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Can't Stand

Justin's Voice

2/7/2007 12:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears"What Goes Around" came right back around for Britney Spears last night.

TMZ spies caught Justin's ex enjoying a night of drinking and partying with former *NSYNCer JC Chasez -- yeah, Timberlake's old pal -- at club Marquee in NYC, where Spears had a very public jealous moment.

With black thong underwear sticking out of her jeans, Spears decided to check out the DJ booth. Just as she got over to the wheels of steel, the DJ pressed play on a Justin Timberlake track. By the look on her face, Britney was none too pleased.

According to our spy, Britney exchanged a few words with the DJ, and the Timberlake track was promptly replaced with something more to her liking.

Spears doesn't need to worry about the same thing happening with any of K-Fed's music.


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who gives a f*ck what that loser white trash bad mommy alcoholic sh*t face thinks JUSTIN is HOTT and shes not and what comes around does go back around that is why it probably gets her g-strings in a knot by the way brit g-strings cause UTI hahahahahahahahahahahaaha

2814 days ago


I can't stand either of them.

2814 days ago


Isn't the picture of the girl in purple Drew Barrymore?????? and not Brittney spears?

2814 days ago


I'm convinced that Timberlake has a genuine interest in making music, performance and mantaining a healthy lifestyle whereas Britney took all of yall's money and got gross and trashy like she has no commitment to her public other than run around with others airheads like Paris Hilton and make kids with k-fed. Atleast Justin Timberlake seems like he cares about honoring the status that YOU gave him. Britney was like white trash winning the lottery.

2814 days ago


Hey Britney, if you want to bash Justin, remember, he can do the same. What comes around...............
BTW, why aren't you home this the children? Aren't they the most important thing to you??????????
You can party later. Those kids need you. Period.

2814 days ago


She (BS) is a dirty pig whore, and I can't stand HER voice - or HER face - we can only hope she won't make it to 39 like ANS did. Britney had the world by the balls with JT, she blew it.

2813 days ago


I too cannot stand anything about Justin Timberlake. Entertainment Weekly had his ugly face on the cover last week, proclaiming him to have the album of the year, and I wanted to throw up. Please!! He sings through his nose and sounds like a girl!!! His music sucks! And there is nothing at all attractive about him.

2813 days ago


WTF is Brit's problem? Is she that jealous of Justin for being able to go solo and actually become successful? I know Justin isn't all that great, but he's a hell of a lot better than Britney!!! She's just jealous b/c he has a career and she's stuck at home with two screaming babies!!!

2813 days ago


Firstable if she is not well why doesn't she stay at home or with her friends going somewhere on hollidays???What is she doing always in clubs and street just drinking?Her divorce will be finished soon so she should just keep on her a littel!She should take care of her self or she will be the Anna Nicole Smith an upset woman !!!Look at where getting all this million just drove her???Alcohol, depression, drugs!!!Britney is showing all depression sign, up to where will she be just destroying her image and her self in the same time?Her family should be really worried if they don't want to find her one day with an overdose of something!!!

2813 days ago


Her mother was happy just using her and pushing her like a monkey up to celebrity but now that she is in a dirty world, actualy the showbusiness what is she really doing for her daughter???
Is she going to let the media attacking her everyday or will she behave like a normal mother and not just a financial adviser!This is just discosting teh way how star system is using you and the day you just put 10 stone weight they are trating you as if you where a peace of dirt!You are all so sheety jalous, pervert guys!You words are murder words!

2813 days ago


Britney destroyed her career when she married and got knocked up by that loser K Fed. A couple years from now she will be forgotten and back in that trailer home where she came from!

2813 days ago


ok...JT has a great voice and a hot bod!!! :o)~
miss skank britney sings out her nose who wants to hear that
or better yet even see her????
she shouldnt be so jealous of JT just becasue he's got his s***
and as far as that comment goes about K Fed being better looking than JT... that person needs their eyes checked, then checked again.. EWWWWW!

2811 days ago


Britney Please....!!!!! You're just jealous.. We don't want to see your nasty p####y..!!! You're a Skank... ,and you are so ugly.

2810 days ago

Brit sucks    

Britney is just jealous because he actually has longevity in the music business and she doesn't. Whether you like him or not, he's tearing it up right now. What's she doing? Hmm...

2809 days ago


*******************Sing-Along- Everyone***************************
Britney's bringing shanky back
She looks disgusting and that's a fact
When she goes out she's out of wack
Maybe because she took some smack
Dirrrrrrrrty Brirrrrrrrrrittt
Your so nasty when you expose your tits
You wear clothes so small they don't even fit
Your face looks so horrible you need a face lift.
Oh Oh here she goes
Oh Oh taken off her colthes
Oh Oh another ugly photo pose
Oh Oh she's sooooo gross.
Britney's Bringing Shanky Back!
The End! ;-)

2807 days ago
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