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Jacko and Tots in Vegas Toy Binge

2/14/2007 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonTMZ has learned that Michael Jackson's public outing yesterday, er, on a shopping spree, caused a huge scene at the Forum shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

A TMZ spy spotted the kooky King of Pop on a buying spree with his three children at toy store FAO Schwarz. They stopped for lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Chinois, where they dined in a private room. Jacko wore all black, and shielded what's left of his face under one his famous veils, while the kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, wore long dark clothing and had their faces painted as if it were Halloween. Every day's a holiday with Jacko!

FAO Schwarz closed down so MJ could shop in private, and our spy snapped a pic of the mountain of toys he purchased.

Jacko exited the store with a pack of bodyguards and waved to fans. His children followed in what was described as "very well-trained" fashion, with their heads bowed.


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Good GOD he's disgusting looking!! He shouldn't be allowed within 100 feet of ANY toy store - or anyone under the age of 17 for that matter!!

Why couldn't this friggin freak stay out fo the US?

2811 days ago

Big Mac    

Freak! He looks like the singer of Korn! No offense, Mr Davis.

Michael needs to take his freak ass back to Bahrain and put the burka back on!

2811 days ago


Leave him alone. I LOVE Michael Jackson and support him, he is a great singer and dancer. Love you Michael.

2811 days ago

Big Mac    

Simone... Michael Jackson is an anti-semite freak, as captured in his lyrics.

Go ahead and defend this bigot... I bet you didn't defend Michael Richards when he made his offensive remarks.

You are either ignorant and/or a hypocrite.

2811 days ago

Brit sucks    

The toys are probably for him not the kids.

2811 days ago


This disgusting creature shouldn't be allowed within 500 feet of a toy store - let alone be alone with children.

It never should have been allowed to come back to the US.

2811 days ago


'cause these face jokes never get old. /sarcasm

And it was the youngest child's birthday yesterday which would explain the face paint and toys.

2811 days ago


How in the hell does Wacko Jacko have any cash left? I thought he was in financial ruin? He must be borrowing from the "OJ Unlimited" slush fund...I really feel sorry for his children, cash or not; I mean what kind of untold psychological damage is he doing to these children, not allowing them to express themselves in public...And we think he's a out!

2811 days ago


To The Truth About MJ:

First of all, it was his son Prince's birthday yesterday, so he was obviously buying presents and celebrating. Can't the man celebrate his son's bday in peace for heaven's sake?

Next, he is NOT an anti-semite. If you're refering to the song "They Don't Care About Us", maybe you should try reading the lyrics yourself instead of letting other people tell you what to think. It would make a nice change eh? He also says "Black me".....are you saying he is anti-black as well.
Try to get your facts straight before you call others ignorant.

People just like to jump on the bandwagon of slagging off this man cos it's the "in" thing.

Lastly.....this picture was taken a while ago. It's not new.

2811 days ago


This just In.......Michael Jackson buys his children toys..white people poop on themselves. Call him weird and kooky. Obviously it is learned, white people do not buy toys for their children. More details to follow.

2811 days ago

Big Mac    

Rusty... why did you read the story? Obviously it's not just white people that find Michael Jackson's rare public outings interesting! ;)

2811 days ago

Roger Friedmans Wang    

Anti-semite? Yeah, because thats what an anti-semite would do, have Jewish kids and work with Slash and Lenny Kravitz.

2811 days ago

Big Mac    

Please, people, this isn't an issue of MJ being black (or not), it is an issue of him being a freak. PERIOD.

2811 days ago

Big Mac    

Farrah is a weak ingnorant bigot that openly spews hate toward others because of their race and religion in the name of "fighting racism."

Farrah, you are a loser and will never go anywhere in life except your crappy little apartment and your sad bus pass.

2811 days ago

Brit sucks    

Creepo Jacko has no money. He's financially in the sh*tter. Hey Farrah, so are you saying that MJ only had accomplishments as an African American and not as a "cracker?" Are you blaming the cracker in him for his demolished career now?

2811 days ago
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