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Sued for Not Wearing

Weil Bling

2/6/2007 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlize TheronCharlize Theron has been sued by Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil for breach of contract. The company claims that the actress broke her contractual obligation to wear only Weil watches in public. The suit was filed in New York County Court today.

Oscar-winner Theron signed on to be the worldwide spokesperson for the venerable watchmaker back in 2005. "Charlize is the perfect Ambassador for our timepieces," said Olivier Bernheim, Raymond Weil's CEO at the time. Theron also works as a spokesmodel for Dior fragrances.

Reps for Theron and Weil could not be reached for comment.

Story developing.


No Avatar


Oh please...Wiel get al ife, if you dont met her needs, she can stray...go get busy trying to meet her needs....she is s woman for God's sake, she is entitleD to change her mind and mic it up a bit. AA

2726 days ago

Great Dane    

I understand she is a marketing tol for Raymond Weil watches....but, does this mean if she is given a present? Has an old favorite watch....she can't wear them.....that is a little beyond intense......

2726 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

This is what happens when Britney and Paris take a few days off, crap.

2726 days ago


Well ladies and gentlemen, you would not believe what I saw in the Dominican Republic.!!! Our dear girl was not with her boyfriend. She was very cozy with another guy which by the way looked like a hippie. I was very dissapointed in her. What do you think?

2726 days ago


If she signed a contract saying she would exclusively wear the Weil watches then she should EXCLUSIVELY wear the watches.
How hard is that? She is a spoiled, spoiled uneducated, over rated actress, all entitiled and holier and better than thou...
If she didn't think she could STAND to wear the WEIL watches for the duration of the contract she shouldn't have taken the MONEY and I bet it was a lot of money.
Hey TMZ, Can you find out how much she got ?
These types are such such divas. She is such an idiot.
And I agreee it isn't much of a gruesome TMZ story, but I still like to hear about it.

2726 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    

How dumb of Raymond Weil---who ever he is. Don't you know you can't give a dumb blonde a wad of cash then expect to keep her loyal for a few years.

Just ask--------------------half of Hollywood !

2726 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Those f***ing Swiss..see what happens when you run out of chocolate?

2726 days ago

Nadine Alexander    

Who cares, most of us could not afford one of the watches anyway. I so don't care what "stars" wear.

2723 days ago


Contract law ... take the money, do the action required by the contract. Contrary to comment opinion, Ms. Theron is educated and intelligent so it is surprising that she "forgot" about the contract she signed with Weil. I'm sure she will call this another loss of freedom that a member of the media is having to endure as a price for living in the United States. Btw, Ms. Theron, people who work for private companies in the US can be fired "at will" for things they say and do, which does not equate actions of private companies to actions of the government of Cuba.

2723 days ago

level headed reader    

Most of you readers seemed to miss the point of the complaint by Raymond Weil, a large watch company, not an individual. She signed a contract which is a binding agreement and for this received something in return. If she breaks the contract she needs to make amends, adhearing to the contraacts stipulations. If she doesn't she'll get sued. If she didn't think that she could uphold the contract, she shouldn't have signed it. Doesn't matter how expensive the watches are, a contract is a legal binding matter which she needs to honor. Seems like this actress doesn't have any honor.

2723 days ago


Some of you have no clue as to what the watch company is saying or complaining about. When you sign a contract, you are bound to the term of the conntract. Since, according to the company, she signed a contract, she is bound to live up to the agreement. Maybe whilst she was in her native south africa, she used to have it her way and get away with it. But she is finding out that she is no longer in South Africa but in the real world. Let the court experience help her to reality!

2723 days ago

Some Average Guy    

LOL. Who was that up there who thought Raymond Weil is still a sole proprietorship? It may have been back in 1976 but is now a large company as Level Headed stated with a full staff of highly-paid attorneys who will not hesitate to take someone to court should they be in breach of contract. Somehow I doubt that those lawyers will care much whether "she is s woman for God's sake, she is entitleD to change her mind and mic it up a bit." They'll come after her with cold accuracy to get as much back from the $20M deal as they can.

2723 days ago


Who cares...she feels that there is a lack of freedom her in America and she gets mucho bucks for wearing a watch...and you think I give a rats ass about her or any other star that gives theire personal opinions..they ate "stars" not politicians or geniuses

2723 days ago


It's so very clear -she made an agreement to wear the Weil watches and broke the contract. She is in breach of contract and must make amends.

2723 days ago


We give these ignorant actors too much time. She is totally dumb. Watch thagt interview she gave. The woman really is dumb comparing the USA to Cuba with a straght face. Do these idiots go to school at all?? She probably cant read the name of the watch on its face and grabbed the wrong one. Brainless?????

2723 days ago
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