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Birkhead's Ticket to Paternity

2/13/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a traffic ticket Larry Birkhead got while Anna Nicole Smith was pregnant, and it could be powerful proof that he's the daddy.

"I got a call from my pregnant wife, she's sick."

Rewind to April 15, 2006. Sources tell TMZ a pregnant Anna had just gotten into a fight with Howard K. Stern, who was expressing extreme jealousy over the fact that Birkhead was the father of the baby. Sources say Stern gave Anna an ultimatum -- him or me.

We're told an extremely emotional Anna, who was barefoot and four months pregnant, called Birkhead and asked him to meet her in the parking lot of the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, Calif. near her house. A concerned Birkhead jumped in his car and sped over, only to be stopped by a Burbank cop.

The officer who issued the speeding ticket quoted Birkhead -- "I got a call from my pregnant wife, she's sick."

The ticket is significant because Birkhead's statement was a spontaneous reaction to the event and not in the context of a paternity battle. Debra Opri, Birkhead's lawyer, tells TMZ Birkhead referred to Anna as his "girlfriend" but the cop wrote "wife."


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3 Quetions. #1 If Howards parents have supported him since 1995. Are they paying these huge attorney's fees.
#2 If the baby is Mr. Birkheads. Could he then procute all those involved in the kidnapping of his child?
#3.What happens should Stern kill himself and the baby? I only say this because it seems so evident! Though I hate to think of it...
Mr. Birkhead, I'll be praying that you and your little girl will be reunited!

2803 days ago


After reading the Will of ANS today I truly pray that someone else is around Howard K.(killer) $tern and Dannielynn. This man is what we call a "SLYTER". Sometime people are so smart that they do stupid things. He plotted to control her life, separate her more from her family and friends and planned the perfect murder for the love of murder. This one man has the world waiting to see what his next move is, (like a game of chess) and he's plotting to conquer the QUEEN (Dannielynn,Money). One thing for sure is $tern, "YOU CAN FOUL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CAN'T FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.

Now the question is? How long is the Officials going to let him continue to play this Chess game at the expense of this Baby's life. Believe me, ANS might of being a lot of things but I bet you her spirit is there to help her Baby. She was a good mother regardless of what many might say. One could see the relationship that she had with her children.

The Will that $tern presented today whether he realizes it told a lot about his today. HE'S IN IT FOR THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What attorney would draw up such a stupid will. This Murder reminds me the Foster Parents in Cincinnati Ohio who murder little Marcus. The Foster Mother got on TV pleading with the public to help find her Foster Child and quess what? The Husband, Wife and Girlfriend kill the Foster and burn the baby's body. People are sick and this man $tern fits the profile of a PSYCOPATH wanted FAME.

I'll tell what his next move is going to be! Once he see that there is no way he can manever the money to him without any questions been asked he is going to disappear so that he can't be charge with Daniel or Anna's MURDER!!!!!!! ?

2802 days ago


I think of it this way........this is another way of california showing how sue happy they are.......Face it Anna was a big girl drugged or not she had her own mind, Stern knew this she knew this, she got as far away from everyone that was sue happy as she could, so who cars if Stern is the DAD she could of not had his name on birth certificate maybe just maybe this CIRCUS is jus too out of hand, her kid was 20 yrs old how many 20yr old you know or read about that are on drugs, He just was able to Obtain the good one due to who he was........DUH Don't we remember RIver Pheonix.......Died in front of a Hollywood night club......Now I think those pictures were staged to show methadone in fridge....for example if your gonna do the stuff and drop dead belive me whoever was staying at the house would of dumped it so the MEDIA CIRCUS wouldn't find it , come on people think about it.........and let this poor poor woman rest in peace.......face it her family is a bunch of 6toed imbred hillbillies just waiting to cash in and have their claws into her money they want the child ect.......HECK if i was her i'd of probally of been on drugs to knowing my own mother looked like a troll who lived under a bridge , her so called friends now come out of woodwork saying stuff about Howard K Stern.........SCREW them and how dare them, so what she could of sent him off packing long ago just like all the rest......if you watch any telivised interviews you'll hear from her own mouth that he was 1 of her closest friends........WHY MIND YOU.......probally cause deep inside he cared for who she was like how she cared for that PRUNE of a deceased husband J HOWARD MARSHALL. maybe he was in it for the long haul...... I just think we all should just wait and he won't give DNA........GOOD FOR HIM she wouldn't either........probally to keep Birkhead Guessing and waste his money on more MONEY GRUBBING CALIFORINA lawyers.......I know i wouldn't just to tick a bunch of em off too bad she died before all this was over but if you think about it the only loser is ANNA sum it up Stern isn't to Blame ...........start looking in the mirror VERGIE, Larry, and other money grubbing Probate guys drove that poor poor woman to drugs to forget about the IDIOTS in her life..........AREN'T YOU HAPPY NOW

