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This Week's Biggest Losers 02/10/2007

2/10/2007 4:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, we could do our usual thing and tag people like Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake for trying to outdo each other post breakup (Diaz, with her my-new-boyfriend-is-like-this-breadstick demo during a dinner at Cut in Beverly Hills, would likely win). But in the wake of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death, it seems only fitting to invoke the exception rule, and take serious stock of those she left behind.

Anna Nicole Smith with Danielynn tattooDannielynn Hope Marshall: This young tyke is only five months old, but already she has lost a half brother and her mother. According to People Magazine, Dannielynn is being cared for in the Bahamas by the mother of Immigration Minister Shane Gibson, in advance of what will no doubt be an extremely ugly custody battle. Her mom idolized Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell with whom Smith was often compared. But now it is Dannielynn who must suddenly follow in the footsteps of Norma Jean and other real-life celebrity orphans, such as Deborah Harry and Dana Plato.

Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole SmithHoward K. Stern: Blogger Perez Hilton wasted no time in the wake of Smith's death, restating his belief that the attorney is responsible for the death of Smith's son, and now, "the only known person alive who knows his part in the son's death." But Howard K. was not at the Hard Rock Hotel room at the time of her death, and Seminole, Florida Deputy Police Chief Michael Browne told the Associated Press they had interviewed everyone connected to the event and that it was not being treated as a foul play situation. If Howard K.'s marriage to Smith is deemed legal, and he goes on to inherit her full estate, he will trickle up to the top of many other people's hate lists.

Larry BirkheadLarry Birkhead: While expressing words of devastation on his personal website, former Smith boyfriend Birkhead also quickly went on the offensive. Birkhead's lawyer Debra Opri filed an emergency order for custody of Dannielynn and sought Friday in L.A. Superior Court to obtain a separate emergency order for DNA tests on Smith's body, as part of the ongoing paternity battle between Birkhead and Howard K (the latter attempt was denied). If you thought the legal morass surrounding Smith's battle with the family of Howard Marshall II for the oil heir's billions was messy, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Virgie Arthur: In a brazen bit of tough love, Smith's mother quickly made her thoughts known via "Nancy Grace," "Good Morning America" and elsewhere. After echoing Perez Hilton's claims that Smith's son Danny could not logically have died from an accidental overdose, she took her daughter to post-mortem task, saying that she had warned Smith against the perils of drugs and the people who came along with them. Certainly, anyone who saw Smith's last interview on "Entertainment Tonight" couldn't help but feel that she wasn't entirely herself (a thought echoed on "Good Morning America" by ET co-host Mark Steines). Arthur also threw her hat into the paternity-suit ring, insisting that it is Birkhead who is the father of Dannielynn, not Howard K.

Ron RaleRon Rale: While Wikipedia worked overtime to remove some of the more scurrilous user additions to Anna Nicole's file (ex: "She's dead. F***ing dead. Get over it."), the other attorney in Smith's life found himself suddenly thrust into a whole new level of client defense. For example, he decried the move by Howard K.'s attorney to get a DNA swab from Smith's body (a request denied Friday in L.A. Superior Court), telling People magazine that he thought "it was the lowest form of behavior I'd ever heard of." He was also privy on the FOX News Channel to something less egregious, but no less unsavory; anchor Rita Crosby delivering the news of Smith's death during an interview with Rale, and then quickly going on to dub it as an "exclusive."

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What everybody doesn't realize is Anna Nicole didn't want help with her drug problem and if you were around her and tried to do something about it you were reprimanded. Anna owned everybody that was around her. Its sad but the truth is its probably better that the baby grow up without Anna as she would have only introduced her to the drug life, like her deceased son. Now if the baby's father can be established she might have a decent chance at a normal life. The DNA test needs to be done as soon as possible. Howard Stern is mentally unstable and shouldn't be allowed to remain around the baby. He said if it weren't for DannieLynn he wouldn't be here either. Whats to stop him from taking both his and her life to keep other people from taking her away from him? We all know he is not the biological father and the time is coming when he will have to give the baby up. Let's pray he doesn't do something stupid.

