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Anna's Former Lawyer: "She Used Alcohol"

2/8/2007 6:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's former lawyer, Lenard Leeds, who represented Anna in her highly publicized trial over her late husband J. Howard Marshall's estate, has released exclusive statements about the late star's life.
Anna Nicole Smith and Leeds

When TMZ inquired about reports of Anna's drug use, Leeds said, "Anna always had problems with her weight going up and down, and there's no question she used alcohol." Leeds says it's no secret that, "she had a very troubled life" adding Anna had, "so many, many problems."

The former playmate often drew comparisons to another blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe. Leeds said, "She wanted to be like Marilyn her whole life and ironically died in a similar manner." Marilyn died at age 36 in 1962.

During Leeds' years working for Anna, "she embraced all the media attention, but later in life it became her worse enemy."


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Anna Nicole attracted press and gossip in her lifetime like no other, but she doesn't deserve to be dragged in the mud now that she has passed. I'm sure she mourned the loss of her son every day and probably dealt with a lot of stress since that Larry Brickhead decided he should be her baby's daddy. And that only touches her role as a mother.

Imagine being named in a class action lawsuit simply because you put your face on a product - you didn't develop it, market it, create it, sell it - only sold your face to appear on it. Image having all of the media constantly hound you and berate you because you and your partner decided to express your love by exchanging vows whether or not you had a piece of paper that "proved" it.

Imagine your mother putting you down in public, your so-called friends talking about you and even going as far as to deny offering you shelter when you needed it most, just so they too can make a buck off of your name and image.

Poor Anna, she was no saint by any stretch but she was a human. She was simply a celebrity who loss her entitlement to a personal life once she decided to become a celebrity. Just like all of them - they sell their privacy to become famous in life. But that doesn't entitle anyone to mock them in death.

And my prayers go to Dannielynn, she lost her mother and brother within the first 6 months of her life. She will probably lose the only father she knows since that Brickhead is going all out to tear her life apart in hopes of gaining any of her inheritance.

2777 days ago


What a mess. A sick, twisted, sad mess. Can't wait to watch the family she obviously hated try to get their hands on whatever she left behind.

2777 days ago


This is CRAP!! now everyone is going to be coming out of the woodwork to put their two cents in.... leave it to a crummy lawyer to make it out of the gates first!!!...




2777 days ago

Keepin' It Real    

We just saw her yesterday on TV with her baby. My comment to my husband was, I hope someone else is there to help her care for that baby because she acts like she can't even take care of herself, let alone an infant.

2777 days ago


Please tell me that somebody is going to look very carefully at her lawyer/lover and check any and every angle on him. It is too suspicious that she and her son should die in such similar manners so close together with a paternity suit brewing over her last heir and a settlement on the dead husband's money. He was with her, he was with the son. They are both dead. I hope they protect the baby from him. I think he's a monster.

2777 days ago


Can you post the news conference from the Hospital where Anna Nicole Smith was when she died?

2777 days ago


She just died... Her poor new baby! :( I hope to God that Larry Birkhead is the real father of the baby and not that junkie Howard!

2777 days ago


It's already started with the MM comparisons. This will be a recuring theme in the coming days. Sad, sad life. Too bad she wasn't bright enough to get help. Howard K. Stern is soon to be a non-entity after all inquiries are made. He was nothing more than an enabler and gofer. He's headed for Kato Kaelin-ville.

2777 days ago


Someone needs to bring up the fact that this is the second death surrounding Howrad K Stern. First Daniel, now Anna. WTF. This is so sad.

2777 days ago


It's already started with the MM comparisons. This will be a recuring theme in the coming days. Sad, sad life. Too bad she wasn't bright enough to get help. Howard K. Stern is soon to be a non-entity after all inquiries are made. He was nothing more than an enabler and gofer. He's headed for Kato Kaelin-ville.

2777 days ago


I hope that Anna's death is not made a joke of. She had alot of problems, also alot of tragedy in her life. Now is not the time to pass judgement. I hope everyone can remember that. Her daughter that is still very young will learn about her mother through the public........ I hope people are aware of that.

2777 days ago


I only have one question, why do people strive to be others. Always wanting to be at the top of being skinny, rich, pretty and wanted the most. If only people wouldn realize that stressing over all these things, arent worth it. All you are doing is existing in life and forgetting how to live. Drugs,alchole and starving yourself arent the answer to anything. I look at so many young and middle age celiberties that have it all in their life until you hear new like this. I might be a little over weight, and have a $35,000 annual income and live in a middle income house, but eveyday when I get home I thank God that I have a family waiting for me in good times and bad, without having all these materialist things people strive to get, you cant take these things with you when you die so why fight over them. I think that if you earn it then it is yours but to fight over something you didnt even work for is so stupid, how do people sleep at night, I mean its not like going out and killing someone, but every sin is no greater than the other. If you dont live life, why exist. May those that know what I mean have a wonderful life with their families and my god show those that dont know what true living is family and freinds. No money in the world can ever replace those two things. Just remember that

2777 days ago


Anna was this generation's Marilyn Monroe. She always referred and compared herself to Marilyn so this was kind of expected. It is just sad that it happened so soon after the birth of her beautiful daughter. She has been so depressed everytime you see her in the news since the death of her son. My thoughts and prayers go out to Anna's family and friends and I hope that Dannielynn will be spared all the pain and find happiness when she is older.

2777 days ago


It's a very sad story...but sadly she is not the first to die in this manner, nor will she be the last!! Hopefully everyone will do the right thing going forward...but I should be interesting to watch.

2777 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Guess that campaign to get her residency revoked in the Bahamas kind of fell apart. At least all of you nosy bitches can finally have your "victory party".

Bunch of sorry asses that you are.

R.I.P Anna

2777 days ago
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