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Tragic Hollywood Blondes

2/9/2007 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith isn't the first Hollywood blonde to be plagued by tragedy. The blondes have had it rough in Tinseltown; from stabbings to car crashes to gunshots.
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Here's a gallery of some of the most infamously tragic blondes to have graced the public eye.

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sorry anna but you dont come anywhere close to being another marilyn monroe, nice try though

2750 days ago


Anna Nicole meant alot to me personally because she struck a chord in my heart. I often felt her agony, and wished her well..ever wondering when the next shoe of life would drop. Anna Nicole Smith, more than anything else, was a touching example of life's trials and tribulations....that not even the almightiest of dollar could soothe away. I thank you Anna, for the life lessons you have given to me, and millions of others. May your next life reap the knowledge gained in this one, and may you finally find peace. Love,Gaga

2750 days ago

Liz Kelly    

Frankly, Anna Nicole's death breaks my heart. What a sad life to have lived with all the constant drama. As a former addict, I understand the pain she must have felt. Sure, she acted goofy all the time, but why do you think that is? Drugs kill pain, and they can eventually kill the abuser, too. I think she was mentally ill.

2750 days ago


isn't it odd that some bad things happened everytime Stern - the lawyer is around the Smith's. dead bodies props up.
isn't this all about the inheritance?
i was just thinking, he's a lawyer and he knows what he's doing - to the point that he claimed that he was the father of the baby. i think everything is pre-meditated before the death of the son. she convinced anna to make it appear that he was the father of the child then did something to the teenage son. then while mom is grieving make it appear that she's cracked - and did something again. I think Stern should be investigated by the police. a portion of a billion dollar could drive a lawyer to go nuts dont you think? it must be all about J.Marshall's money.

2750 days ago


no 2 not britney, definitely lindsay lohan,no. 15 never happen that is all evidence for a possible homicide commited by the nurse and stern and they also killed anna nicole's son, i hope justice is served here not like with marilyn monroe the kennedys got away with that for sure

2750 days ago



2750 days ago

Rob M.    

How about blonde bombshell Carol Wayne? Remember her? A gorgeous comedienne from the 60's and 70's who died under mysterious circumstances back in 85'. Another example of Hollywood using up these women and discarding them after they reach a certain age. Wayne was very, very good at what she did and one of my favorite Carson regulars. Never had the right representation though and so she never really took off, like say, Farrah or Loni Anderson. But undeniably one of the sexiest blondes in Hollywood. Sad story.

2750 days ago


She was a really a little girl lost, insecure and needy. I would want to be sedated after finding my son dead in my hospital room. The little infant now without a mother who loved her. The entire world trying to sneak a peak into her private life. She loved the limelight, but not during her grief. Did anyone of us really know the real girl, not the sex kitten we were shown day to day. Maybe that bitch Rosie put the final nail in her coffin because it's obvious she is unable to go a day without finding someone to bash with millions watching. The only person I remember seeing Rosie defend was a drunken Danny deVito, whom she cuddled like a child who knew they had screwed up. Are you going after Anna's family next to inflict more pain on somebody? You hurt her family, would you like for somebody to get on air and bash you, I'll try to be first in line. Who made you high priestest of the USA,
Hillary? Your head my not be as big as Oprah's, but for sure your little short legs are not your best asset. Find something good to say if that is possible for your brain to conceive. Not everyone grew that armadillo hide you have as skin. Stop hurting people for doing dumb things, and remember you used to be young and stupid as well. I hope that your will be asked to leave the view for your mean spirited, bullish attitude as sooon as they can get you off the show. And it is not a good time and may never be for you to let that grieving family know that you are sorry, if you can find it to be true. We aren't as
"perfect" as you consider youself to be and may never be as wealthy, but we don't need to grow a stone where we should have a heart.
I believe Anna had a heart, but kept it hidden so she would not be hurt by people like you. Did you enjoy putting the last nail in her coffin built of grief, insecurity and nothing more than wanted to feel love?
Maybe she died of a broken heart from cruel bullies like you. Are you so unhappy at home that you have to bring it all to work and pick a new target each week to attack? You aren't all that "funny" ya know, now you seem to be bitter and power crazy. Apparantly you like all of this turmoil since you keep starting it up with someone new every change you get. I hope you never forget this family and how you helped to hurt them. Loosing a child is the worst sort of torture, so remember, you could in hypotehical thinking loose one of your precious ones at any moment. Just because you don't agree, doesn't make it true and it's in no way entertainment or funny, you bitch.

2750 days ago

Mad Balls    

Methadone , antidepressants and medication for pain . All were perscribed to ANNA by her doctor (he was on ABC ) . More important is the testimony of the nurse . she stated to ABC that Anna was iced . For what reason ??? The nurse sad because of Her 105 fever . I do believe a fever of 104 is reason enough to be in a hospital , not at the Motel 6 . Howard was not there by all accounts but was called ?? before paramedics ??? The nurse waited for almost an hour to alert authorities . Howard did not directly go to the motel room . The nurse also said she fell in the bathroom , a day ago , but did not appear bruised or hurt ( could this be the reason to ice her ?) The latest report is that she does not have excessive amounts of any drug in her system and the amounts of drugs are not enough to kill her . This shit gets stranger by the minute .

2750 days ago


Jayne Mansfield was the hottest hollywood blonde....nobody else comes close.

2750 days ago


Where's Sharon Tate, that's the saddest Hollywood blonde ever.

2750 days ago

penny lane    

You forgot about Carole Lombard and Jean Harlowe who was the original blonde bombshell in the 40s. Carole died in a plane crash in her early 30s on her way back to LA to find out if her husband Clark Gable was cheating on her or not and jean died in her 20s from liver complications.

2749 days ago

laura tetreault    

RE: nicole and daniel :

such interesting and tragic lives........

when the ususal suspects are rounded up i only hope that howard k. stern is one of them and hmmmmm??????

why isn't he already????

2749 days ago


They totally forgot Sharon Tate! C'mon!

2749 days ago


Honestly, any death of a person that did not purposely cause harm to another is tragic. With Anna and Marilyn it is obvious that no matter the money, the beauty, or the celebrity, it doesn't always make you happy. Give the gals a break....I have read such ugliness here - if you were in these women's shoes are you positive you would have done it differently - and if you COULD have, why be so horrid regarding the weakness of others? Yes, I view Marilyn as classy, and yes, Anna sure could make a sad spectacle of herself, but I feel both of them had a huge emptiness inside of them that even the adoration of their beauty could not fill. both were vulnerable and looking for true love they never seemed to really find - except for when Anna had children (like Marilyn so wanted herself)......I don't think Anna could get over Danny......sigh. Not everybody can deal with the situations they are given, or the demons they fight - you don't have to defend it or condone it, but one certainly doesn't have to be cold and hateful about it. No matter how good you think someone else has it, or how well you could handle their situation, you need to see everyone has a hill to climb and we all handle it is between us and God. Peace

2748 days ago
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