2809 days ago


It's likely that Howard is an addict too, and addicts don't tend to try and help their suppliers quit taking whatever drug they're addicted to. It's much easier to get off heroin than it is to get off methadone . . . and methadone doesn't really get a person high, but God help them if they don't get their Methadone, because the withdrawal is intense. This may very well explain why Howard didn't take steps to stop Anna's drug abuse. I'm pretty sure he's regretting his lack of action now, but as an addict, it doesn't come into play until after a tragedy such as this occurs. That's why they call it dope. He's a maggot, but I doubt a murderer, and I'm thinking he did love Anna. I doubt she loved anyone towards the end. Drug addicts lose the ability to love, even themselves.

2807 days ago


Larry birkhead is the only one in all this with any integrity.He seems to be the most moral of these people .He filed paternity BEFORE Anna Nicole died.Larry isnt after the money. Howard K Stern is .Why would he keep ,or allow the so called mother of his child to be so drugged up all the time?CONTrOl .He even got rid of Daniel so that he would be out of the way.He encouraged Anna to be estranged with her mother .Her mother warned her about Howard. Howard even offered Larry the baby if larry would let him keep control of annas estate and the babys inheritance .Why should Larry do that if he is the father the babys inheritance will come with her anyway.Larry told Howard the baby is not for sale. He knows he is the father. Larry is the only decent one of these people .The baby is best off if she goes to larry her real father

2772 days ago

Rick Hilber    

God has answered all of my prayers in life and even when I once died from a head injury, and included in those prayers is that Anna and Danniel are together once again in the Lords kingdom and that YOU!. . .LARRY BIRKHEAD is truly DannieLynn's father.

I knew little to nothing about Anna really, until after her death, but learning what I have learned through various ways, I feel in a way like a soul mate.

My avid concern now is that Howard K. Stern noer Virgie get DannieLynn. Mr. Stern not only sat and watched what I consider the murder of two people, but facts have shown that he even helped!

I have been a nurse for some time and even a nurse for the state of Florida under our current governor, Charlie Christ. He was head of the Dept. of Education at the time. For even the media to say that Anna DELIBERATELY or even ACCIDENTALLY overdosed is just another way to write off a wrong. I take many, many powerful perscription meds for my heart, kidneys, and siezures. I know a lot about some of the drug names mentioned and there effects on a person, even at an overdose rate. My point is simply that I am ashamed to see that our justice system has never considerated Howard for possibly adding more of her meds to food and/or drink. As a nurse, sometimes people would not take their meds and we would have to put it in food or drink. . .even hospitals.

I am sorry! A person that sits and watches the death of TWO people from the very same means, is more than questionable. How can anyone in their right mind give howard K. Stern, DannieLynn, father or not. It is no more different than Michael Jackson shown in a picture world wide holding an infant baby over the edge of a second story balcony. I as well as most everyone in this country would have been under arrest. . .period.

I personally would not be surprised if Howard K. Stern is now playing favors with the Marshall's all for the money. I do not understand where all this money is coming from to do everything to stop the truth from being told.

God bless you Larry for standing up straight and tall with honor and class unlike Howard or anyone else. Forget the money! That little girls life rests in your hands and I will lobby for the truth to come out simply out of principle. As far as the media is concerned. . .regardless. . .you don't know everything!!!

