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Judge Orders More DNA Testing on Anna Nicole

2/15/2007 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith blows kissA Florida judge demanded today that even more DNA samples be taken from the body of Anna Nicole Smith, amidst concerns of a baby switching plot.

Lawyers for Larry Birkhead, one of the men claiming to be the father of Anna's 5-month old daughter Dannielynn, believes that Smith's DNA is needed to directly connect the Playboy model with Dannielynn so no one could switch the child with another baby.

Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin has warned all three parties vying for control of the body, Howard K. Stern, Anna's estranged mother Virgie Arthur, and Larry Birkhead, that his decision will take a while as to whom the body will be released. "We're going to have hearings -- as many hearings as we need," Seidlin said yesterday. "This is just a warm-up."


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A Mom and a Grandmom    

I just pray all these men who claim to be Daddy...have had HIV testing done,
My God...this girl had no idea who she was with..

2783 days ago


#200 it has already been stated Howard is just a tourist in the Bahama's , It was Anna that applied for citizenship NOT Howard
Is status is running thin once he loses this house, in order to gain citizenship you must own a home of a value of 500 thousand dollars and all taxes must be paid to local goverment for this home, Howard does not own a home nor has he paid the taxes for such home that has already been established.. Howard is living on a prayer in the Bahama's until the goverment and courts there step in with this paternity case and DNA identifies the childs father in such case when Howard is deemed to not be the father and if he loses custody and he will eventually If he is not the father the Bahama's will have NO use for Howard except to collect all the legal fee's he has stacked up with lawyers fighting teh DNA and house case, In my Opinion it is a matter of time and the goverment and court will do the right thing for this baby all these news folks on this island can not be good for tourism

2783 days ago


I not a lawyer but I would guess If Larry is father and gets custody
he could go to court and request a judge to apponit another lawyer to be exec of Dannilynn's estate and have Howard removed, now that doesnt mean that Howard would not recieve money but I am almost sure that a judgement could have him replaced on behalf of the child

2783 days ago

A bunch of crap    

I hate all of this. Yes, Anna stripped....big deal. Has anyone ever considered why Anna became the way she did? Where was her mom all this time? After hearing the news of her daughter's death, she wasn't in tears! She said nothing to the affect of being heartbroken. She went on calmly and stated that she believed that Anna died of drugs like Daniel did. What a mother! I don't care how bad a child is, if you love your child, you cry...and the last thing you want to do is go on the news...the first thing you want to do is fall down on the ground and sob. Then she states that she is scared for little Dannielynn because she thinks that Howard will do something to the baby. If she thought that Anna was so out of control and on drugs, then why didn't she step in and try and take Daniel away when Anna was a stripper? This woman had 12 years to do something and she didn't - perhaps she is the main source of Anna's becoming....Anna craved attention and love. As for Larry, if he is the father, I hope that he will bury Anna next to Daniel. This judge is an jack---. If it was his mother lying on that slab, he wouldn't want her body to decompose, he would act quickly. It doesn't take too many brains to see that Anna wanted to be buried next to Daniel and that she did love Howard. She did buy plots next to Daniel for herself, Dannielynn, and is that not stating where she wants to be buried! As for Howard not coming forth and doing the DNA test, that is suspicious...but, at the same time, I do understand....their lives were always taking hits by the tabloids....all put downs and judgments....if Howard is Dannielynns father and he firmly believes that he is the father, why would he have to comply with someone that is claiming to be the father (Has anyone checked into the background of Larry? Is he a stalker? Is he wanting fame and this is his way of being in the limelight?). In the end, I pray that Dannielynn gets all of her mom's estate and that she does get the money that Ann deserves from her ex-husbands estate. This too is outrageous. I'm tired of people judging her for her faults and not looking at her good contributions. She never needed anyone to help her get famous, to raise her son, to feed them both, nor to put a roof over their heads. As for being a gold digger, she turned down marriage proposals (plural) from her ex-husband before saying "Yes". I hope that this chapter in Anna's life comes to a close fast so that she may rest in peace next to her Angel "Daniel". My heart to Dannielynn and Howard...stay strong for Anna.

2782 days ago


To DRX re:152. re: #145

Absolutely excellent synopsis. If you're not a cop, you should be! :)

PS: This is a compliment, BTW :)

2782 days ago


To Peace0000

185. Virgie mother is a child beater and violent.
It is not in the best interest for the baby to be with her in any circumstance. Anyone but her. She should be in jail for what she did to Anna.

