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"Lost" Diary -- Flashes Before Your Eyes

2/15/2007 12:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey everybody, it's Daniel from TMZ, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary. Doesn't the week go by faster when you have "Lost" to look forward to?

There were a lot of really great comments after last week's diary. A few responses to some of the better ones:

-- Yes, I completely left out the line where Mr. Friendly said, "Ever since the sky turned purple..." Obviously it's a very important line, and I just forgot to include it.

-- No, I really didn't see the bus accident coming and I didn't even put two and two together until right before Juliet did. I don't notice everything.

-- The mystery I most want solved is how Locke ended up in the wheelchair. I know it's not the biggest one, and I know it will probably be a letdown, but I am dying to know what happened.

This week, my usual crew is splintered because of Valentine's Day, so I am left to watch "Lost" by myself. Looks like Desmond is my Valentine this year! Let's roll:

10:01 -- We're back on the beach this week, which means I have to put up with Charlie. Locke just broke the news of Eko's death, which feels like it happened years ago at this point.

10:03 -- Desmond is freaking out and running through the jungle before he dives into the ocean, presumably to help Kate, Karl and Sawyer. He's not the only one that can see the future!

-- Nope, it was Claire. Apparently I can't see the future. While Desmond is trying to revive Claire, Charlie will not shut up. If anyone wonders why I find him so annoying, this scene is why.

10:05 -- You know how they have websites that will translate whatever you type into Yoda-speak or jive? They should have one for Hurley, except all it does is add "dude" to the beginning and end of every sentence.

10:08 -- Um, how did Claire get bangs all of a sudden?

10:09 -- Charlie is, of course, giving Desmond the evil eye because nobody is allowed to talk to Claire. If there is a Charlie flashback episode next week, I might have to take anger management classes.

10:11 -- Does anyone think Charlie can out-drink anyone? He weighs 135 pounds and is, you know, an idiot.

10:13 -- Please Desmond, choke him to death.

10:14 -- Desmond flashback time, but is it really a flashback? He's acting like he transported straight from the island to back in his flat with Penny (with a quick stop for a shave somewhere in between). Interesting.

10:18 -- The clock reads 1:08 -- the button had to be pushed every 108 minutes. God, I love this show. Something tells me this "flashback" is going to be trippy.

10:20 -- The delivery guy says, "Parcel here for 815." Oceanic Air Flight 815. Told you, going to be a weird one.

10:21 -- Desmond doesn't look quite right clean-shaven.

10:22 -- Same bottle of whiskey as on the beach ...

10:23 -- Penny's dad goes the long way in telling Desmond he can't marry his daughter. A simple "no" would have done the trick.

10:25 -- Now Charlie is showing up in Desmond's "flashback." That sucks. Seems like Desmond is starting to figure out what's going on.

10:30 -- It's starting to look like the rest of the episode is going to be Desmond's "flashback." I kinda like that. So long as Charlie doesn't show up again.

10:32 -- Desmond is trying to predict the future and failing miserably. Every time a movie or show tries to use sports as a way of proving someone has traveled through time, I immediately think of Gray's Sports Almanac and "Back to the Future II." Underrated movie.

10:34 -- Ok, Penny is pretty awesome and everything, but I don't want this whole thing to turn sappy. I am digging this alternate reality/time travel/"flashback" thing we got going on here.

10:35 -- Desmond is going ring shopping and the saleswoman has "just the thing," but now she won't sell it to him. He's supposed to have second thoughts, she says. Is the "flashback" now talking back to him? I am starting to think I should be drinking while I watch this episode. Heavily.

-- "If you don't do those things, every single one of us is dead." -- crazy saleswoman. Um, what?

10:42 -- Ok, crazy saleswoman knew about the guy in the red shoes dying. Is any of this "real?" Is this supposed to explain how Desmond can see the future? Is the lesson about fate and destiny? I have some vodka in the freezer, I'll be right back.

-- Did the crazy saleswoman just recite the plot to "Final Destination?"

10:45 -- Here comes the part where Desmond breaks Penny's heart.

10:46 -- The photo Desmond has with him on the beach, that's the one he just took with Penny. This episode is like watching "Memento" -- it's starting to give me a headache.

10:47 -- Commence heartbreak.

10:52 -- "I've made the biggest mistake of my life. And the worst part is I am pretty sure I made it before." -- Desmond. Talk about a tortured soul.

-- They are setting up the soccer comeback, but this time it really happens. Well done.

-- And Desmond wakes up back on the island, again. The hatch has imploded and he is naked. Back to square one.