2756 days ago


What has our world and the media come to. A trusted professional, medical examiner...Dr. Perper ruled the death of Anna Nicole Smith, an accidental drug overdose...what ??..this man is wrong after all that microscopic careful investigation...give the world a break.
Anna Nicole Smith, possibly did not much like high school, I know I did not, yet look what she became, how far she went. She was a full fledged American Icon. She, to me, was both more beautiful and business minded than both Marilyn Munroe or Jayne Mansfield(whom I am named after). This woman accomplished so much if her short lifetime. Not everyone wants to be a scientist, world leader, enviromentalist, some want to make it in Hollywoodland...and Anna did just that...yet why is the majority of the US population trying to take that from her in death, as they tried in life.
Funny thing, Howard Stern did not. Watch any video of them together, or they say, a picture says a thousand words...just look at the way he looks at her...THIS MAN LOVED THIS WOMAN, so much so, he may have given up many years of his own life and possible plans, due to his love for her. I am sure Anna was addicted to her prescription medications. Personally I am due to chronic back pain. Yet no one looks at the many photos and interviews after Danielynn's birth, Anna dressing her, feeding her, holding her...with no obvious "out of it" problems!!!
Anyone who does not suffer chronic physical pain has absolutely NO RIGHT TO JUDGE the life of another whom may be suffering. Before one judges, you must walk a mile in ones shoes.
I only wish I could personally email the Stern family and express my support for Mr Stern and his entire family. What the assuming, story hungry media, has done to his reputation, it even became worse when he did not retaliate and push back...then the media exploited him more and more. Thank god, he finally let everyone know, no more, he needs to sue these defamation of character spreaders.
Our media should be ashamed of themselves. Living in Canada, I believed both countries you were innocent until proven guilty. The media now makes people guilty who are said to be NOT by experts...all for a story. Shame on the US media.
All my heartfelt wishes to little Dannilyn and the extire Stern family.
God bless you ANNA NICOLE SMITH-STERN...forever a legend,
Nova Scotia, CANADA

2754 days ago

Rick Hilber    

I could not believe my eyes or ears today when I heard "COURT TV" bring up TMZ's responces to the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case. It was so good to here that the staff and reporters, etc. seem to be showing the very same concern as so many people, not just here in America, but around the world, are asking many of the same questions.

I agree with Jayne from Canada, (just above) about the right and the way Anna Nicole had turned a dismal life in Texas into a household name and achieved her set goal. I still have to question Howard K. Stern as a person, a maritime husband, fiancee, and to be father to anyone. Perper came right straight out and said it himself, "How qualified will the father, whether it be Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, or anyone else be".

I have seen and heard on nightly news stations from 3 people now on FOX 13, MSNBC, COURT TV and three friends of Danniels has stated that Daniel never did drugs (At least before the Bahamas). That Daniel quote, "HATED TO TAKE EVEN ASPRIN" from a best friend in L.A. on Fox 13 News. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars here at stake. A good father does not take a DNA test? A good fiancee not only goes and gets the medication for Anna in the Bahamas, but was involved in having all of them filled? Will he leave Dannielynn to be with a 105 degree fever like her mother?

Forget Virgie! By all rights, Anna Nicole Smith made herself clear on a live video. The courts here or in the Bahamas should respect Anna's wishes. . .blood relation or not. It does not automatically make her a good person or mother figure.

Have the officials in the Bahamas started looking for the person or persons who broke into the "Horizon's" the day Anna died? Why did Howard K. Stern go and jump on now his new boat and race for the Bahamas instead of being with his late wife to be? Will the paintings that Anna Nicole painted and hung in the babies room be the next thing on the auction block? To me, nothing at all is adding up. If Constitutional laws or International laws need to be changed to see to it that that little girl is loved, Every meassure should be DEMANDED to be taken to verify her father, and lastly. . .be in a safe environment. Even Horizon's owner, Ben Thompson wants the little girl to stay there for her safety and would not dream of putting her out. Put Howard K. Stern out and the real father in to raise his little girl. It's been viewed too many times that Howard K. Stern only lived off of Anna. Records even show that he stopped practicing law back in 2003.

You can bet that I will be praying Dannielynn-Marshall-Smith will be found to be the real daughter of LARRY BIRKHEAD. Oh yes, and Howard. . .I bet you know where those paintings and things went to and I bet it will not be long before they're auctioned, just as the loving husband and father to be, you portray.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK TMZ!!! Even other media sources know where to go to get a REAL story.

2754 days ago


Shame on Ronald A. Rale....

Of all the players involved in the Anna Nicole story, I believe Ronald A. Rale (as her personal attorney) to be the most despicable and dishonoring of her legal and long-term wellbeing. He is an attorney who should be disbarred in the State of California!

Additionally, if Ronald A. Rale is a father, may he be blessed with appropriate karma for having prevented Larry Birkhead from co-bonding with his daughter from September 7, 2006 to February 8, 2007 and beyond. Ronald A. Rale, under "Universal Laws" you did a great disservice (legal advice) and created an injustice not only on behalf of Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn Birkhead but, especially, your now deceased client, Anna Nicole Smith!

2734 days ago
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