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Jessica On John, Nick and Her Cleavage

2/5/2007 3:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonAfter turning her married life with Nick Lachey into a public affair, Jessica Simpson isn't talking about her relationship with boyfriend John Mayer. The tabloid Pizza Hut princess tells the new issue of Elle, "I want to tell you everything, but I have to sew my lips together." That would be a musical blessing!

Jess has no regrets about her days with Nick, but says that seeing him with another woman shortly after their high-profile split was tough. "Oh, it hurt me. Two or three weeks later? Yeah, I'd say it kind of hurt me." Although that may be true, Simpson also reveals that the day she moved out of their 6,500 square-foot "Newlyweds" home felt like "freedom." If living with Nick is prison, it may be time to get arrested.

These days Simpson's biggest problems are closer to her heart ... literally. "[My] cleavage is a distraction to me. It screws up every outfit I wear." It seems like the opposite is true.

Elle magazine, featuring Jessica Simpson on the cover, hits newsstands February 6.


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This was the first Elle mag i ever bought and yes i bought it because of Jessica. I think it was great and she was just letting everyone know how wonderful nick is.I think people are so mean sometimes.I read what Nick had to say to Rolling Stones and he also was very respectful to her.I think they still LOVE each other..Thing's we read and see are not always right...She is beautiful and fun as so is Nick.They belong together.

2769 days ago


You did a wonderful story in Elle.Also i read one Nick did with Rollingstone and it was touching. It seems like the two of you need each other.I also think you both still love each other..

2768 days ago

Virgie Hater    

blaaaaaahhhhha uuugh...#51,52. Give me a freaking break on the love for jessica simpson...Im soooo sick of seeing her face on magazine covers and now all this poo poo on here. yuck

2758 days ago

OJ Did it!    

Another dumb blonde c-nt!

2755 days ago


Jessica says her cleavage is a distraction. I'm the same height as Jessica, but I weigh 105 lbs and have boobs too. Since I don't want to be a distraction at work, I wear a bra that separates my boobs and eliminates the cleavage. Jessica can do the same.

2752 days ago


#47 Thinks Jessica is very sweet and kind. How sweet and kind is a women that divorces her husband without first going to marriage counseling and/or having a trial separation. Greedy Jessica wanted a quick divorce before her movie money came in, and she thought she could do better. We saw Jessica and Nick on the Newly Weds, so we have a good idea of how their marriage was like. Nick was the tidy, loving, and patient husband with Jessica. Jessica was the self absorbed, sloppy, ditzy, wife who always shopped and shopped and shopped. Nick had hobbies like sports and golf while Jessica shopped and shopped and shopped.

2752 days ago


Jessica has a lot of nerve saying she was hurt because Nick started dating quickly after their divorce. She asked for the divorce without first seeking marriage counseling or a trial separation. She was probably hurt because a lot of men were not asking her out after their divorce, and Nick was doing all the dating. Jessica has such a big head that I suppose she thought her handsome, kind, and talented ex hubby would sit around and stare at her picture and mope, and refuse all the attention from all the women who want to date Nick. The reason why she keeps in contact with Nick is because she knows she made a mistake, and John Mayer doesn’t care because he’s into the sex and not much else with Jessica. Jessica deserves John Mayer because he is high maintenance, has a crude sense of humor, and likes his independence. We all know that John Mayer rules the relationship. By the way John, your Continuum CD is your greatest music.

2752 days ago


#25 The reason why Jessica does not want to discuss the divorce is because she asked for the divorce. It's the same with Tom Cruise when he divorced Nicole, he did not want to discuss it either because they both got a divorce for selfish reasons. I dislike Jessica and Tom Cruise. And of course Nick started dating quickly after the divorce. Divorce is final. It does not mean, maybe we will get back together. Nick should not have to wait a month to start dating again, and he did the right thing by moving on with his life and dating. Nick is a famous, handsome, kind, genuine, and talented guy. Of course he is going to date right after his divorce because he has so many women that want him. # 25 also says that Jessica never hurt anyone. She hurt her husband by divorcing him Divorce is like death, it's hell. Jessica deserves John Mayer because he will never be into her as much as Nick was into her and this will forever drive Jessica crazy. If John Mayer was into her as much as Jessica is into John, he would have been delighted to talk about their relationship. Jessica would love to talk about John and their relationship but John told her not to because he's just not that into her.

2752 days ago

Used to Love her    

Maybe it HURT HIM that you asked HIM FOR A DIVORCE and REFUSED COUNSELING!! Or that YOU SLEPT WITH BAM MAGERA WHILE YOU WERE MARRIED!! THINK ABOUT THAT YOU DAMN WHORE?? She has some nerve. I'm NOT buying that magazine and I CAN'T believe they WASTED a cover!

2783 days ago


She's an idiot! SHE was hurt, who the hell asked for a divorce in the first place. He had every right to move on, and I am so glad he did. She is going to regret letting him go, cause what goes around comes around. John Mayer will DUMP her eventually!!

2783 days ago


I'll skip Elle's issue this month.I'll spend my money on a mag with more worthwhile reading.

2783 days ago


Jess looks good in this shot.
Join the national movement to BOYCOT PARIS HILTON EVERYONE, don't waste your hard earned money making this racist, slut of a bitch any richer than she already is, she's not weaseling her way out of this one the racist, stuck up, cow. Avoid anything to do with the Hilton name, don't watch the simple life and avoid Hardees and any other products she endorses.
The hiltons may look like socialites but underneath they are nothing but a bunch of red necked racists.

2783 days ago


BOY COT PARIS HILTON she is a RACIST! spread the word folks.

2783 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Pimp daddy Joe Simpson's little whore is finished ! not even her boobs can save her this time LOL !

All the plastic surgery in the world can't give one talent * and it appears that plastic surgery can not correct her horse face , rabbit teeth , manly jaw and crossed ( feral ) eyes !

keep sticking your boobs out horse face LOL ! 15, 14 , 13 , 12 , 11 , 10 , 9, 8 .....

2783 days ago


I dont know why they keep sticking this talent less ditz on magazines or movies!!! I will skip this magazine and any movie shes in and save my money on someone who is worth it.

2783 days ago
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