-- Odds this episode ends with Desmond making a drunken, cryptic prediction of the future?

10:58 -- Oh my God, it's like Christmas, my birthday and Flag Day all rolled into one!!! Charlie is gonna die!!! Great day in the morning!!! Yes, it scares me that I am this happy about the prospect of a fictional character dying. And no, I don't think think it says anything good about me as a person.

This week's "what did we learn?" is going to be short: Charlie is going to die!!! This is better than if Jennifer Love Hewitt posed for Playboy. Ok, maybe I've gone too far there.

Funny story: I was talking with my friend Matt tonight. He watches "Lost" with me every Wednesday, but never watched season one. Thus, he's never seen "Walkabout," the first Locke flashback episode. It's hands-down the best "Lost" episode there is. I don't know if I am in Charlie-death euphoria, but this one is top five for me. I give it an absolute A. Of course, if he doesn't end up dying, I am changing the grade to an F-.

So Desmond's life passed before his eyes, only it's still happening. Wow. Oh, and did I mention Charlie is going to die?

Time for your comments, and here is my question to jump-start the discussion: You already know my least favorite character on the show. Excluding the two new people (Nikki and Paulo, cause they suck), who is your least favorite character on "Lost"?

See you next week.


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THANK you for mentioning Claire's bangs. I was so distracted by them that I hardly paid attention to the rescue.

I agree that Charlie IS the most annoying character. I never liked him much, but many months ago when the hatch exploded and he waltzed back to the island and acted like nothing happened and never mentioned the horror, I thought, "What an IDIOT."

The creepy saleslady shows up again next week, I think. I'm sure I saw her on the preview of next week, but as one of the OTHERS.

I am hooked on your blog.


2806 days ago

Lovey Gator    

Did anyone also notice that the package delivered "for 8:15" is also the first three numbers they had to press . . . 4, 8, 15, 16, etc ?!?!

This show kills me - every time I think I can give it up (like after they killed Mr. Eko - I'm a fan of his from when he was Adabesee on Oz), they pull me back in by promising something like bumping off Charlie.

And I TIVO the episode so I can then go directly to Daniel's diary - it is always the little things that make you the happiest, I guess. Keep up the good work, Daniel - but get the crew back next week - Lauren rocks!!!

2806 days ago


I have read the last 8 pages of comments and need to add my own.

Most annoying charater: ana lucia. I was sooooo glad she is gone.

I want Shannon back. Yes at first she was really, really annoying but at the end she was coming around.

I know I am going against the grain but I hate Locke and Desmond. Maybe I am more for the drama and not the supernatural part.

Again against most people, I love Ben his facial expressions and evilness is awesome.

I think that Ben stole Alex when she was a baby so she thinks Ben is her dad and has no idea that her mom is so close.

Locke could walk after the kidney transplant because of the flashbacks where he was stalking his father wanting his kidney back.

Lost writers, ANSWER SOME OF THE MYSTERYS!!!!!!!!!!!

I have season one and two and watch them frequently.

I would love to know how Jin, Sun, and Sayid are back on the beach. Sun shot the other, she was not shot.

2805 days ago


Juliette is my least favorite characters.
As long as Jack or Hurley doesn't die, then I'll be okay. I can deal with any of the others dying.

2805 days ago


Guess what Dorothy's (Wizard of Oz) last name was............Gale so she has brother HENRY

2805 days ago


Ok, I see at the end of the comments that others have figured out that Penny was looking to track the magnetic "event". Desmond had told the whole island story to his friend, so he must have told Penny and Penny knew what had happened (or "would happen") to Desmond after he went on the boat race. ITS THE PERFECT END TO THE SHOW. Not a parallel universe, but Penny finds the location of the magnetic event and therefore finds the island (heretofore hidden in a magneticish pocket of ocean?) and saves everyone. Too easy, but it IS an out.

2805 days ago


I need some answers NOW or the show will lose another one time lost fan!!!!! I don't know why I still watch, I guess I keep thinking "this week they will finally solve a mystery for me" but they never do, they just keep adding more and more questions. I want them to bring back Echo!!!! I want to know about Hurley's girlfriend that they killed and what the story with that is. Why did the other hatch with the TVs have the paper shoot that went nowhere? What in the world is the black smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the truth behind the hatch? Who did Desmond get the boat from again? I can not remember who else on the island has an attachment to it. I just can not wait for another episode but then feel so disappointed after. What if the show gets canceled and we never get the answers they did that with Invasion last year. Whatever happened to that show? OK, I guess I'll just have to watch, wait and see.

