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Michelle's Arresting Fashion Statement

2/6/2007 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Formerly jailed actress Michelle Rodriguez always said she was a model prisoner. Now she's proving it.
Michelle Rodriguez
In a humorous attempt to incorporate her infamous criminal past into current style, Rodriguez rocked a fake ankle tracking bracelet to the Marc Jacobs show at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week last night. Someone call the fashion police!

As you might recall, the former "Lost" star did some time behind bars last year after she was busted for driving drunk in Hawaii.


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This woman has consistently made fun of her arrest (talk shows, etc.). How much irresponsibility does Hollywood and the public tolerate? She has barely any fame and no sense of remorse - I find her to be the most loathsome type of celebrity - no character, no conscience. Go away. Just go away. And if anyone hires her for ANYTHING, I simply won't watch it.

2818 days ago


This is the SECOND time TMZ has gotten something on Rodriguez WRONG.

That was the REAL THING. And, she painted it to make a political statement. It was NOT a "joke" or a fake. Get something right for once TMZ before you spout more nonsense. Give her publicist Marcel a call, I'm sure he'd love to speak with you and straighten you out on this issue.

2818 days ago


Fine, it's a real bracelet & she painted on it "to make a political statement," but the statement doesn't make sense because she IS guilty of the crime.

To be Orwellian, we'd have to all be wearing them, guilty or not OR at the very least she'd have to be wearing it without having been found (or pleaded) guilty!!!

It's not a political statement, it's a statement of ignorance.

2818 days ago


You still don't understand, obviously. Just stop trying to think you understand things you don't. This isn't about guilt or innocence....this is about things which obviously you can't wrap your brain around. You will take anything she says incorrectly and add negative spin b/c you obviously have a deep rooted hatred of her. That's your problem if you don't understand what she meant....the statement makes plenty of sense trust me. If this thing with Rodriguez progresses, you may get a more clear and correct image of what she meant soon enough though larger more clearer messages. Have patience, and an open mind.

2817 days ago


Sadly, it's you who doesn't get it. Let me explain it, lest you think she's some poor martyr. I don't know enough about her to even dislike her, but I know an inconsistent/irrelevant/ignorant attempt at martyrdom when I see it.

She was guilty of drunk driving. Period. She went to jail and now, under the terms of her parole/probation, has to wear the alcohol monitoring bracelet as part of her sentence.

"Orwell" refers to George Orwell, as in 1984 (the book, in case you've never heard of it) and the idea that "Big Brother is watching." Orwell described a society where none of us has any privacy because "Big Brother is watching."

Are you with me so far?

It's incongruous to go out, and pose for paparazzi - by choice, mind you - so everyone can see you, and then make the statement that you're being unfairly "watched" by the authorities (i.e. wearing the monitoring bracelet.) If she had NOT been guilty, then yes, it would be Orwellian for her to be "watched" by the authorities, but A) she's putting herself out in front of the cameras for everyone to look at and B) she DESERVES to wear a monitoring bracelet - she was found guilty and should be punished just like someone who did the same thing but wasn't famous.

If we're all so far off base, CBrown, then why don't you enlighten us? Please. If we're missing something here, why wouldn't "a fan" such as yourself want to clear her name and help us all understand what it is she's trying to say if that's not it?

2817 days ago


You guys should really get a life, Im taking some time out of my busy day to hopefully help you people to put your empty lives in perspective, to have all these opinions about a person you've never met and only ever see through the eyes of a very manipulative media, if your the idiots for believing everything you read.

2817 days ago


I think she's hot, you people need to get a life or get laid.

2817 days ago


Seriously, you don't know the whole story behind it. I know someone who does. Just shut it already. It wasn't the statement you are taking it to be. Perhaps soon she'll talk about it more, till then, get over it b/c you don't have a clue.

2817 days ago



2816 days ago
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