Posted at 11:17AM on Feb 16th 2007 by peace0000

And you know this for sure because you witnesses the beatings with your own eyes? Or are you taking the drug addled mouthings of a very stoned, manipulated ANS who, when stating stuff like this, always had HK$ right there beside her and he mouthed the words she was saying.

This kind of crap is called heresay, it's someone's words, unproven. Are you that dense to believe this nonsense? Because if you didn't witness this first hand yourself then you don't know for sure.

2782 days ago


Without meaning ANY disrespect or disgust, is it possible ( with all the sperm freezing and negotiating) that anna could have carried ( by invetro fertilization) Daniels child? Could that be why Stern is so quick to produce Annas will and so slow at produceing his own DNA sample? He KNEW what her will left to whom and to whom it would be going to. Also Marshall left Danny a great deal of money, where is it now? The childs name indicates it was named "after" Danny. Can Dannys DNA be tested now? iI this were to become a real scenerio, it would explain ALOT of the actions,secrets and mysteries. It has been indicated by more than one,and needs researched. Again i intend absolutely NO disrespect and wish only for Anna and Danny to rest in peace, the baby to be well cared for and not be traumatized by those that lived off her mother for so long

2782 days ago


DR. JOSEPH PERPER, MEDICAL EXAMINER----I am very concerned regarding this doctor. 1. When asked if Anna had surgery, his answer was "No." How come he hadn't noticed the breasts? 2. His contacts seem to be with only the Howard K. Stern people. 3. Is this why he suddenly became so anxious to have Anna embalmed? 4. Is this why he resisted taking anymore DNA for the will of Anna's Mom? 5. The extra swab the judge ordered him to take, why did he resist and win haveing a witness on the Mom's side to ensure new swab taken and from Anna? 6. How do we know he even had the body? Just how close is he to the Stern side? TNX. Edie

2782 days ago


turns out anna nicole and howard bought their own house back in december of 2006...and i would not be surprised if there is not an updated will somewhere that has yet to surface...they are not foolish enough to give up all their trump executor of anna nicole's will howard k stern is legally responsible to maintain all of her estate and that includes (unfortunately) it or not she is part of the estate according to law...and if she did "run to the bahamas" to get away from larry birkhead or anyone else it is clear that she wanted nothing to do with any of them...the people she cared most about went with her...howard, daniel, and danielynn...

2782 days ago

tina lee    


2778 days ago

Janice Williams    

I am not a participant in any way to any of the parties involved in this litigation, but I would like to say if I were the judge deciding this case, I would find in the interests of Anna Nicole Smith. Her life long dream was to be a Hollywood legend and her image was created after the likes and images of Marilyn Monroe. She most wanted in life, fame and fortune. I think the court should find that her final resting place should be next to Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner has already said that he would give the plot to Anna Nicole Smith, and then the next step I would take is to tell all the participants with the deep pockets to show there love and respect for Anna Nicole Smith in death and turn there pockets inside out to pay for all expenses to bring her son home to her and that he be permanently laid to rest in his mothers arms in the same grave, as her life was always surrounded by her son, Daniel. God Bless you Anna Nicole Smith and may you always rest in peace.
Maybe if someone on this site has the authority to do so could turn this comment over to Judge Larry Siedlin and see if this wouldn't be more of what Anna Nicole Smith would have wanted in death. 99% of all Hollywood legends are buried in California, why should she be treated any other way. If her son Daniel would have died in California, do you think she would be living in The Bahamas or wanted to be buried in The Bahamas? I will leave that for all of you to ponder over as my final say in this matter. Janice

2778 days ago


just the warm up.. dot every I and cross every T - good for him!

2785 days ago

in the know    

What a disgrace! This judge is looking into keeping his 15 minutes of fame going as well. All he has to decide is who gets the body. Judges do this every day. He definitely is trying to keep himself exposed to the media. He even said he doesn't care if Anna's body decomposes, he said her body is his now. What a nutcase and a loser!! Is there anyone who isn't trying make fame through this woman's death.

2785 days ago


Anna should be next to Daniel. Virgie has no right to step in and make this already complicated and tragic case more convoluted. Virgie, first on Dr. Keith Ablow show, said she was woried about Vickie Lynn...Well, if she was that worried why didn't she get her fat ass on a plane while Anna-Nicole was still alive and attempt some reconciliation or intervention? Obviously she smells some money now and is loving her 15 minutes. She's hoping to get her hands on little innocent Dannielynn so she can buy a new trailer and upgrade from the Yugo she drives. GO HOME!

2785 days ago


anna isn't warming up......hurry up judge..that hearing today was such a disgrace for ANS..they made it like a party..SHAME ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

2785 days ago
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