2801 days ago

alice antonucci    

well i've read who should be the father, not once did anyone ask
what if there was no money involed, would anyone of these wonderful so called men want this poor inocent child...
she is the one everyone should think about I don't think any one of them deserve her, for sure not that woman that nichole wanted
anything to do with. take away the money and they all would
run the other way

2801 days ago


As i sit back and watch the news i almost laugh at this media circus i see unraveling. the poor woman is dead due to an overdose of her own demise, now don't blame Howard for this , she was a big girl in control of what she did, true he could of stopped her , and further more her son is a 20 yr old boy raised in the media and public many famous peoples children have substance problems.......hmmm shall i start naming.......and for Vergie YOUR a fat troll if you really wanted to see your daughter you'd of done so yrs ago got your FAT ASS on a JUMBO JET and gone to see her and not waited till she dropped dead to start flapping your FAT MOUTH.....face it your a 6 toed redneck hillbillie. and yor just as bad as the rest of the finger pointing IDIOTS in the world...Don't you think Anna moved to Bahamas to get away from all you IDIOTS , ie........Birkhead ,Hatton ,her mother and all the other white trash sue happy media whores who have tried to milk off her money that she was trying to get from J Howard Marshall.......think about it people, really think about it, if Anna was getting drugs from Stern wouldn't of someone of said somthing in the last few yrs...I truthfully think her and Stern didn't want to get DNA test for baby due to they were holding out to highest media bidder to help jump start her just backfired when her son died and drove her into an spiral of depression that she couldn't recover from.........truthfully if Anna hadlast word to her mother it would say..........want my ass buried in TEXAS you can have it after you KISS IT......don't blame Stern, I think he truly cared for her he's stuck around all this time and if she wanted him gone she'd of fired him on kicked him to curb like all the other men and family in her life who's wanted a cash handout from her..............He now has the fight to prove he's the father, Hopefully he is and all the people who's thought bad of him well, he's never been arrested nor has been convicted of drugs or has any mental problems.........lets look at Birkhead.....he had to lie to a police officer and say his fiance was sick and the cop wrote how do we know he didn't lie and say wife to cop.......sociapath in the making.....I bet he's got a beverly hills shrink on the payroll.........just look at him.......this is all i gotta say...........truthfully who really cares.........the people who do are like the same type who GAWK at a massive car wreck to see the yellow blankets and markers to show where the body parts landed...........shame on us all i GUESS

2800 days ago


Well, I think that Howard K. Stern is a scumbag. Either he doesnt want the paternity test because he knows something so bizzarre that he doesnt want anybody to know, or he just knows flat out that hes not the father.

Did anyone ever come to think that Her son Daniel is the father of the baby? Because they were extremely close, and maybe that is what the scumbag is hiding. But all in all, besides that, Larry birkhead is the father...that is why hes so eager to take the paternity test.

2799 days ago


TMZyour the big winner in this case.Your all over this whole fiasco called a trial.Great job keep it up.

2797 days ago


TMZyour the big winner in this case.Your all over this whole fiasco called a trial.Great job keep it up.

2797 days ago


Howard K Stern is a lying, asshole bastard! I haven't once thought that he was anything other than a "puppet-master." I noticed it when Anna had her show on E. He was constantly there one step behind her "controlling" ever move she made. He said jump and Anna had to ask how high. I wouldn't doubt if he even controlled when she took a shit. Larry is the father, all someone has to do is look at the pics of him and then at Dannielyn's (current issue of People has excellent photogs of the baby and her daddy) The facial features are strikingly similiar, Dannielyn has Larry's pucker, his facial bone structure around the jaw too is just like Larry's. I am ready for Larry to pull out his baby pictures for a magazine. Everybody knows that when a child is born the parents always compare their own baby pics to that of their baby's.
Someone needs to act in the best interest of that little girl because she is in danger, Howard will harm her just like he did Daniel and Anna.

I am so on TEAM LARRY!

2795 days ago


Well, even FOX NEWS is trashing ET's interviews with Howard & Anna! And Stern Pressures Larry TODAY to sign a deal!!

Howard K. Stern Plays Hardball With Larry Birkhead
Friday, March 02, 2007

By Roger Friedman


Anna Nicole: Stern Pressures Larry to Sign Deal

Anna Nicole Smith's two baby daddies (I don't know what else to call them) continue to be in a tug-of-war this morning, even as their beloved cash cow is readied for burial.

Overnight, attorney Howard K. Stern — whose hold on the situation is starting to slip — has been strong-arming photographer Larry Birkhead to do a couple of things: keep Birkhead's legal reps out of Anna Nicole Smith's Bahamas funeral, sign a contract deal with "Entertainment Tonight" and acquiesce even further regarding the future of baby Danniellynn.

Stern, as I told you the other day, has already had one secret meeting with Birkhead in which he cut out the photographer's lawyers.

