Brit Feeds Justin Rumors, Cam Pissed?

1/29/2007 1:45 PM PST

Brit Feeds Justin Rumors, Cam Pissed?

The only thing happy these days about Britney Spears are the Happy Meals she's picking up from Mickey D's.

Sources tell TMZ that Britney has been trying to phone former flame Justin Timberlake, but he's not taking her calls -- and, as TMZ recently reported, JT isn't keen on any love rematch. We're also told that when JT's ex, Cameron Diaz, got wind of the calls, she didn't like it one bit -- and has tried to get through to Britney's people to ask her to stop calling her old boy.

Over the weekend, the long lens of the paparazzi caught Britney engaged in two of her favorite pastimes -- carrying several small objects in her hands without the aid of a bag, and eating McDonald's food. The mother of two was spotted going into a Hollywood recording studio with cigs, Red Bull, CD, etc., and then she pulled up to the Golden Arches after the session for a healthy repast.

No word if K-Fed was manning the drive-thru.