2805 days ago


Hey everyone including Daniel (keep up the good work brother), I'm in Europe so I haven't seen this episode yet but I can't wait to get my hands on it soon, nevermind the spoilers.

Reading this journal and subsequently all the posts sure fills me in. Also wondering if the writers themselves aren't sneakily reading your page and overtly posting comments... Some of them, e.g the one comment about Locke's boss telling us how he landed in a wheelchair, are just too sharp.

About the show itself, first of all I'm wondering if I am the only person who doesn't know who Alex' boyfriend Carl is or where he came from... First time I saw him he was being tortured watching some freaked out version of MTV tied to a dentist chair. Can someone tell me? Should I have seen him before? If so, where?

Secondly, although not an oldschool hardcore philosopher in the tradition of Locke, Hume and Rousseau, Henry Gale's real last name Linus must be a reference to Linus Thorvald, founder/writer of Linux and therefore a modern philosopher who said all software must be available to everyone to use and modify for free? Or maybe it's just to keep in the middle exactly what version of msdos was running on that antique mainframe in the hatch.

And thirdly Charlie's alright, it's really Michael who's most annoying.

2804 days ago


OK, I had it all wrong last week, Henry Gale is Dorothy's Uncle in Wizard of Oz. I don't recall if he has an alter ego over the rainbow like the other two uncles(Tinman and Lion) and now the Red Dharma sneakers on the dead guy? Can anyone come up with any other Wizard of Oz references? Remember the real Henry Gale came to the Island in a balloon except it was Professor Marvel/The Wizard who rode the balloon to and from Oz. I really don't have a least favorite character being that they all contribute something to the plot and provide clues during the backstory sequences. Micheal made some poor choices, but the circumstances lead even the most rational Losties to behave in ways other than expected of them.

2803 days ago


You know, I really want to like Charlie. I'm a huge fan of LOTR and Dom M. seems like a nice and funny guy. But no matter how hard I try to like him, you are all right he's just so freaking annoying!

I also want to know (before they kill off annoying Clair) why was the psychic thought that Clair's baby was so evil! The others tried to take Clair when she was pregnant, then gave up after the baby was born? That makes no sense!

I want Locke's whole story and I'd like it soon! What happened on the dope farm? What happened to his horrible father? What happened to his hair? Oh and maybe tell us HOW DID HE END UP IN THE WHEELCHAIR?

Henry Gale, too wonderfully evil to lose. Ditto Juliette.

2803 days ago


Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Nikki, I thought of the Matrix, too.

Is she some post-hypnotic suggesion? I think Des should keep saving Charlie just to mess with him. Now Charlie won't want to be separated from Des for even one moment, which could be annoying but in a sort of funny way.

2803 days ago

Alice Adams    

What happened to the dog? The ring was the lost wedding ring. Charlie is gonna die? They all gotta be dead now...!!! THEY WERE IN A PLANE CRASH...!!! What's so confusing? (" Here we go loop de loo") Alice

2803 days ago


I will love Charlie until the sky turns purple! I don't want to see him go, but I would like to see Juliet and Claire bite the big one. Juliet is not one to be trusted, and Claire is just plain too vacuous for this girl, although she obviously has her own personal stylist on the island to get those bangs. I'm glad to know that a few of us noticed that weirdness. And the picture that Desmond kept gazing at so fondly did have a few inconsistencies, but I just wrote it off to "alternate realities" that he kept creating.

2802 days ago


Oh god! Get over the bangs already. Theres hatches and polar bears! Scissors are not that uncommon! If you had a baby in that hot sticky weather you would probably cut your hair too! Lets try to focus on the story please.
I happen to like Claire, I think it's interesting having a new mom and small baby there. Could throw some post pardom stuff in there for Tom Cruise. Lol
Now Kate needs to stop her damn whinning. Sawyer or Jack, take your pick and shut up!
Desmond is getting more and more interesting... anyone remember that episode of Saved by the Bell when Screetch got hit on the head or something and could predict the future all of the sudden...and Zach was trying to get the test answers from him, but then he got hit on the head again and it went away.....It kinda reminded me of that! LOL

2802 days ago


I agree, get over the bangs. No one's ever questioned the guys keeping the exact same stubble but not yet a full beard after more than 30 days. Or the fact that Claire always wears make up and is perfectly clean!

Focus people, focus! There are real questions here, we can't have the show producers waste our time showing the losties grooming themselves!

2801 days ago
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