I'm told that Stern has kept up the pressure on Birkhead, actually presenting him with contracts, sources say, in which Birkhead would join Stern for more exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider."

"Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like everyone was in agreement, and that it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," my source said. "Larry said the baby's guardian should sign the papers for him and the baby, but he wouldn't. So then Larry wouldn't."

At the same time, Stern is trying to negotiate separately with Birkhead, away from his attorneys, to sign a deal by which Stern would continue to be in baby Danniellyn's life and oversee her finances.

Stern, my sources say, is working as quickly as he can to effect these agreements before he has to turn over the baby to Birkhead, her biological father.

Sources say that Birkhead's representatives are considering taking legal action against Stern's side to prevent further communication between the two sides as soon as today.

The problem, sources also say, is that Birkhead — a novice in these games — continues to be intimidated by Stern.

"Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," both owned by CBS Paramount Television, have denied paying for interviews. But I'm told their method – it's semantics — is to "license" footage either directly from Stern or through a third party.

Recently, "ET" used Solana Productions of Southern California in such a deal. Neither Solana or anyone from CBS Paramount answered calls yesterday.

Anna Nicole: Dead, and For Sale

Today, Anna Nicole Smith — a ridiculous person who accomplished just about nothing in her life — will be buried in the Bahamas.

There are several wars taking place all over the world, not to mention famines; artists are hard at work, movies are opening, buildings are going up, diseases are being investigated. But hey: Anna Nicole is being buried, and "Entertainment Tonight" will be there for every cheesy second of it.

That's because "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," two half-hour shows syndicated by CBS's Paramount TV, have paid a high price for this honor.

Real insiders (not the kind you have to pay for info) tell me that Paramount TV cut the deal with Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's lawyer and Svengali, right after her son Daniel died of a methadone overdose in her Bahamian hospital room last September.

Paramount TV has denied this, somewhat passively, so far. But my sources say it they paid Stern around $3 million initially, and that this was renegotiated right after Anna Nicole herself died on February 8th of this year.

Of course, we could believe that Stern — who in court told clueless Florida probate judge Larry Seidlin that he was living off his parents — just loves "ET." Anything's possible.

But the reality is that Anna Nicole's death has proven to be a ratings-sweep godsend.

Linda Bell Blue, the show's executive producer, previously helmed Paramount's ugly tabloid show, "Hard Copy." For years she's had to sit through Mary Hart's tedious, publicist-arranged interviews with low-level TV stars, just waiting for this moment: a huge celebrity death, in a sweeps month, and already contracted for!

As recently as last night, "ET" correspondent Mark Steines was reporting "from inside" Anna Nicole's Bahamas mansion — no mention of the fact that it didn't belong to her, and that the landlord is kicking everyone out.

Steines had "the inside scoop" about the B-list country singer who would serenade Anna Nicole into the next life, the color of her burial gown ("pink!") and what would be inside the coffin (with any luck, Anna Nicole).

Steines performs these interviews — as he has since last Nov. 1, when he had his first "exclusive" after Smith's son, Daniel, d

2789 days ago


I definitely believe the baby belongs to Birkhead. The baby looks far more like him than it does like Howard Stern. Look at the noses of both the baby and Birkhead. They are so much alike.

2789 days ago


I think the BIGGEST SCUMBAG is her mother......hmmm lets step back on this one.......SPLASH paid for her flights and what not.......for what a story holding up a funeral so she could bury her enstranged daughter in TEXAS.........and wants to Exume her grandsons body too......i bet her idea of a family plot is the 15x15 tomatoe garden out behind their trailer....because looking at her you know darn well a 3 chinned 6 toed hillbilly don't own a house.........I just think she'd exploit the child for her own personal gain then when she got the royalties from a book the kid would be tossed aside and become another casualty of how Anna (Vicky Lynn) was brought up and that hoe bags like over 60.......who'd raise her after she dropped dead from clogged arteries...i say give the kid to Stern and Birkhead........make her live the life of a real me and my 2 ding bat dads..........and for a closing NOTE: Virgie your a money grubbing self exploiting sow.....give it up........if you want some kind of the next person for TRIMSPA.........maybe by having your fat flabbing jaws wired shut and sucking down some slimfast maybe you won't be such a JABBA THE HUT in the medias eye............

2787 days ago


I can't believe some of the stuff you people say, A TRAFFIC ticket DOES NOT PROVE he is the father, the only thing that proves is that He was with Anna, not that he is the father, the only way to prove a DADDY is PATERNITY get on with it already..

2782 days ago


Your comments: I can't believe some of the stuff you people say, A TRAFFIC ticket
DOES NOT PROVE he is the father, the only thing that proves is that
He was with Anna, not that he is the father, the only way to prove a
DADDY is PATERNITY get on with it already..

2782 days ago

Just my opinion    

Larry is the daddy.
Larry is the daddy.
Larry is the daddy.
Larry is the daddy.
Larry is the daddy.

2778 days ago
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