2786 days ago


How did Brandy get famous? She is not remotely attractive. I thought to be a pop star at any point one had to be attractive on top of being able to sing.
Hell if she were on American Idol I am sure she would have been voted off long ago.

2786 days ago


Just because her parents live in Morocco, you guys are extracting that contact was "minimal"?


TMZ is now a psychic.

2786 days ago


WTF?? Okay hubby, get in this.

2786 days ago

Only in    

These Hollywood stars must be brought to justice. Too many times money buys them out of trouble,but not this time.I'm sure right now as I speak , power lawyers are planning their attack. There will be a huge lawsuit. There will be NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE till Brandy is held accountable.

2786 days ago


I'm crying alligator tears for her...NOT!

Typical celebrity. She kills someone and than thinks she being wronged because the family wants to sue her. I think the kids are going to need some help now that she slaughtered their mother. She should give as much as possible to those kids and hope it gives them a half-way decent life. Thye should not have to oay because she can't drive.

2786 days ago


Posted at 3:24PM on Feb 5th 2007 by jerry mortimer

I posted a response to 'dat a hole up top and TMZ wouldn't post my comment but they let the racist sh&# that this Jerry guy said go, now what's up wit' dat? Plus what does this situation have 2 do with this situation anyway. TMZ needs 2 get a grip and keep it real and keep bullsh$% like that Jerry fool up off here, for really real. Peace

2786 days ago

coco puff    

My sister Brandy didn't do anything wrong. She had a accident and that sh*t happens all the time, especially in LA. These money hungry Arabs could of cared less about their daughter, all they see is $ signs. My girl will be alright, you'll see. As for you motherf***ing, RACIST crackers you need to check yourselves. You ain't got the balls to say that RACIST sh*t to a African Americans face but will write it on a computer screen, P***IES!!! I will never stop my personal fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2786 days ago


Make the hasbeen pay via the dead woman's husband and kids!!!!! Take the food out of the mouth of Brandy Norwood's once-secret bastard child and stuff it into those poor near-orphan kids' mouths. Brandy can always strap a mattress to her over-inflated ego back and walk up and down Sunset Blvd. turning tricks to feed her little monkeys! PAY... PAY... PAY!!!

2786 days ago


You know what's funny Farrah? You aren't even educated enough to understand that racism is not just against black people. Racism is any hatred toward ANY particular racial group. By using phrases such as "those Arabs" and "crackers", you don't make any attempt to thwart racism, you simply perpetuate it. If you really wanted to stop racism against African Americans (which doesn't even include all black people since they are not all African) you would probably be taken more seriously if you respected all other races.

2786 days ago
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