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Did Anna

Use Sex

to Gain Residency?

2/12/2007 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In yet another major twist in the saga of Anna Nicole Smith, this morning a Bahamian newspaper published two photographs on its front page -- showing the former TRIMSPA spokesperson in her bed with the Bahamian immigration minister, Shane Gibson -- the same guy who approved her application for permanent residency.

Anna Nicole Smith and Immigration Official
While Smith appears to be clothed in the photos, the two are locked in a romantic embrace, "their faces only a couple inches apart."


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SHANE GIBSON just Resigned as Minister of Immigration...what a great day!

2812 days ago


No matter of what YOU as the people think about her it is your OPINION and everyone has one so your is not that much valuable. Nobody knows what went on behind the scenes of her life all we know is what they want us to know. I am concerned for the baby Anna made her choices as an adult that baby is dependent on an adult and personally Howard K stern is not a stable person. He is and was just as jacked up emotionally as she was. Stop talking sh*t on her in death because she can't speak back and how dare any of you try to say she is beneath you. NO ONE is perfect its just that her business was in the PUBLIC EYE. You don't like it then get a life NOT THEIRS as what VH1 says. We are so bored with our own lives obviously that we obsess over others and judge shame on us........THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Something is definitely wrong with her son dying then months later she dying and Stern was the one at both of the scenes..doesn't a light go off or is this just a coincidence. Because she is or was WHORE so people say her death..maybe murder means nothing??? Come on thats not right

2812 days ago


She was a whore and that was her way of life to gain favors and money, and her environment was people of a very low moral.

2811 days ago


I will agree with number 11 that is note Anna, she always had her nails done. Please let the lady rest, no wonder she always high with somthing, the news never rest. I feel that Strain is real, and the babies daddy. This other men are just after the money that the baby might get. Larry and her mom go home.

2811 days ago


after looking at the pictures ..anyone could clearly see ..shanes arms and hands was NOT on was hers around and on him...not sure what to make of all this...anna was a very sad...and demented woman..lonely and well she used her body to get what she had..while she thought people was laughing with her..they was laufing at her..we dont know where her shoes have walked and we have not walked in we shouldnt judge.....thats Gods job..but i feel very sorry for little dannilynn...look what she has to read about her mother..when shes old very sad....and howard k stern is a piece of work who still reminds me of scot petersen
he had to squeezeeeeeeeeee the tears when he did his enterview about anna..and then i never saw 1 tear..but like scot petersen..he loved her so..and on an on..all tha bs and he was a whiner!!!i hope they get his sorry ass for these 2 deaths...

2811 days ago


A hug today is salacious? Since when haven't we had this kind of embrace during a time of need? Give Anna Nicole a break and stop looking at things that might not be so. A life is ruined here. The minister had to resign, families broken all because the press wants more and more. I wish Howard would come forth and sit with Larry King or someone impartial and clear this crap up. One moment the house is a gift, then when she is dead, the gift is no longer. I think the two trimpa guys just want publicity. Two media whores looking to further the Trimspa bank account . they are on every single talk show

2811 days ago


Of course the pictures are real. Gibson didn't even try that ploy because he knew it was too obvious and he'd be tripped up.

2811 days ago

Daniel deserves Justice    

TMZ loves Perez,
No one can pass judgement on another person but this is big. Now we'll really know how she recieved such favorable treatment toward residency. Listen (this) and her story might make people think twice before doing wrong because I have a feeling she's going to bring alot of people down with her.
We all make bad decisions. This saga called Anna Nicole's life has made me reevalute.

2811 days ago


Yes I believe that she did use sex to get her legalization in the Bahamas and now that she is dead, I think that they should throw Howard and the baby back to the states so that the girl can find out who her dad really is.

If they want to keep Howard there for the questioning of Daniel then they should keep him there but the baby should have to come back to the states.

Even though he is stated on the birth certificate I think Anna Nicole was so messed up that Howard could have her do just about anything for drugs.

This man is a real mess, and i think that the immigration guy should have resigned or be fired as which was done

2811 days ago

monkia louinski    

No decent woman supposedly married (and a mother of a newborn to boot) will cavort in a bed with a man who is not her husband--Anna Nicole or not--that is not right in any country-in any culture-in any way at all. That goes for joking around with a friend or not-it's wrong-no way to justify it!! Standing up even this is wrong she is poised to kiss him on the mouth-it's totally inappropriate. If he was my husband his butt would still be hurting from a good kicking, and she would be nursing a very black eye from me!
True, I think Howard was milking the ANS train for all it's worth. TMZ: you need to pay HKS for some DNA and end this circus already! Seems it's the almighty dollar that motivates him and nothing else.

2811 days ago


Is anybody out there paying attention to Quethlie Alexis' sworn affidavit
regarding her eyewitness account of the goings on under that roof?
There is always someone that knows the truth and that is how
rumors get going!

2811 days ago


It makes me angry when people call Anna a whore!! She did what she had to do to survive in life. If the guys wanted to give her things SO WHAT, she did not force them too... I do not think that Howard or Larry is the father I think it is Anna's deceased husband, she had his sperm frozen, and if she wanted that money all she had to do was have his baby. She had the right she was his wife. I think Howard had something to do with both her son and her death's, if your girlfriend has a temp of 104 take her to the damn hospital. He probably did not want them to find the drugs he had given her. He was out buying a yaught, how f*cking unsensitive. She was sick he should have been with her and he was the only other person in the hospital rm. Also he picked up the methodone from the package carrier company. What is that all about? He knew all of her leagal matters. I hope is not the father and gets nothing selfish pig.. Almost anyone would kill for that amount of money, people have killed for less than that. Of course he is going to pretend to be nice and sweet and why is he seen every where in photos if she did not want him why did he stick around. MONEY

2811 days ago

A Mom and a Grandmom    

Half of these posts are as sick, as the story you are writing about.
Now that is scarey!

2811 days ago


Anna had been screwed all her life and I guess she just decided to live by the theory. "Screw before you get screwed"

2811 days ago


Please let this woman rest in peace!

2811 days ago
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