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Kim Golden Without Shower

2/7/2007 8:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an exclusive clip of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and has learned that the infamous "water sports" scene will not be part of the final version.

The 40-second segment shows Kim and Ray J in bed as he tries to adjust the camera, "to get the right lighting." Kim then takes a turn posing while Ray J grabs a handful of her butt.

As TMZ first reported, the tape was said to have featured certain explicit acts. Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, coyly told TMZ that the sex tape that they received and are currently marketing does not contain water sports nor anything along those lines.

Kim has maintained that she is not involved in the sale of the tape, something Hirsch confirms. "We have tried to contact Kim," he says, "The tape can generate a tremendous amount of interest and we would like her to take part in that."


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I only have two words for this...Ray J! He's like...a nobody. Who would even want him.

What are these girls thinking about...Paris, Britney and the likes...are like birthday cakes....everyone has had a piece.

Obviously, no one knows what safe sex is anymore.

2802 days ago


I guess you have to live in Iowa to think that Kim didnt shoot and market this tape in hopes of being the next Paris Hilton. Kim Kim Kim-needs to stop the madness and Parish should investigate Kim's public storage relative who ripped Paris off and sold her personal belongings which also included stuff for Kim! Kim K. the wannabe Armanian mafia queen just keeps getting her name in the media but she pretends to never know why.

2801 days ago


responce to comment #7
LOL...this comment is so typical. This idiot complains of racism yet his first line he calls some white guy a "Cracker". When will you ignorant hypocrits ever learn?? If you want racism to stop try praticing what you preach moron!!!

2801 days ago


they've tried this before with other cases and lost

so in more ways than 1 she's screwed

He's a man and most times they get away while the girl drowns

Thats what you get when you deal with shady boyfriends

If you don't know who youre going to bed with

Its funny because she's on a video that tells a reporter that don't believe the rumors and her friend Britney Gastineau flashes and says sex sells

Now she's with Nick Cannon
Maybe the Cannonball Run will start early this year

So, since Whitney Houston got up out the crackhouse, she's been dating Ray J. Ray J.
That woman is wacked
She's getting older and not caring much anymore ?

crazy stuff

And whats with all these divorces and breakups this year?

We got
Britney Spears who gets doped up, goes crazy after she can't see her kids, then bashes an empty car in rage after shaving her head bald.

Then theres Anna Nicole whose doped up on methadone looking beautiful but acting like a loon many times, screwing this guy and that guy to get attention, that tries to convince everyone she was so in love with a billionairre thats the age of her great grampa AND SHE'S WORRIED ABOUT BUGS GETTING IN THE GRAVE?

Lindsay Lohan and her skinny ass in and out of rehab

Paris Hilton pimping herself from one guy to another that seems to have very deep pockets and livers bigger than her purses
Has her video tape and gets depressed over it

You got Michael Jackson and his weird ass moving to Dubai and then Vegas?
But he's supposed to be bankrupt

Then you got Rosie lashing out at the Donald accusing him of being a pimp and saving Miss USA



Even rapper Eve, Jay Z, Too Short, Snoop, PAC, Ice T and Coco gets into it

But in the end folks its all about havin fun
But if you gonna release a tape and try to hide or without the other parties knowledge, whose the punk?

2796 days ago



2784 days ago


Again; when did TMZ become a soft porn site that advertises for no talent, no name, parasites? This whore only exists in the tabloids because of who she parties with, or in this case boinks.

You'd think that there'd me something better to talk about during awards season.


2813 days ago

no pervs allowed    

so now there is no reason to buy the dvd. what a waste of cheap d-list celebrity porn. give us something fresh, not the same old stale crap.

2813 days ago

Only in    

Lets see... Kim Kardashian whos father Robert Kardashian defended OJ Simpson(The Butcher of Brentwood) who is going out with Raj J the brother of Brandy who is being charged with manslaughter and will be sued in Civil court for reckless driving in the death of an innocent women,have made a porno movie. MMmmm

2813 days ago


Listen, who is Kim Kardashian? I mean really, she's not even a poor man's Paris Hilton.
The only reason people are going to watch this video (for free) is b/c its satisfying to see someone like her humiliate themselves in such a public way. She is a nobody, a wannabe-celebrity clinger. Her poor family, she has little brothers & sisters!!

2813 days ago


Looks entertaining to me! I would watch it, Ray J is cute and she looks good! She has a phat ass, does she have some black in her family?

2813 days ago

Mad Balls    

No pee !!!! Fluck that dluck ! Maybe I can catch with Kim and she can pee all over me as I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Video sake . Just so long as she doesn't kiss me . Bitches !!!

