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'Idol' Wannabe Ebony's

Scantily-Clad Past

2/8/2007 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ebony Jointer wowed Simon Cowell with her voice on last night's episode of "American Idol" -- but you may have recognized her for other, more bodacious assets.

It turns out that Jointer, a 23-year-old singing carhop from Hacienda Heights, Calif., was a member of a Lingerie Football League team, the Chicago Bliss, that competed to play in the Lingerie Bowl, the pay-per-view flesh football contest that aired during halftime shows, according to In the 2005 "season," Ebony played for the Chicago Bliss.

Her other career highlights include a turn as "Bikini Model #5" in the movie "Pauly Shore Is Dead," and she is credited on an Internet modeling site with having been on "America's Next Top Model," though not as a contestant. FOX had no comment on Jointer's previous career excursions.


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That doesn't suprise me-she was a very pretty girl!

2783 days ago


So what? Number 1 you are a loser.

2783 days ago


Number one you are not a loser. They removed number 1's post.

2783 days ago


Are they going to find a reason to kick her off too? AI sucks.

2783 days ago


heheee. she's trying to win a contest. she's not running to replace jesus christ. even jesus smoked hash, f***ed around. who cares what they did/didn't do before? only in amerika ....

2783 days ago


LOL 5! :) She is a very pretty girl it is not suprising she has done other things in show business before.

2783 days ago


It never fails. A good singer --pretty as can be and she has already got a risque past. Don't these people EVER learn?
Listen Up!
If you are good-looking and have a great voice DON'T do the scandulous stuff. Why? Because someone someday might give you your shot and it will get blown because you were doing videos and having your pic taken while naked or etc...That will NOT help a serious career.

I would not be surprised if she goes to Hollywood only to get booted off. That is how they get rid of the talented people who have a bad past ...A past which would hurt them in "People" magazine down the road. Sorry Ebony. This MIGHT be as far as you go, but I sincerely hope Not!

2783 days ago


she sounds good. so what if she dressed "scantily" in the past? some females wear less clothing at beaches, pubs and clubs.

2783 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

Her being naked or playing football in lingerie shouldn't effect her career in any negative way. As a matter of fact this season I just might vote, and I'll tell you what this chick has my vote even though I don't think her voice is that hot. The image of her with a bunch of other women playing football in lingerie, tackling eachother gettin' all sweaty together, huggin' on eachother when they make a touch down, that's hot and it's got my vote!

2783 days ago

Great Dane    


Pretty girls using their ASSets instead of their brains.....or talent.....

2783 days ago

Mad Balls    

Bet these judges have much in their past that would keep them from being on idol . Duckface . Just an excuse to get rid of those who may win but are not who they want ot win . Dickfarst .

2783 days ago


Lingerie bowl is nothing scandalous. Tmz is really reaching on this one. You can find more t&a on late night HBO. It kills me the double standard, Chloe Sevigny sucked her director's wanker in the film Brown Bunny but she's an artist. She still gets to pose in People and INStyle. Misz Spears & ms Lohan flash their goods for all the world to see and that's okay but Ebony runs around in her knickers and she should be ostrasized?

2783 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Did she do something wrong or illegal?
Weeping christ on the cross!

2783 days ago


Paula is high out of her mind on every show -- American Idol should ignore the girl's "past".

2783 days ago

Only in    

Simone has a new girlfriend. I bet she goes a long way. Bet you.

2782 days ago
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