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Helps You Tell It to the Judge

2/14/2007 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Peoples Court book by Harvey LevinThe year was 1984, a young lawyer named Harvey Levin decided to share his knowledge of the legal world with an American public in love with "The People's Court." Now it's your turn to become a legal scholar by bidding on this eBay literary treasure.

"How to Tell It to the Judge" contains pearls of jurisprudential wisdom from everyone's favorite lawyer and managing editor, his Harveness. Many a day, Harvey has pulled an employee aside and given them legal advice, wise counsel, or the ax.

Now you too can partake of the font of knowledge that is Mr. Levin ... without having to work at TMZ.


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jokin' right    

Yes, but what does this have to do with ANS?

2805 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"...and it's only $4.99! But wait, if you act now we will DOUBLE YOUR ORDER!!!! That's right you'll get TWO copies of this insightful and practicle guide to watching the "original" Peoples court for only $4.99. But there's still more! Call within the next ten minutes and you will receive for FREE Harvey Levin's book: "OJ did it and I know he did it, and if I had handeled the case, I would have convicted his murdering ass!"
Order now, operators are standing by! Have your Visa or Mastercard ready!!!

2805 days ago


Check out Harvey on Youtube... He's a true American Hero

2805 days ago


And does this book also teach you how to make mean-spirited remarks about celebrities you don't even know? Inane commentary about video footage that has absolutely no newsworthy value? Can it instruct me in the art of making hateful, prejudiced comments about people's lives who are none of my business? Maybe it can help me be a better absentee Editor so that the lunatics can be in charge of the asylum and post their nonsense on a supposedly "newsworthy" site?

Why don't you stick the adverts on the side banners where they belong?

2805 days ago

Mad Balls    

Does the Book have a section on recieving stolen goods ? Doubt it . Duckfaces . TMZ has its' hands on pictures and documents that were taken from the house in the bahamas . Whats' worst than a criminal awaiting trail ? His lawyer waiting for payment ! Dickfarce .

2805 days ago


Wow... first of all... what a bunch of idiots. If you are going to bitch about what you are reading on a site... DON'T READ THAT SITE. Seems inherent that one would follow that logic, but apparently not. Either grow up, or stop reading the website!

As for the book... I love Harvey Levin!! And The People's Court. I think it's too funny that there's a book... I love it!

2805 days ago


Look...#5 comment is the only level-headed one in the bunch! I checked it is an awesome site PLUS this book seems to be an AWESOME pick! If you don't like the website...don't dog the items within! The website is getting EXACTLY what it wants whether you bitch about it or praise it. You're giving it glory!

2805 days ago



2805 days ago

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