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Cartoon Network Chief Quits Over Terrorist Scare

2/9/2007 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The head of the Cartoon Network has resigned over the marketing stunt that turned into a terrorist scare -- and a public relations fiasco. Jim Samples, General Manager of the network, wrote in an internal memo to colleagues, "I deeply regret the negative publicity and expense caused to our company as a result of this campaign."
Cartoon Network signs.
The network had to pay $2 million in fines to the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, and to the city of Boston. The light-board signs, placed to advertise a show in its Adult Swim block of programming, caused major traffic snarls and other disruptions when residents mistook them for explosive devices.


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I think that the city of Boston made a fool of themselves by causing panic to their own city instead of checking it out first before sending out a city alarm.. now they want to blame someone at the network. The whole thing of marketing is to create something new and different....Boston sucks.......

2807 days ago

Not as dumb as you    

"How many people watch this show"

Oh, only about 500,000 depending the night, enough people to warrant making a movie that has these "promo" items to get attention to it. "I've never heard of it, clearly no one else has, I'm gonna go watch CSI cause I'm a fucking pawn, I vote republican" fuck you marisol you are an idiot

2790 days ago


that is so messed up. they were dumb kids but they did not have any intention to terrorize anyone. The Boston police ended up looking stupid so they are busting some totally burned out hippies. lame.
Most overblown story of the year.

2815 days ago


and yet the phoney "orange alerts" didn't get even a slap on the wrist...

2815 days ago


"The network had to pay $2 million" incorrect. They OFFERED to pay 2 million. 1 millon for costs, and 1 million for "good will". They should not have payed anyting. No one, other than maybe someone in the city of Boston, should lose their job over this. btw, who wrote "THE MOON RULES #1" on my car with a key?

2815 days ago


Sometimes a mooninite light board is just a mooninite light board.
I guess everyone's lost their sense of humor and it is sad when the head of the cartoon network has to resign. That's just not funny.

2815 days ago


I think that robot is Anna Nicholes babys Father!!

2815 days ago


"The network had to pay $2 million in fines to the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, and to the city of Chicago."

Uh, I think you mean Boston, not Chicago.

Awesome editing job, TMZ.

2815 days ago


You've got to be kidding me. It was a marketing campaign. Does this mean every time I see a broken radio with wires, an antena and batteries I should call 911? The city of Boston completely over-reacted to the situation. If someone had calmly investigated it there would never have been an issue. Instead a simple marketing ploy with an artistic twist becomes a malevolent bomb. I'm sure Orson Welles is rolling in his grave laughing.

2815 days ago


how could ANYONE think that is something terrorist related, truely??

oh, and superD, you are my new hero. ^_^

2815 days ago

Princess and the Z    

In New York if we noticed it at all, we would have just thought it was art. Nice job coppers!

2815 days ago


People are so.....ugh!

This whole thing really annoys me. He has no reason to step down. Its not his fault people are idiots and see things only on the surface and jump right to conclusions.

I really hope this doesn't affect [adult swim]

2815 days ago


Who goes around sticking electronic devices to infrastructure in major cities without notifying the city? This is post 911 folks and you just dont do shit like that. So, people are supposed to walk around and ignore electronic devices stuck to bridges? Wake up fuck heads. Of course heads gotta roll. The city of Boston responded as they should, and I hope my city (LA) reacts the same if something like this goes down. Yes, we know NOW that they were not bombs. What if they were?

2815 days ago


Sure, if this had happened in your town and partially hidden electrical boards with wires were sticking out under a bridge and your officials did'd all be pissed!

It was a STUPID marketing idea to begin with, especially post 9/11. What, are you previous posters all like 12 years old and don't understand that another huge terrorist attack will most likely happen? Grow up!

And the 2 that put this shit everywhere....they were laughing and video taping. Really funny that they created havoc in the city. If not for just the fact that people lost hours of work time, picking kids up, etc. One has frickin "political asylum" so I know why he is laughing..he can kill someone, laugh about it, video tape it and can't be touched.

I hope you have electronic cartoon bomb-like items strapped to your bridges. See how funny you find it when they aren't fake....but you think they look fake so you do nothing.

You liberals.......if the city of Boston did nothing you'd be up in arms.

2815 days ago


Heads have to roll? are a does the old saying's better to be mute and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt..yes, that was it..and proved it...have fun with your Terror Alert Color Scares you loser..

--Mr. DB

2815 days ago
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