2813 days ago

the wise old owl    

Kim's father must be rolling over in his grave. What a shameless PIG. Anyone who likes a " golden shower " has severe " self esteem issues " and no self respect. Makes you wonder where her parents were when she was growing up. Obviously they weren't teaching her " self worth "

That jean endorsement of hers .........will go right out the door with the release of this video. She can just forget about being taken seriously in the Entertainment Industry. The only future she holds is in the " PRONO INDUSTRY "

What a foolish girl. I'm not surprised being that PARIS is her best friend. NO man will ever have any respect for a TRAMP like this. She is already a " used up piece of trash " and she's only in her early 20's. No one is going to want to take that " home to mother " She should get herself checked for STD and AIDES. I wouldn't touch her with my next door neighbors dick. YUCK !

She should look up Jack Nicolson. He likes to give the showers......and she likes to take them. AHH.......a match made in heaven.

2813 days ago

coco puff    

OJ Simpson was proven innocent you dumb-ass cracker!! The RACIST LAPD tried to set his ass up but they failed. Mark Furman was exposed as a RACIST who lied about using the "N" word. He lied on the stand so you can't believe anything this RACIST cracker cop had to say. He should of been prosecuted for perjury!!! I will never, ever stop my fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2813 days ago

Mad Balls    

Hey how are you guys ??? I sure missed you !! Were you number oneing 'cause you were gone for a long time . My dad says I shouldn't talk about pee-pee . He says that stuff isd for adults and I should be more concerned with my Geometry Homework . anyway , my dad says if I wanted to see someone pee I should go done to the Meijers and watch Ms. Olson wait in the long line for free pop samples and bring an umbrella ! I am not sure what he means by that but when he says it he pretends to pee in his pants and THAT MAKES ME LAUGH !!! HAHAH HA .till I pee . anyway , I don't know when my dad will be back to TMZ as he says he has to pay the bills and This sh*T takes time . His words not mine . My dad says that the Hollyweird news is lame anyways when Brandy is the top of the poop heap . anyway . heres' my NASTY BOIL jr I made up just for you ! nodoby else can see it . Its invisible to dork eyes ---BUT YOUR COOL ....SO READ IT !!!. I staye d up do late writing this that I got to Watch Peenelope Cruz talk about seeing naked dudes on a beach ...God she has the best TATA"S WOWOWOOOOOOoo yeah . AS that Dude/dudette at TMZ says ......ENnJOYy !!

Kim is so nice ....she has Trunk junk .....And her TATA" S are HUGGGE ......WOWOOWOWOWOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo yeah . BADASS . I wish I could sleep on her TATA"S --please POSh don't get jealous pOSH HAS BIG TATA"S WOWOOowooooowoooooWOOWOWOWOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeah . BADASSS .

That sucks as bad as K-feds Superbowl commercial . DID you see it . My dad says they shot it live and he didn't like the way K-fed toke his order . Harv why did it take so long to get TATA's back at TMZ ??? Is it the PAris thing ??? IS SHE TOAST --like my dad says . I hope you have more of Kim and less Farrah . She sucks . I know more about black history and i'm a pasty white boy . So is Eminem , he lives about a mile away from me . anyway . I LOVE YOU GUYS !! Your the BEST OF ALL TIME > I' gotta go . I"LL SEE YA" . See ya ' !

2813 days ago


Hilarious Trailer at Vivid...the girl sure is going to have guys lining up at her door..not to offer any kind of commitment but simply to get a piece of what she gives away so easily.................ahhahah....she will have so much sex this year, she will tank on it..she claims she is single for the yr by choice, ..well no one really will want her as a girlfriend, so will be looking for a f*** partner...I say she will be having men out her ears just to try it out..more sex videos to come!!hahhaha

She better go to Jenna on how to make money in the porn industry....I totally dig Jameson, she does not apologize fo r her job and she makes the most money......she is defintley not giving it away for free after hours either...frankly that little porn queeen has more class in her little finger than Paris or andy of her former, now , new bffs................what foolish girls................Porn is a job , not putting your private f*** fest on display. Once you open that pandora box of privacy fo r all to see..hmm you are seriously f***ed, not that she isnt f***ed already. Ouch..the Tape promises to be hot...seems the world will be acquainted with the little ladys very very private moments...guys watch to see how she like to take it..then of course you can please her when it gets your turn..the line at the bathroom door to kim's fish hole is getting pretty long...dont forge to double up on the condoms............ahahha.....PROTECTION IS IMPORTANT!!

2813 days ago
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