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The Doctor Who Scored Methadone for Anna Nicole

2/14/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was by Anna Nicole's side when she participated in West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade back in 2005. He also prescribed methadone when Smith was eight months pregnant.

TMZ obtained documents which show that on August 25, 2006, just 13 days before Smith gave birth, Dr. Kapoor wrote a prescription for methadone. The prescription, RX#2846735, was written for Michelle Chase. TMZ has learned that Michelle Chase was an alias Anna Nicole used. Under California law, it's illegal to prescribe a controlled substance to a false name.

That same day, Key Pharmacy in the San Fernando Valley filled the prescription and sent it to "Vicky Marshall" (sic) in the Bahamas. Vickie Marshall is Anna Nicole's legal name.

TMZ contacted Dr. Kapoor, a 1996 graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, who said, "No comment."

TMZ also contacted Key Pharmacy. The owner said patient privacy laws prevent him from commenting.
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justice for daniel    

There's still the theory out there that HKS may be a victim of Munchousins disease.(And since it is considered a disease it would not be his fault) Where people keep loved ones dependent on them to make them feel wanted, needed and loved who also crave sympathy for having to care for someone who is so dependent on them that they can't have a normal life of their own? There have been cases of mother's who have killed their own children for this sympathy and pity they seem to need. This usually always pertains to mothers of young children but then Anna was childlike. And Howard may have felt due to the Munchousins that Anna really did need him to survive which would convince him in his own mind that she really did love him and could not get by without him by her side at all times.When I heard about that it kind of made a little bit of sense. Nothing else about all of this does.

2786 days ago


All of you people out there voting highly that Anna Nicole should not have been buried in Texas with her son, Daniel, and feeling sorry for Howard K. Stern may be beginning to realize my contributions to these comments have ben right on! Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn better be careful before Stern for a methodone, antidepressant, and other drug cocktail waiting for them! That baby needs to be yanked out of the Thompson home in the Bahamas for her safety. I would not put it past Stern to kill her and maybe himself as he is going down the tubes with the Seminole police and Bahamian law. Daniel spoke in fear to a detective before he left California to see his mom and new half-sister to convince her to come home. He hated Stern as well as Anna knowing he had full control of her. I pray every day that God will keep safe Dannielynn and Larry and also for Virgie to stop being the scapegoat of Stern's exclusivity biased interviews of Stern that depict Virgie as the bad person and a crazed woman and "mommie dearest" mother. Most of you are young and do not understand how a creep like Howard K. Stern can use drugs and the Stockholm Syndrom to destroy Anna or anyone who interferred with his cash cow, giggilo, no income to support a child, not a real lawyer who was interested in helping a wife get her fair share of Marshall's estate, interferred with her relationships with family and friends to kep them isolated from one another, made Anna totally dependent on him, was an enabler to kill Larry and Anna's first baby to stop their relationship, wasn't counting on another baby Anna refused to abort with Stern trying to kill the baby (Dannielynn) and possibly Anna to get Marshall's money, sent her here to South Carolina to break up Larry and Anna with his visits here to make sure he brainwashed Anna to the fact that she will lose custody of her baby to her mother and/or Larry saying they were working as a team to take the new baby away while she was not born yet, and made sure he country shopped to get the best deal for himself. As far as the drugs from Dr. Kapoor, he is as guilty for supplying his part, but Stern had others in her alias names he gave to her the times he needed to control her. Thank God Mo has finally spoke up as it was so obvious Stern sent people out to speak against Vergie and where Anna wanted to be buried (NOT in the Bahamas) with Mo hitting the tv talk shows as he had "something" on Mo which i will not go into yet. Stern sent out his wicked witch sister, Bonnie, to redeem her brother's reputation as a way to say she would get a cut of the money. Bonnie was so ugly to tell Vergie inside God's house, "You make me sick!" All one needs to do is listen to the words Vergie has said and to see how she was more civilized and less enamoured with publicity to NOT speak to those who have crucified her stellar reputation as a deputy sheriff of 26 years. Vergie is above that and as an officer of the court many years knew not to answer back to uneducated, lying idiots looking for a fight from someone who would stoop to their level. As I previously said, I have family down in Texas, also.

The latest is Dr. Perper, forensics examiner is also a lawyer. I could tell right along he knew more than he was saying. The gentleman who did the autopsy on Daniel is well known Dr. Ceril Wecht from where my husband and I were raised and lived a long time in Pittsburgh, PA.. He is also a lawyer knowing his trade so well and was attempting to quelch rumors as they were piecing all this homicide evidence together to not let Stern know what was going on.

There was also a nurse in the hospital where daniel died who has reported what she saw and heard in that hospital room that night as daniel died and Anna yelled at Stern, "You killed my son!" He had her so drugged out of her mind and evidence is so clear by the Christmas video of Anna opening Dannielynn's gifts to the one where Howard Stern was making fun of her by saying "Riley thinks you're crazy" and "Is this a mushroom trip" That is an old term for LSD!!! Patients use to take that psychotropic drug in mental wards for schizophrenia in the late 1960's having hallucinations and thinking the floors were rolling in waves! During the Viet Nam war those who went to California and Connecticutt lived in communes on marijuana and lucergic acid (LSD) as peacnics, free love, make love not war, leaving their families as they were considered the enemy, gave up their values and morals for communistic professors in their colleges, and were protesting Viet Nam where I had family and relatives and friends there who declare to this day that Jane Fonda and the liberals made sure the country did not support the troops and the war that was being won. These men did NOT come home to parades but to disdain as if they were the enemy (they were drafted) and were spit upon in public. Many went on drugs, committed suicide, have PTSD to this day, were prisoners in war

2786 days ago


This DNA has to be done for the babies sake and the real Father's SAKE. People cannot take someone elses baby. That is called kidnapping. (STEALING) AMBER ALTERTS NEED TO GO ON. It better be done soon cause something can go wrong with baby girl. Then WHAT??????????????

2783 days ago


Dr Kapoor should lose his medical license, if all this is verified.

2810 days ago

Mary P.    

I bet the people will still say: THIS IS FAKE!!!

Because they knew her personally.... from pictures.... yeah okay.

It's getting even harder to keep disputing all this... the more that's said the more it makes sense.

2810 days ago


There will definetly be an investigation into this. Someone could have miss represented themselves as Michelle Chase and filled the drug and sent it to Anna

2810 days ago

the DQ    

If the RX was written for Michelle Chase, why did the pharmacy fill in the name of Vicky Marshall?????? Confused here!

2810 days ago


Sandeep is in big trouble if this is true. I hope not. Maybe HK$ can defend him......oh yeah, he is big trouble also. Well the house of cards is tumbling down.

2810 days ago


I'm sorry that she is gone. She was a crazy women and she loved to have fun. But PLEASE TMZ!! I'm getting sick of hearing about her. LET HER REST IN PEACE!!!!!

2810 days ago


okay, where are all the nutjobs to defend her??? You know, saying things like, "poor anna, her life was so hard she had to turn to drugs", or "methadone is safe to use during pregnancy" or "that probably is a fake prescription, a fake doctor and a fake pharmacy" She was what she was, a drugged out whore, who was a terrible mother.

2810 days ago


You know, I was really feeling sorry for ANS and Daniellynn. But if all this stuff about her drug and alcohol use during pregnancy is true, I'm starting to feel glad she's gone.

I hope it's not all true, but how horrible of her if it is. And what a bunch of loser scum sucking bottom feeders she hung out with!

2810 days ago


....Harvey said this morning that this ANS thing was gonna blow up today and it has.......GET THE BABY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!.......I feel a murder/suicide brewing in the Bahamas....

2810 days ago

Little Titty    

You guys are kidding, right? She's the one who took it!

2810 days ago


enough already

may she rest in peace already!

2810 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Knowing how the Medical industry works, I doubt we'll see quick action on this, if at all. I seriously doubt this guy will have any licensing issues; his hospital & the board will hem & haw & attempt to sweep it under the rug. Gotta protect those doctors, regardless of what they do or how illegal it is.

The Medical industry lobby is as powerful as the Real Estate industry lobby, and just as corrupt.

2810 days ago
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